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They say that in the primeval forest, hidden deep within gnarled branch and thorn, a noble resides amongst a temple of trees.
Her robes gleam of an emerald and gold essence rivaling the masterwork of any wyverian.
… And within her heart beats the drum of the earth.

Monster Hunter fan art featuring none other than Rathian, and one of my favourite wyverns out of the bunch.

You can find larger versions on my DeviantArt and FurAffinity accounts.
Thanks for lookin’!


Hunting Club Series

Welcome fellow hunters I’m a huge fan of Monster Hunter so I needed to do this illustrations as a tribute, the Hunting Club series with Rathalos, Lagiacrus and Tigrex is now available as a Shirts:


Or as a Prints or iPhone Cases:


I hope you like it.

P.D. What other wyvern/dragon from the series would you like to see it?


Monster Hunter stuff.  I received a request for a golden rathalos and a silver rathian (I didn’t get those mixed up!) .  I’ll get around to making a rathian next.

I’ve gotten a lot of interest about how I draw and animate, so for anyone interested and uses Graphicsgale.  I’ve uploaded Rathalos gal file on my deviantart stash here.  Just hit the download button the right side.  And you can find a WIP here.

Also, I should have a commission guide up by the end of this week if not tomorrow.