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Can't Sleep, a 100 fanfic | FanFiction

My Clarktavia ficlet has gone live! 

I honestly don’t even know where this came from. It started with a harmless “what if” and spiraled from there. (And for the record, I would never want my dream of Clarktavia as friends with benefits to get in the way of Linctavia or Clexa on the actual show.)

The Birthday - WhenTheCanonShootsOnlyBlanks - Jane the Virgin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

It was Luisa’s 28th birthday, and they were having a family dinner to celebrate. And while Rose normally loved seeing Luisa, no matter the context. She couldn’t quite enjoy this dinner. Luisa was smiling and laughing like she normally would, but whenever her eyes landed on Rose, her happy expression would falter, only for a fraction of a second. A casual touch from Allison, a joke from Rafael, a blink of an eye would bring her out of it like nothing had happened. But Rose could see it every time.

Her eyes where always on Luisa when she was in the room, it was magnetic and she couldn’t help it. But right now she wished she could. Because when she looked at Luisa, she couldn’t help but see Allison as well. She saw Allison’s hand on Luisa’s shoulder, on her waist, playing with the ends of Luisa’s hair and it annoyed her to no end.

Lust & Errors 03 (AU)

Rated: M

Warnings: Explicit smut, oral.

Summary: Step brother, fuck buddy… They were one and the same now. But what started out as some mindless fucking game, quickly turns into something much more difficult and complex.

Note: Okay so, basically this chapter is the start of a lot of stuff, and I actually removed some things from this chapter and will be posting it in the next one. Simply because things will flow better with me doing that. I’m not entirely happy with this, because it’s rushed, but oh well. It’s the start of flashbacks, which I’ll be including a lot in future chaps.


01 | 02 | 03.

You smiled down at your result papers on your desk, a sense of pride in your chest from acing the test today. It was a nice feeling, to know your hard work payed off in some aspects of your life. But you shook your head at the negativity trying to cloud your mind, refusing to let the rejection of Choi Seunghyun’s dance academy ruin your good mood right now.

The classroom was silent as everyone mulled over their results - some students looked pleased, while others had poker faces.

A piece of paper being slipped in front of you by your left desk neighbor, Sohyun, caught your eye and you realized it was a note. After checking and making sure the teacher wasn’t paying any attention to you, you grabbed the paper and unfolded it under your desk.

tutor me babe” Was what it said, and you looked over at Sohyun in confusion, (why was she asking you to tutor her? As far as you knew, she was one of the better scoring students like yourself. And what was she doing calling you babe?) but she just shook her head at you and pointed to the guy behind her, letting you know she was just passing along the note for him.

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I just realised how much Jin I wrote LORDIE~~

CS ff: Pushing Deadlines (AU)

AU Prompt:  “I have a paper due tomorrow and it’s three am, I need all your     coffee cause I ran out” college au

Rating: Definitely M

Word Count: 14.1k (so you know what you’re getting into)

A/N: Oh man. Hi. This was supposed to be a quick one-shot to get through my finals. That didn’t end up happening. Consider this the prequel to “Burning Off the Midnight Oil” because I’m pretty sure these two grew up to be those two. Huzzah to being done with school, and I hope you all enjoy!


As far as finals weeks go, Killian knows this one will been rougher than usual, but that should be expected when graduation is less than two weeks away. He can feel the tension in his neck as he tilts his head side to side in an attempt to loosen the protesting muscles. He thinks he hears rain, but it’s hard to tell if it’s real, or if it’s his brain frying from the previous fifteen weeks.  

If it weren’t for finals week, Killian would be fast asleep in his bed at this point in time. He would be asleep, or drunk, or maybe hooking up with whoever was willing to come home with him from the bar. Although, the last option really lost its appeal after his second year of college when the workload got more intense. Since then, he’s entertained the idea of fancying the girl that lives down the hall, but has neither the time nor energy to pursue his interest. Still, any of those options would be more enjoyable than his current position in front of his laptop at three o’clock in the morning with a final deadline looming closer by the minute.

Ten pages due by Friday, and Killian currently has an introduction half-assed onto the page. His coffee pot has been brewing almost non-stop over the course of the semester. He’s not sure when he last had something to eat. He’s also pretty sure he’s hallucinating, because he hears someone knock on his door. No respectable callers come to your door at three in the morning. He knows this from experience.

He pushes away from the table, because surely, whatever is on the other side of his door is better than what is on the page. And he’s not mistaken. When he pulls open the door, there’s Emma Swan: The Girl that Lives Down the Hall. If looks could run someone through with a sword, Killian is fairly certain he would’ve been dead the moment he opened the door, and his mind starts scrambling for anything he may have done to upset her. But it’s been hours since he’s even moved from the table, and he doesn’t have music playing. When he comes up with no reason why she would be wishing ill will against him, he decides to do what he does best in strange situations and flirts.

“Ah, good evening Swan! Lovely of you to stop by,” he says, propping up against the door jamb and allowing his lips to curl into a smile. “If you’re here for more enjoyable activities, I’m afraid we’ll have to reschedule until after the semester is through.”

“I need coffee,” comes the simple response. He raises an eyebrow at her and takes another second to look at her—bags under her eyes, ink smudged across her cheek, vague expression that’s more exhausted than murderous, bag slung over her shoulders. He thinks the word “haggard” should never be used in relation to Emma, but that’s definitely leaning in the right direction of what she looks like.

“Pardon?” is what he finally thinks to say back.

“I’m out of coffee. I have to finish this essay. And I have exams to study for. I need coffee, Jones. Can you help me or not?”

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anonymous asked:

I know you are not taking prompts rn but pls write the fic about the angry sex tags you just reblogged. You are one of the few writers that can do it justice.

Tags anon is talking about: 

#I want to know if they’ve had angry sex yet #not I hate that I find you attractive sex #but real #I love you so much I could kill you right now sex #raw and primal and utterly unrestrained #desperate to possess each other the only way they can #leaving them sore and embarrassed in the most delicious way the morning after. (via howthisworks-caskett)


“You should have woken me.”

Kate glances up from the sink of dirty dishes to see him watching her from the armchair in the living room, his eyes hardened, less playful like they had been at in the elevator at the precinct, or on her couch before their shared dinner, and she instantly knows why at his words. They haven’t had much time to talk since she left him in the early hours of the morning to go after Bracken on her own, and she knew this was coming.

She doesn’t let go, she doesn’t back down, and neither does he.

“I wanted to protect you,” she sighs, turning her attention away from the half cleaned plates and coffee mugs in favor of him.

She told him that he was all she wanted, that he was her first choice, and so far, she hasn’t exactly done a fine job of proving it. 

“By leaving me, your partner, to face the Dragon on your own? Do you really trust me to have your back or are you just humoring me?”

“Castle,” she sighs, but he stands from the furniture before she can speak another word, before she can even think of a way to reassure him that that isn’t true. 

His face darkens as he comes towards, eyes clouding the same way they had only a couple of nights ago when she showed up on his doorsteps, lightning flashing through his irises despite the clear night sky outside her windows. He corners her by the sink, placing a hand on either side of her waist, boxing her in.

“Regardless, I am definitely more than a partner now, Beckett.” The words echo their last fight, the one that happened here in her apartment, and have her arching forward, desperate to forget that day, how much she hurt him. But Castle holds himself away from her, evoking a growl from low in her throat, the growing yearning in her body fierce in its demand for the newfound pleasure of having him. “Don’t let me into your bed and then leave me to wake with cold sheets.”

“Castle,” she groans, disregarding the lack of contact and fisting her hands in his shirt, yanking him forward until his thigh is wedged between both of hers, the heat of his flesh radiating from beneath the fabric of his jeans, the pressure of the strong muscle sending sparks traveling through her veins. “I’m sorry.”

The hardened expression doesn’t leave his face, the hurricane in his eyes doesn’t clear, but his hips rock forward, evidence of his want for her pressing against her pelvis, and Kate jerks, the friction spreading hot and fast.

“Prove it.”

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anonymous asked:

if you haven't already could you do a list of your favorite m rated one shots? :)

Eh I think I’ve done one but it was ages ago so let’s do it again hooray this will be long probably

tap a message onto my skin, objects in motionjust put your lips together, that which does not bend, controltie me up, tie me downburn for you, melt for me, poetry in numbers, toys for all ages  by airbefore

in this here realityEvery Move You MakeSuffusionAdriftCome and Find Me, Cynosure, Breaking Point by ColieMacKenzie

magnification levels, The Return of Russian Beckett, i’ll allow it, more than you bargained for by Cora Clavia

Dismantle, Stirred, Clandestine, Interlude, ease your worriesLike Real People Do by bravevulnerability

trails, kiss me i’m bleedingmurder calls and when the control breaks by closingdoors

Sugar, We’re Going Down, Supply and Demand, Electric Girl, Bachelorette Number 41319, Pumped Up Kicks by shimmeryshine

amantes sunt amentes, the mind ceases,  A Cupping by seilleanmor

If I Had Stayed (and sequels), Black and White, Show Me, Supine  by morgangirl11

Adorable by ekc293

Insomnia by Kate Christie

Hot, Sweaty, Quick, Oral Pleasures and Page 105  by KroganVanguard

Not Suitable For Children by alwayswritewithcoffee

I just can’t stop and Like I Can by kimmiesjoy

Definition  and Tethered by NellieRai

Ice Cubes by daphnebeauty

Under the Stars by Dmarx

Burgundy C-Cup and Birthday Present by madsthenerdygirl

Simple Complication by BerkieLynn

Addicted by jam821

I Hate You by Garrae

Laced, Contact, and Straight Shooter by Kato

and because I’m lazy and didn’t feel like searching through her blog, here is Oliviet′s rated m tag for some of her one shots , plus Allure and The Gift :)

CS ff: “At the Top of Our Lungs” (au)

Rating: M for sMut glitter

Prompt: “We’re on the debate team yet we can’t argue about something without yelling”

A/N: During au week, i-know-how-you-kiss wrote this awesome piece, which I dubbed Smut Glitter, because it was sprinkled throughout when you least expected it and it was amazing. She challenged me to write smut glitter of my own, picked the prompt, and so here is my very humble Smut Glitter attempt. 

Killian never saw himself being one for debate teams. He has other, more enjoyable ways of dealing with arguments in his experience. Talking about problems was always pretty low down on the list of how to handle things. But three weeks into college, he found himself roped into going to a meeting for the debate team. After that one meeting, he stayed year after year. And the same reason he contemplates quitting and never looking back also happens to be the reason he stays. It has nothing to do with stimulating conversation and everything to do with blonde hair, fiery green eyes, and getting to yell back at Emma Swan.

It’s Wednesday. Wednesday is debate day. There are four things Killian knows for certain this week that he didn’t know last week. 1) Emma Swan uses six bobby pins and one hair tie to construct the surprisingly simple brained bun on the back of her head. 2) Underneath the sensible skirt and sharp blazers she wears for debate, Emma Swan wears undergarments with fancy designs. 3) There are no less than three (3) love bites scattered across Emma Swan’s perfect skin and hidden beneath the clothing that looks like it belongs on an accountant instead of a college debate team member. 4) When Emma Swan talks dirty, she uses debate terms whispered in the ear as if they are the most sinful phrases ever uttered.

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CS ff: “Relationship Rules” (ficlet)

Summary: When the phone rings and you have a pirate for a boyfriend, it might not be the best idea to interrupt him at work. (Worst summary ever, I’m sorry.) Set in the mythical land where everything is dandy and there’s no evil to get in the way of these two doing whatever the hell they want to.

Rating: Smut. Just pure smut. Have at.

A/N: Sometimes there’s just gotta be smut. I have no better explanation, other than I was blocked up on my current project(s) and this idea popped into my head and I had to write it. (Edit: Now comes with a Part 2!)

There was one rule: If the phone rang and it was an important call, Killian was to stop doing whatever he was doing between Emma’s legs until the conclusion of the phone call.

Except sometimes, he didn’t. 

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