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Let me lay out this curse Blonde Bitch has...
  1. JBL and Cole show was doing great on YouTube and soon as she gets involved views went down and it eventually got cancelled.
  2. Unfiltered never did good in ratings no matter who was on there and eventually that led to it being cancelled.
  3. SD has never done good in ratings the only time it’s ever spiked is when Cena is said to be there and when she was involved in Dean and Miz’s feud the ratings were lower then they’ve ever been that’s why her involvement ended quickly. Soon as she got taken out of the story ratings went back up.
  4. TS never did good in ratings no matter who was being interviewed which led to Vince making it a monthly show.
  5. Whenever an episode of TD aired that heavily featured her the ratings went down. Not even Dean Ambrose was enough to pull in the views and that’s saying something.
  6. She sleeps her way back onto Raw and what happens? The ratings go down over 3%

Everything this bitch gets involved in is just doomed to fail and does fail. Don’t even get me started on the HUGE fall Dean’s career has taken ever since she opened her big mouth and went public with their “relationship” he went from being this badass from the streets of Cincinnati to a complete joke.

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Hugh said Will realized he was in love with Hannibal while he had that chat with bedilia, and it keeps making me think about when Will went to see Hannibal at the prison after that, and he knew he was in love with Hannibal while they talked (even though he said it wasn't good to see hannibal) i just..everything is mutual in that moment even though Will still hated the fact that he was in love with him

You didn’t ask for this, but sometimes when I want to make myself extra sad I think about what would have happened had Dolarhyde actually killed himself, making that goodbye actually, well, goodbye… for a time at least. And then I started writing a thing, and it got a bit out of hand, so I put it on AO3 and there will be a second chapter coming either tonight or tomorrow, whenever I have the time to finish it up…

hello goodbye | chapter 1

Ding dong, the Dragon’s dead. Well and truly gone. Will sits in his car outside BSHCI long enough to draw concern from within. Alana taps on his window.

“Everything okay?”

Will sighs and flips off the radio. “Just thinking. I’ll be in soon.”

Alana frowns, sadness in her eyes. “Go home, Will. He doesn’t deserve your goodbyes.”

Maybe he doesn’t, Will knows. But maybe this isn’t about what he deserves at all.

Will propels his body into movement. Out of the car and into the building, buzzing through one door to the next. The final set of doors dissolve before his eyes, the foyer of their shared memory taking form.

Hannibal Lecter is a monster, but Will now only sees the man. Antlers do not spring forth from his crown. His hands not talons but pale flesh too long hidden from the sun, cut through with veins pumping hot, red, human blood. His words are quiet, edging on desperate.

“You can go home again. If there’s any point. Is there any point?”

“I like my life there.”

“It won’t be the same. You’ll see it’s not the same.”

The words cut deep, an ache for which there is no balm. A hand to the glass between them. A goodbye. One final, quiet rejection.

Will manages to to turn and walk from the room, but once the doors have shut behind him he all but runs to his car. In the bar a short distance from his motel Will blinds himself, drink after drink. Beer, whisky, whatever the hell the guy winking at him from across the bar just sent over. He loses the contents of his stomach all over his shoes halfway back to his room.

The world goes black around him. He wakes the next morning miraculously in his bed, nightmare sweat drying on his brow. He cleans himself up and goes home.

[continue reading on AO3]

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So it’s been a while since I’ve done blog rates and I think it’s the best way to get to know the people who follow me and follow more people :)


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I just completed chapter 41, and now I am writing the epilogue, which won’t take super long. I’m not sure if I should post them now, or if they will get lost in spoiler exile/wedding craziness. Or post them now and then maybe bump them after Sunday, but



and I am really proud of it, so yes.

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hey yo! so i’ve reached 255 followers so i decide it’s time to some blog rates. i’ve never done something like this before therefore i’m stealing @deantulip version and i regret nothing. sue me (actually don’t, i’m broke)


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Mino - Chemistry (Rated)

You sat in Minho’s car, not by choice, in fact you’d been ignoring him the entire car ride. His girlfriend had insisted you get a lift home and considering Minho was the only person at that dinner party that wasn’t drunk, you were stuck with him. There was one problem, you couldn’t stand him. He was arrogant, big headed and extremely sly; the two of you barely spoke but you recalled the last time you had a proper conversation and it took all of 5 minutes for it to turn into an argument. Despite this hatred, you’d be lying if you said he wasn’t slightly handsome, thats’ what made it worse; big headed and attractive, a toxic combination. 

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34% Magnus tells Alec how Robert brought Alec to him begging him to look after him after his parents betrayed Valentine and how he was a trouble maker as a child (assuming Alec is about 3 or 4 at the time)

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“Tell me something I don’t know about you,” Alec murmured, his head on Magnus’ chest. “I know that can kind of be anything, considering our vast age difference, but…” he trailed off, his finger tracing circles over Magnus’ torso, before outlining the hard muscles that were there. 

Alec looked at Magnus’ profile, he was staring at the ceiling, his hand gliding over Alec’s back. “I have something. Although, I’m not sure how you will react to it.”

“Try me.”

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Julie Plec announced that S5 will be the last of The Originals. I kept thinking about your predictions and how you had said TO would not last for more than 4 seasons and since S4 and S5 had their episodes cut in half you were practically right. The show was also sent in Fridays and Spring time as you had also predicted. Are you psychic or something?

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I have a prompt (alternate 2x10 ending where valentine doesn't get captured): Alec gets wounded and captured by Valentine. Before anyone can save him valentine has another one of his warlocks open a portal and takes Alec with him. And tortures him while Magnus and the team search for him

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“Tell me, where the soul sword is.” Valentine hissed. He twisted the knife that was inside Alec’s abdomen. 

Alec screamed, the tears were flowing freely now. He was long gone trying to hold it in, Valentine had done already too much damage. His right foot was broken, his lip was split and one eye was completely shut from bruising. His wrist was sprained, and the other probably fractured, and at least two fingers were broken. There was a long wound that went diagonal on his torso. How he hadn’t died, or passed out from pain was beyond him. 

“I DON’T KNOW!” Alec screamed. “I DON’T KNOW!” He felt ashamed that he  had broken so quickly under the weight of a weapon. Alec was a Shadowhunter, he was meant to be more than this, but he could not stand it, he could not take this pain anymore. 

“Well,” Valentine rose his voice. “I’m sure your little friends will be here soon enough to save you.  Maybe they know!” he slapped  Alec across the face and he whimpered, praying to God that Jace and Magnus stayed far, far away. 

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In celebration of hitting 5,5k followers, I decided to do blog rates! I truly appreciate each and every single one of my followers, you guys are amazing and the reason tumblr is so enjoyable to me! I’m honestly so grateful that you all decided to give my blog a shot and sticked with me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You guys rock!


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Okay we did the demon eyes, angel kink, and wing kink. Let's add priest kink to the list.

go away | no | rather not | I dunno | I guess | sure | yes | FUCK yes | oh god you don’t even know | right here, right now

I mean how could you say no? …It’s official. I’m going to hell.

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BO, whenever something happens to her or the ship, we're the bad guys. All because, we don't like her. We've been saying for months, that TS is losing it's spark. That the only reason it was watchable was for DBry. And, granted when we find out about the repackaging, some of us were happy about it. But, we didn't blame her. If anything I blame this fans. If they loved her so much, they should've watched the show, that way it would have good ratings, and TS would still be a weekly show.

I see that.