rather do this than homework

The chocobros and how they do homework

I’ve been doing homework since I’ve gotten home and all I’ve thought about is how the chocobros would feel in my situation. If you reblog this leave in the tags which chocobro you relate to most (I’m definitely Noctis…)! 

Noctis: oh this poor boy, he just wants to play video games or take a nap, just so long it’s NOT learning about the history of Lucis or the pythagorean theorem. He tries to focus but he can’t help but slack off every few minutes regardless of which subject it is. 

Prompto: king of procrastination. He doesn’t even mean to do it, he doesn’t really even mind doing homework because he’d rather have it done than worry about it later but next thing he knows it’s 10 o'clock at night and he has multiple assignments due the next day. 

Ignis: do I even need to say it? He’s good about doing homework. Doesn’t procrastinate, knows what he’s doing, very focused, makes sure he has plenty of ebony handy. Very Ignis like. 

Gladiolus: he’s always been pretty neutral on the matter. Mostly does his homework along side Ignis so at least he’s not alone; however, we all know he loves to read, so as long as he’s doing a reading assignment he doesn’t mind too much.  

Reasons Prince Turtle is relatable

- Hates exercising

- Anxiety

- Disappointed his parents when he was 2

- Level 1000 Introvert

- Probs stress eats

- Lowkey slays

- Would rather sleep than do homework

- When the classroom exploded with him RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF IT his first instinct was to help his friends even though he was injured

- Beautiful magical ocean prince

- An innocent cinnamon roll plz protect

- Team “I didn’t sign up for this shit”

GUYS! I have literally so much to do for school over christmas I want to crie… (tho a part of it is my fault, because I’m a lazy shit and I rather draw Klance Art and sleep than doing my damn homework)… I kind of have a problem with organizing my time and I just hope I’ll survive this. I wish I could turn back time… 

at some point when they’re doing homework together (… in proximity) rather than not-actually-doing-homework together, for once, jack sees kent doing calculus.  and he’s like: you’re a junior

kent: so?
jack: so you always tease me for being a nerd
kent: that’s because you ARE a nerd.  whereas i am cool even if i’m good at math and like calculus.  deAL.

Hip Hop Love Songs

Rather than doing homework I decided to make a list of some great Hip Hop songs about love and relationships since Valentines Day is coming up. These are just some of my personal favorites, feel free to add to the list if I missed any great songs


Slum Village-Fall in Love

Talib Kweli-Never Been in Love

Mos Def-Ms. Fat Booty

Pharcyde-Passin’ Me By

Common-The Light

C.L. Smooth & Pete Rock-Lot’s of Lovin’

50 Cent-21 Questions

Capital STEEZ, T'nah Apex & A La $ole-Synchronized EXtacy

Pharoah Monch-Bar Tap

Nas-Cherry Wine

J Cole-Power Trip

Lupe Fiasco-Kick Push

Mos Def-Love

Isaiah Rashad-West Savannah

Busta Rhymes & Janet Jackson-What’s it Gonna be?!

Blu & Exile-Greater Love

Break up Songs:

Outkast-Ms. Jackson

Kanye West-Flashing Lights

Joey Bada$$-Pennyroyal

Nas & Kanye West-Still Dreaming

Kanye West-Runaway

Ghostface Killah & Ne-Yo-Back Like That

Frank Ocean & Andre 3000-Pink Matter


Jay-Z-Song Cry

Kanye West-Blame Game

Lauryn Hill-Ex-Factor

Gang Starr-Ex Girl to the Next Girl

Madvillainy-Fancy Clowns



“Sora, that’s NOT a valid answer!!”

Recently I’ve become pretty obsessed with a little blog called liverpepper☆ I can’t even pretend that I’m a huge fan of KH or FF (I played two games when I was a wee child), but this AU has captured my heart. These ridiculous meme-loving twins and their long-suffering dads are the most precious thing on tumblr. So, rather than do my homework, I decided to make this!

Jay, I hope I’ve been able to do justice to your lovely creation!! Thank you so much for these nerds!!!


Alfred: Time Management is important. Very important. Your assignments would be heavier and harder to do and it’s best if you do it ASAP. 

All school-related responsibilities shouldn’t be done the night before the deadline, okay? I really really really do recommend you to not procrastinate. No matter how tempting it is to watch videos rather than doing bothersome homework, you must place all your tasks as first priority (though, you should learn how to balance it together with health). It’s stressful, I know! I’m suffering as well haha;; But don’t give up, alright? You can do it!!

Get the Wood

(cheesy title i apologize)

summary: Teenage!Dan and his family are taking a camping trip, and Dan is less than thrilled . Maybe a certain boy can make the trip a little better.

beta’d by: @demisexualhowell (I’m eternally grateful tysm)

word count: 4.5 k (jfc)

genre: fluff but there is slight sadness and also slight naughtiness but nothing hardcore 

warnings: (slight) internalized homophobia 

a/n: wowzers hello this is my first fic! i’m so excited, pls let me know what u think ahh

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Rather than do the homework that is worth 20% of my grade I decided to design the things I am desperate to see in real life now that we’re getting a 20 episode season 2. So here’s some Shadowhunters Pop Vinyl figure designs which were ridiculously fun to do, and designing them only made me want them 10,000 times more.

Please don’t repost these or use them anywhere without checking with me first.

Bonus: Forensic Pathologist Izzy

Getting a pet together with Betty would include:

  • Her being extremely adamant about not getting one. 
  • But really all you had to do is give her a pouty look and she caved.
  • The pure amount of work to get one without her mom finding out was actually much harder than you both thought.
  • You let her name it since you were the one who kinda forced the idea.
  • If you’re a dog person it’d be a Pomeranian, if you’re a cat person it’d be a Tabby. Most likely it would be a he.
  • You’d take turns of who’s house it would stay at. Though mostly yours, since Betty is deathly afraid of her parents finding out.
  • It took her a very very long time to get used to it, but once she did she fell in love with the animal. 
  • At some point she’d choose to play with it rather than do homework.
  • (Which you teased her for constantly.)
  • The gang LOVING it. Veronica joked about even stealing it from you two. 
  • It would be so spoiled omfg.
  • Like, the second you two get any money you’d buy a new thing for the pet.
  • Basically it’s your child. And you both don’t regret getting it at all.
Cuddling- Sirius Black

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Sirius and you had been in a relationship for the past three years, and although he had nothing against PDA, but cuddling wasn’t his thing really. You wanted to cuddle, but seen as he’d make an excuse not to, you did your best not to bring up the concept, but you didn’t really know why he wouldn’t just cuddle up on the sofa in the common room.

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“Need any help?” Drunk College AU GOT7~Jinyoung

A.N. First actual long imagine that I wrote I hope you enjoy it! Also request prompts I don’t mind!! And just an fyi I’m a second year college student and college isn’t what it’s like on how the media has portrayed it to be.

Word Count: 1,626 words

T.W. Some swearing, Alcohol Abuse/ Drunkenness.

Y/N- Your Name

Y/F/N- Your Friends Name

Anything in italics are your own personal thoughts

So me put in/Work, work, work, work, work, work/When you ah guh/

Learn, learn, learn, learn, learn

I just want to go to bed.” You thought to yourself. Rihanna’s new song was on full blast at this fraternity party your best friend/roommate asked you to go to. The party scene wasn’t really that great to begin with, though you are a person who keeps to yourself and rather be doing homework/being on Netflix than going out to a party such as this, you do need to get out of that small stuffy dorm once in a while. When your friend asked you to go to this fraternity party you were quite hesitant to go but you thought it could be fun but you were wrong about this. The frat boys at your campus seem to appear only at social gatherings that happen at nights, they constantly travel in groups and are hardly ever seen alone. Some frat guys seem tolerable but still are annoying. The party was the exact same way. Some would go talk to you and well try to get you in bed or the ones that seemed nice were complete assholes. You were mainly sitting on the couch slowly sipping your drink, not wanting to get completely drunk. The music kept playing but slowly your thoughts were starting to drift you away but reality came crashing back when people started to shout and scream because some guy was chugging his beer.

You left the couch that you were sitting on because this couple kept making out next to you and made you felt super uncomfortable. You started to walk away from the living room to look for your friend, wanting to make sure she was just doing okay. By walking past a clock you notice how late it was and decided it was time to go back to the dorms. It would take at least 10 minutes to get to the dorms and having it is past 1 am, it would feel rather unsafe. Going room to room, you kept looking for y/f/n but there was no luck on finding her. Suddenly some girl shouted in a high-pitched scream

“WOOHH IM DRUNK!!!!”  And would you look at that there was your best friend, completely drunk, dancing on the dance floor, and everyone can definitely tell she had way too much to drink. Making your way towards her, she noticed you and got insanely happy.


“You didn’t do anything y/f/n” You stated while laughing.

“Wait so I didn’t do a cartwheel? Why is the room spinning then?” She kept all around and she was completely drunk, it was going to be a difficult challenge taking her back to your room.

“Let’s go home you’re drunk and I rather take have you in bed soon before you do something you regret.” You weren’t saying this just to have her leave the party but seeing the people all around you hooking up, you sincerely meant what you tell her. After a few minutes of fighting with her she decided to go, it wasn’t easy but at least she’s going home.

Why is she so heavy!?” Every step was becoming a struggle with almost practically carrying y/f/n she wouldn’t stop laughing and she was an emotional drunk, meaning she’s about to cry over anything and everything. “Good thing I only had one drink and we’re halfway to the dorm.” Time was going by slower and slower and soon y/f/n was just become dead weight.

“I’ll never find a boyfriend.. I’ll never get to achieve my dreams in life.. I’ll never understand why we have to even come to school..” Y/F/N was starting to become an emotional wreck while you’re struggle, she fell to the ground and kept going on this rant about her never doing things.

“Y/F/N get up seriously I have no strength to carry you anymore! It’s getting unsafe the longer we stay outside and we’re almost to the room. Come on just get up.”

“NO I DON’T WANT TO WALK ANYMORE!” y/f/n curled up in a ball and started to sob uncontrollably. Though you know it was wrong to laugh at her, you just couldn’t help it. You’ve seen her like this so many times that you just got accustom to her drunken antics.

“Do you need any help?”

An unfamiliar voice snapped you back from your state of laughter, as you turned your head to see who it was. There was a boy who seemed vaguely familiar but you couldn’t quite put your finger on where you’ve seen him before. “Wait I haven’t said anything yet. Shit, he’s just staring at me, I have to say something. 

“Huh? Well sort of we were almost about to make it to our room but she decided to go on a rant about her life and just lay on the sidewalk.” Giving the boy a smile and then looking at your friend who is now clearly hard-core knocked out on the sidewalk.

“I can carry her to your dorm if you need me to, plus it’s not safe for the two of you to be staying out here at night alone.” He made way towards y/f/n but didn’t want to touch her until he got your permission to carry her.

“Yeah I greatly appreciate it, we’re located at Smith Hall. Hope it’s not out of your way. My name’s Y/N by the way”

“Actually my room is in the same hall and mines Jinyoung but you can call me Junior if you want.” He flashed you a smiled as he picked up y/f/n and started to make his way up the sidewalk to the buildings, you were walking right behind him.

During the walk the two of you were talking about each other and simply were getting to know each other. He was at the same party that you went to but only went because his best friend was apart of the fraternity so he wanted to hang out with him for a while. You were so intrigued by him and the way he spoke about his views on certain topics, it was no wonder this boy was an English Major. He changed the subjected and kept asking you on why you were studying government, so you told him how you have this far fetch dream on becoming this well-liked politician wanting to work in the United Nations, and help other countries better one each other. Soon the both of you, well the three of you, arrived to your dorm, room 106, where Jinyoung came inside and put y/f/n in her bed and put her in a position where she won’t choke incase she throws up. You still were wondering where you’ve seen him before. Jinyoung was walking to the door ready to leave but before you could ask him you said..

“Thank you for doing this and saving me the trouble of calling countless of people who most likely wont answer me. It’s rather sweet that you stopped and helped.” He genuinely smiled at you due to the kind words you told him causing a blush appeared on your face along with a dorky smile.

“No problem, y/n. Get some rest and make sure your friend and you drink plenty of water, have a nice meal in the morning and eat some crackers.”

“Oh well we ran out of food earlier today so we were planning to go to the supermarket to buy some stuff, but I’ll go in a couple of hours I probably wont get that much sleep anyways.”

“Either way get some rest, and I’ll see you sometime soon.” He walked towards you and gave you a gentle kiss on your cheek, gave you smile and walked down the hall and took a turn and he was gone. You closed the door and shook your head and smiled to yourself. “He’s something else.” You changed into a baggy tshirt, you fell asleep on your bed and just knocked out.

A few hours pass and you were awoken by a small knock on your door. You checked your alarm clock and it said 8 am, it wasn’t too early but still your bed was too comfortable to leave. Making your way towards the door you wondered who would be up this early on a Sunday morning. As the door swung open there was no one there, you propped your outside to see if someone was walking by but there was no one. The hall was empty so probably it was just your imagination. Before you went back inside you looked down at the floor and you see a box. You opened the box to see a couple of water bottles, a box of crackers, a few different types of granola bars, a bottle of pain killers, two red apples, two cups of cereal and milk. Soon your eyes saw a note and while you read it a smile seemed to stay on your face.

“Good morning, y/n hope I didn’t wake you up too early. I put some things in this box for you from my own dorm and hopefully this would be enough for you and your friend to feel better. Even though we only spoke to each other for a while, I want to get to know you better. I’ll be saving a seat for you in our Microeconomics lecture first thing Tuesday morning; I hope I get to see you soon. Here’s my number if you want to see each other anytime sooner. ~ Jinyoung

 You picked the box off the floor, went back into your room and almost jumped with joy. Maybe you’ll take up his offer on seeing him soon.


For Royai week 2016

“Okay, and who first coined the term “equivalent exchange?” asked Riza, reading one of Roy’s text books.

“Well, many people would say Thomas Domilera…” began Roy, as he laid on her bed, staring at the ceiling.


“But, the actual answer is his mentor, Gregory Hall,” finished Roy, smugly.

“That’s right,” said Riza with a smile. “Okay, now it’s my turn.”

“Okay, name all the rulers of Amestris,”

The ritual had been going on the past couple of weeks with great success: rather than doing their homework separately, the two met up in Riza’s room to help one another study. This way, they not only gained knowledge on their own assignments, but learned more about what the other was studying as well. And if it meant they spent a little extra time together, so be it.

“And then then most current one is of course-“but before Riza could finish, she was cut off by some ungodly sound. She looked up towards the source, and found it to be Roy, fast asleep. Another time, she could reserve the right to be furious at him for falling asleep while she was talking, but this time she understood. He had been working extra hard to prove himself to her father, and even though she could tell he didn’t really have the energy for their late night study sessions, he refused to cancel. She decided she could cut him some slack, just this once.

“Goodnight, mister Mustang,” she whispered as she closed her book and rose from the floor. She thought about waking him and moving him back to his room, but he looked so peaceful. She decide not to disturb him and simply covered him with one of her blankets instead. She quietly left the room and turned off the light behind her.

She contemplated going to the living room to finish studying, but it just wasn’t as fun without Roy. So she decided to follow his lead and turn in for the night. Seeing as he was occupying her bed it seemed only sensible that she sleep in his for the night. She thought of it as a trade, certainly nothing inappropriate.

Of course his bed wasn’t made, the blankets draped off the bed as if he had purposely place them there to get on her nerves. His desk matched, papers skewed all across with no sense of organization whatsoever. She made a mental note to tidy up the scene before she left the following morning, for both their sakes

She slowly made her way into his bed, not really used to being in Roy’s room at this hour. She tried to fall asleep instantly, which surprisingly didn’t work, as her mind was too focused on the absurdity of the situation. For the last few weeks, she had been noticing something… different between her and Roy. It wasn’t anything major, it was just that he often stood a little closer to her than before. And that she didn’t really mind.

Maybe it was because she didn’t really have too many friends at school or that he was different from any of apprentice her father had ever had before, but she was drawn to him. She couldn’t have cared less if her father’s past apprentices stuck it out, but she was actively rooting for Roy. He was kind and smart and funny and she found herself looking forward to seeing him. And as she laid in his bed, staring at the same ceiling he stared at every night, she couldn’t help but feel grateful. The bed smelled just like him and was covered in crumpled papers which were covered in scrawling she didn’t understand. It was so surreal to her to think that anyone else had or would occupy this bed, this room. This heart.

Despite the lumpiness of the mattress, she made herself comfortable and quickly fell asleep. She didn’t expect anything to wake her other than the sun shining through Roy’s window. Needless to say, she was surprised to be awakened by something rubbing against her shoulder.

As she drowsily rolled over in response, she was shocked to say the least when her half opened eyes found Roy laying beside her. She could feel her face turn red as his was so drastically close. She held her breath as she listened to his, calm and steady with a hint of a snore. She thought of making a graceful exit, but he laid between her and the door and she couldn’t see a way out without waking him. So she decided to skip the awkward part, well, as much as possible.

“Roy,” she whispered, trying to put as much space between them as possible but her back was already against the wall. “Roy.”

His face flinched but he did not stir. How could she forget what a heavy sleeper he was? She reached out and gently shook him. “Roy?” she whispered again slightly louder.

Still, he did not stir. She didn’t want to risk raising her voice any louder, lest she get her father’s attention, so instead she moved closer. “Roy! Wake up!”

His eyes slowly opened, as he was usually slow in the mornings. But as soon as she saw her, staring at him with concerned eyes, he had no issue fighting off the sleep. “Ri-!” he started to exclaim, but she quickly covered his mouth.

“Shh,” she insisted. “I’m gonna take my hand away, but you have to promise to be quiet.” He nodded.

“What are you doing here?” he asked quietly.

“Well, you fell asleep in my bed so I thought the logical thing would be for me to go sleep in your bed,” she answered in a frantic whisper.

“Um, yeah, okay, sure,” whispered nervously. “So, uh…”

“I’ll just go back to my own room now,” she said tensely, avoiding his gaze. “I just need you to, uh…”

“Oh yeah, of course!” he went to rise from his bed, but instead flopped rather ungracefully onto the floor. She gave him a tiny nod as she released herself from his comforter and tried to make her way towards the door more gracefully then he had made his way out of the bed. But as soon as she opned the door, she closed it.

“What’s wrong?” asked Roy.

“Um,” she began. “My father is back.”

Though the room was dark, she could tell his face dropped. Her father’s study was located directly across from the room Roy stayed in. She certainly couldn’t make her way out the door without catching his attention, a bunch of unanswerable questions, and possible causing him to kick Roy out.

“Okay, so you stay here and I’ll sleep in your room,” said Roy.

“Then my father’s gonna wonder why you went towards my room and never came back.”

“Fair point,” agreed Roy. “So, you can just sleep in my bed and I’ll sleep on the floor.”

“No, no, it’s your bed,” she insisted. “And you really deserve a good night’s rest, let me sleep on the floor.”

“No way,” he said. “This… situation is kind of my fault, let me sleep on the floor.”

“Okay, listen,” she began, worried the volume would increase too much if they kept talking. “Obviously, neither of us is willing to let the other one sleep on the floor, so we’ll just share your bed.”

“Yeah, okay…” said Roy, trying to act cooler than he felt. “That, that sounds good. Okay, we can do that.”

“We’ll just both platonically sleep at the edges of the bed, as friends,” she stated. “And as soon as my father leaves, I’ll head out. It’s nothing, ya know, nothing…”

“Yeah, yeah it’s definitely nothing!” spat Roy. “We’re just two friends, sleeping together. But not sleeping together, in the same bed. It’s not even a very nice bed. I mean, it’s a good bed. But only for sleeping. Which is all we’re doing.”

“Right, right,” both of them were failing to conceal their nerves. She heard the bed creak as Roy climbed in, he took her former place with his back pressed against the wall. She sat on the side of the bed before lifting her feet and laying down on the edge of the bed, her balance being the only thing preventing her from falling off.

“Are you comfortable?” asked Roy in a low voice.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” she answered swiftly.

“Okay, well… good night,”
“Good night.” Despite how exhausted she was, she didn’t think she would sleep at all.

But she did.

She woke up slowly to the sounds of birds chirping. She never heard the birds so clearly before and thought it odd at first, but then she remembered the odd circumstances of the previous night. She looked around and saw the way the light poured in through Roy’s small window, it hit the pieces of paper that littered the ground as if it was writing on them in sunbeams. She smiled, feeling comfortable and warm.

I can see why he has such a hard time waking up in the morning, she thought. His bed is so relaxing, I feel as though I could lay here forever.

But she knew she had to leave. She went to lift her head from her pillow, but just as she did she felt it rise. Confused, she lifted her head and say she had been resting on Roy’s chest. She inhaled sharply and brought her hand to her mouth as she attempted to move, but failed. She was slightly weighed down by his arm on her back. She feared that if she attempted to move it, she’d wake him and they’d find themselves in another awkward situation.

She didn’t want to embarrass him, so she decided to fix the problem… later.  They could sleep for a few more hours, and then she’d make her way back to her side of the bed. She gently placed her head back on his chest and closed her eyes. She would let him address the situation when he woke up. She listened to the gentle rhythm of him breathing, letting the beat lull her back to sleep.

Roy looked down at her with one eye and smiled as she closed her eyes. He smoothly moved closer to her as her allowed the comfort of the moment to lure him back to the best night’s sleep he’d ever had.

Request: Links

Request: Can I have one where the reader is Sam’s daughter and she goes missing for a week or so and Sam is worried sick until he finds her? Thank you and I love your writing!!

Word Count: 692

Thank you so much! I hope you like it!<3

ALSO I’m super excited because tomorrow is my last day at school before summer! Which means probably more updates! And more writing! And more of what I want to do rather than being stuck doing homework! <3

“She’s been an hour, Dean.” Sam says, pacing anxiously with his phone in hand, “It doesn’t take that long.”

“Maybe she’s just talking to someone.”

“She doesn’t know anyone!” Sam groans, restraining himself from calling you there and then, “She’s got your car, you should be worried too.”

“Ah, but she doesn’t.” Dean shakes his head, “She took one of the old bikes – the one she spent a few weeks fixing up?”

“Even better.” Sam scowls, sitting down miserably, “She needs to get her ass back here right now otherwise she’s grounded.”

“She’s eighteen and picks locks better than anyone I’ve ever seen. Good luck with that.”

“Why are you so relaxed about this?!” Sam demands, glaring at his brother, “Why don’t you care?!”

“I care. Just, unlike you, I have some trust in Y/N and her ability to stay safe. She’ll be fine.” Dean insists, rolling his eyes at his younger brother, “She’s your kid. She knows what she’s doing.”

“You’d better hope so.” Sam mutters, shaking his head. He taps out a message on his phone, and gets no reply. An hour passes, then another, and before the brothers know it it’s dark outside and they’ve heard nothing from you.


More days pass and there’s total radio silence on your end. They try to track your phone, only to find it turned off. They ask angels and demons alike, who all deny that they – or any of their kin – have been near you. It gets stranger and stranger – they catch wind of you in one city one day, then halfway across the country the next. Hunters across the country are looking out for you – as far as the underground community that you belong to is concerned, you’re a wanted person.

It’s eight days after you left that Sam rings your phone – as he has been hourly – but instead of cutting straight off, it rings. And rings, and rings.


“Y/N?!” He gasps, racing through to the library with the phone pressed to his ear, “Y/N, where the hell are you?”



“I…” You pause, obviously floundering as Dean motions for Sam to put you on speaker. He does, before prompting you to continue.

“Come on, Y/N.”

“I found my mom’s family.” You admit, “I remember seeing a picture of her and you saying she had an identical twin. They knew about me, obviously. They moved, and it took me longer than I thought to find them.”

Sam’s stomach turns – the relief is there, of course. But you’ve found your other family, who are without a doubt normal and safe and exactly what you need. He’s had you for seventeen years of your life, and every day he’s cursed the poison he’s all but shoved down your throat in the career you’ve ended up in. You have a chance at safety now, but… he doesn’t want to let you go.

“So… you’re staying out there?” He asks, something trying to block his throat. He hears a small laugh, which catches and cuts off.

“Actually…” You pause, “I don’t want to stay, dad. They’re weird. They love me, sure, but… it’s not the same. It’s formal and awkward and I’ve realised that I don’t need a link to my mom. Not like that. I have everything I could ever want in you and Uncle Dean and I’m sorry if I scared you.”

“But you’re coming home?”

“If you’ll have me.”

Sam laughs, “Y/N, you’re always welcome here. Hell, you’re wanted. You’re the bloody light in this place.”

“Alright. I’ll be home in a couple of days, okay?” You smile at the thought of going home. Sam nods, and even though you can’t see it, he smiles brightly.

“Okay, baby girl. I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

“Bring some pie!” Dean yells, and the brothers almost hear the rolling of your eyes in your next sentence.

“I’m a step ahead, there’s this amazing bakery here.”

“Sammy, did I ever tell you you had the best kid?”

“Damn right.” You and Sam say in unison, before saying your goodbyes and hanging up so you can go home, exactly where you belong.