As a Great sword user in Monster Hunter, I always was frustrated by some of the designs, especially those from the first game because they look really crude.

This primal look has its own merit and a certain charm, but as the weapon’s look imprved, some of them look really ooutdated now in my opinion. So I decided to challenge myself a bit and made those three revamped design!




Monster Hunter pics!  My favorite of these is probably Dalamadur, felt the best during and upon the end result.

Even if those spikes were a handful.  Why do you make them all so complex Capcom? ;w;

Anyway, we also have Nargacuga, Astalos, Rathalos, and a Yian Garuga.  Hope you all enjoy! uwu


Hey guys, I am open for commissions! 

Just want to get this right off the bat, I am also the owner of the getjackedbyjackie tumblr. I run two blogs so I ain’t stealing art because it’s mine (especially the monster hunter ones).

These are my current prices:


$30 for full body
$20 for bust/mid shot images

**I have one sketch with color here. I will only put one color as shown above if you wish**. 10$ for any additional characters.

-Full body: Color
$50, $15 per any additional character

**These images have white or solid color backgrounds**


These prices vary since more ambitious compositions are much more expensive, but the pricing begins at $75. The sample images shown range from $80 for the one on the left (has more of a bg) and $75 for the right, since the bg is simple). These ones take a while to make, hence the high prices.

Here are some of the things I can do:
-Comic art 
-Tattoo designs 
-Slight nudity

I can also do character reference sheets for your OC’s and cover art as well, feel free to ask me about this in a email as well as the tattoo stuff. 

If you want to check out my art (which is recommend because this is just the tip of the iceberg, check out my site HERE)

I accept paypal and will accept payment once I know EXACTLY what you want and it’s set in stone. After that I will get straight to your commission.

As a final note, please do credit me when you post my work, karma points folks :)   

If interested send me an email to bautista.2015.jackelyn@gmail.com


Funnily enough, infusing Azure Rathalos with the Ice element actually makes him look a bit more like the traditional Azure. 

It seems that element changes for Rathalos affect only their scales,  while Rathian have their claws and stuff changed but the scales remain intact. I’d have thought Ice would make Azure lighter or something, rather than darker… I expected that from Water but not Ice xD 

Now I wonder what effect Water has on him,  hmm….