A tea garden in Munnar, Kerala, India.  Featured in our article on Kerala.  The most well-known tea-producing regions of India are located in the northeast of the country near the Himalayas; Kerala is located in a distinct mountain range, the Western Ghats, located along the southwest coast of India.

Photo by Ruben Joseph, Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.


This is how our website collapses on mobile (or in a narrow browser-window) after our latest redesign.

All information and features on our site are now accessible (without left-right scrolling or needing to zoom in to read small text) on even very small screens.  We tested our layout down to 320px widths.

Try viewing our site on your phone, if you haven’t yet! Let us know if you find any glitches or if there’s anything you have trouble accessing.

RateTea is Now Fully Mobile-Friendly | RateTea News
RateTea is now fully mobile-friendly. Rather than an app or separate mobile site, we have used responsive design to make all features of our website accessible on mobile devices with small screens.

In the past, if you tried to view our site on a smartphone or other device with a narrow screen width, it would require you to scroll left and right, often zooming in and out to click small links or read small text.

We have addressed this issue fully and decisively, redesigning our whole layout so that our site now displays gracefully on smartphones with narrow screens.  Menus collapse into buttons and tables and columns collapse in creative ways.

Rather than have a separate mobile website, or an app, we’ve kept a single, unified site, and used responsive design to make it display well on all devices.

Take a peek around our site, on your smartphone, or using a very narrow browser window if you don’t have a smartphone, and you can see what the site looks like.  As a side benefit, our site is now much easier to use in a small browser window too!

And let us know if there are any glitches or any features that work on desktop that still aren’t fully accessible on mobile devices.

What Is A Chai Tea Latte? | RateTea
A chai tea latte is a drink made from concentrated spiced tea and steamed milk, like making a regular latte but substituting masala chai for the espresso.

Our newest article on the site!

In case you were wondering…these drinks do contain some tea, but they’re usually pretty far from traditional masala chai or spiced tea, they’re usually made with pre-brewed concentrated tea and spices, rather than made up fresh.

This article also explains how you can make a “chai tea latte” yourself, using fresh-brewed tea (from tea bags or loose-leaf, either using a pre-blended chai, or adding your own spices to tea) rather than the overly-sweetened concentrates most coffee shops use.

New Lists of Brands and Tea Companies Selling Specific Types of Tea

We added a new feature to our site, the ability to list brands and companies selling a specific style of tea.  For example:

  • Green tea brands - and because we list flavored teas in a separate category, this list will only include companies selling at least one pure (unflavored) green tea.
  • Chai / spiced tea brands - Companies selling masala chai or spiced tea blends.
  • Earl grey tea brands - another example, a more specific type of flavored tea.

Each page has a list of all brands on the left, and on the right you can find a list of the brands with the top-rated teas in this category (weighted for consistency, just having one top-performing tea isn’t enough to get you in this list), and below this you can find a list of companies with the largest selections of this type of tea.

These are just a sampling…any of the 150+ styles of tea on our site now have a special page like this for them.  There are broad categories (green, black, oolong, etc.) and more specific types (Darjeeling, long jing, Jasmine, etc.).

We hope you find this useful!  Let us know if there are any features you’d like to see added, or new ways of organizing or presenting all the info on our site!

Today I greatly expanded RateTea’s article on Turkey.  I think the new article would interest not just tea enthusiasts, but also people who, like me, are fascinated by geography and climate.  Turkey is mostly a semi-arid country, but there’s a peculiar climate in a small region in northeast Turkey, which creates the wettest region in all of western Asia.  This is where their tea is grown!

Please visit and share if you find it interesting!

Hello Tumblrs! RateTea now has a Tumblr presence!

Hello Tumblrs, especially the tea-loving ones among you!  This is now the official Tumblr presence for RateTea.  We have finally decided that this online community is too important for us to not have a presence here!

Currently this account is run by our founder and editor Alex Zorach, who is also active on Tumblr as cazort, and who also blogs about tea both here and on other sites, including Teacology and Spontaneitea.

You can follow this account for strictly tea-related postings.  You can also connect with us on twitter as RateTea.  We look forward to interacting with you!

Place Reviews: Local Tea Shops & Tea Houses | RateTea News

This is a major and super exciting new feature!  You can now browse and review local tea places, including tea shops, tea houses, tea rooms, and even grocery stores with a good tea selection.  The place reviews are integrated into the rest of our site, so in one click you can get from the page on the local store (like a Teavana or Adagio tea retail store) to the page for the company itself, where their teas and reviews can be found.

The newsletter also explains a second new feature, a tea wishlist that allows you to save or note teas that grab your interest, recording them for later reference.

Closeup photo of Chingwo County Tea, a loose-leaf black tea sold by Culinary Teas.  I thought this was an outstanding tea; unfortunately it’s no longer for sale.  You can read my full review on RateTea.

Yes, that’s a pizza box I was photographing it on.  I was out at a party and didn’t have an ideal photographing setup!  The pizza, by the way, was also quite delicious.

Persistent Logins - Yay, You Can Now Stay Logged In!

We updated our website so that you now stay logged in for about a month now, without having to re-log in!  If you don’t like this, like if you’re absolutely paranoid that someone is going to sneak onto your computer and go and rate teas in your name, you can just log out, just like with Tumblr, Facebook, and other sites.

We hope this will be more convenient for people who want to use the interactive features of our site, like rating and reviewing teas and liking and commenting on other people’s reviews!