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ce monde est une tempête

By astringxnt (( 1/1 | M | 21,163 ))

they say that one should fall in love with their eyes open, but Jungkook keeps his closed, and Taehyung is afraid that they’ll fall in all the wrong places.

the concept of strings in space time theory is that on a one dimensional plane, one only has the option of going backwards or forwards in their direction of travel. Jungkook chooses to be swept along into the unknown, with Taehyung as his only anchor.

admin nj - this was so cute and well written,, the amount of angst was perfect ;-; read it and cry with me

The Songbird and the Sea

Author: MissterMaia

Yoonmin, Namjin, Taekook

Rated: M


Description: In a world where dominance of the sea is an endless battle between pirates and mariners, Park Jimin is content living in his little village on a small, uninteresting island by the eastern mainland. He wants nothing to do with the bloodshed of good and evil, the heartless killing of both innocents and condemned, the constant establishment and disruption of order. What he wants is peace, to live his life in the same town he was born in, to spend his days in the beautiful forest, and to use the powers of his Blessed Rune to nurture the home he loves so dearly.

But when his island is attacked by pirates, Jimin will have no other choice than to do as they command and leave all thoughts of peace behind in favor of boarding the Agust, a pirate ship captained by the infamous Min Yoongi, Black Fox of the East.

Comments: Read this story for an adventure on the high seas. Because it has lots to enjoy, it has Piartes, magic, moral gray areas, frendship, family, Jimin in danger, Jimin being a sweetheart, battles, cursing, YoonMin having a very complicated relationship and did I mention Yoongi is a Pirate Captain. So sit down and devour this fast paced, action packed story.

too-cute-to-care  asked:

Uma and Harry please

@too-cute-to-care requested something nsfw for the pair. So here, have some pure UmaxHarry smut. It’s been a while, but I do hope ya’ll enjoy it. 

Clearly rated M and cause I’m a dork and this is super cheesy anyway. I’m naming it Passion Cove. Fight me.

Uma frowned as she stared out at the sea, toes digging into the wet sand. She had been so close to getting what she wanted and yet Mal once again got in the way. And had Ben -that stupid little Beastie Boy- not attempted to appeal to her softer side, she would have won. She just knew she could have taken Mal and dragged her scaly ass into the water. She sniffled, her frown deepening as she realized she had been crying. She never cried. Uma dug a hand into the sand beside her, fingers wrapping around a sharp rock. She glared at it, clenching it tightly before tossing it out at sea with a yell.

“Uma dear,”

The young sea-witch quickly wiped her face, before greeting the pirate as she tried to conjure up her usual smirk. “Harry.”

He dropped down beside her, blue eyes scanning her from head to toe. “How did you..?”

The shell necklace at her neck grew warm and she gently took it between her fingers. “The shell worked outside the barrier. I tried to will it to bring it down, but I’m not strong enough. Not yet. You can stop staring,” she rolled her eyes, “I’m not hurt.” Not physically, the annoying little voice in her head reminded her.

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yolily6  asked:

I want to read a really good veela fic.. what are you top 5.. preferably completed but WIP is ok too

Title: On the Other Side
Author: murtagh799
Rating: M
Summary: “I ingested veela blood last week and all I want to do now is fu- I mean have sex with you!” He really didn’t seem pleased with the idea. DRAMIONE. Coarse Language, Sexual content.

Title: This Curse to Bear
Author: frostykitten
Rating: T
Summary: “You’re going to help me kiss all the girls in Hogwarts until I find the one that’s going to save my life?“ He asked. She wrinkled her nose in distaste, knowing she was going to regret this. “Yes.” Draco’s a Veela, Hermione helps him find his mate.

Living the Dream By: Ally147 - M, Words: 25567 - Draco isn’t sure what sort person would grow up dreaming of becoming a high-class escort, but for a young man with Veela blood who has to find his one Mate in a population of billions before he reaches the ripe old age of thirty? What other career choice is there?

Resistance By: 0x-Coming-for-You-0x - T, 5 chapters - Hermione is well aware that Draco is a Veela and that she is his mate. In fact, she has already wholeheartedly accepted the fact that she would be spending the rest of her life with him. Curiously enough, the only one resisting in this situation is Draco himself. With the help of the elder Malfoys, a scheme of seduction begins.

The Mountain and The Sea - M, 12 chapters - Hermione Granger was perfectly happy with her life, her job as a Healer Trainee, her ugly cat and her cute little house in the countryside. And then Draco Malfoy had to go and mess that all up, typical git. Post-Hogwarts, EWE, OOC, creature!fic.

- Lisa

The Risk He Didn’t Take (Drake x MC)

So, because you’re all thirsty for Drake you all love my writing, some of you asked me to do an alternative version of “A Risk Worth Taking” where MC decides to go to Drake instead of staying with Liam. (Looking at you @secretnerdharmony, @violetflipflops and @shhakeandbake!)

So, this would pick up shortly after Liam told MC about Drake’s feelings for her.  I wrote it imagining that she didn’t tend to Drake’s wounds after his fight with Tariq and that she didn’t go into the Beaumont study with him (basically, all those scenes were he admitted feelings for her.)

Rating: M for naughty language and innuendo.  Look away, children!

               Gripping the flask until his fingertips turned white, Drake took a long swallow of whiskey as he stared out the window and wondered where he’d go now that he couldn’t stay at the palace any longer.  To Bertrand and Maxwell?  With their family fortune restored, he knew Bertrand would pay him well if he could keep Maxwell out of trouble.  But was any amount of money worth having to keep Maxwell from acting like a thirteen-year-old with his father’s credit card?

               No, the Beaumonts weren’t the answer.

               Maybe he’d go to America and look for his mother’s relatives.  She’d mentioned she brother, hadn’t she?  Someone who owned land out west.  Maybe he’d make his away across the states, working odd jobs until he found a place where he could forget what had happened.  He wasn’t afraid of working, but he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to escape the memory of the woman he’d loved and his own cowardice.

               “I can’t believe you.”

               He jumped and whirled around, surprised to see Riley standing in the doorway to his bedroom.  The darkness in his room shrouded her face in shadow, but he could see her clenched fists and hear the sharp, angry tone in her voice.  He sucked in a breath and rocked back on his heels, desperate to get as far away from her as was possible without jumping out the window.  “What the hell are you doing here, Watson?”

               She slammed the door behind her and walked towards him, her face coming into the light.  He’d seen her angry before, but he’d never seen her this furious, not even when Tariq had accosted her in her bedroom.  

               “I’m here to give you a piece of my mind, Hunter,” she said, voice wavering.

               “Queens don’t lose their tempers,” he muttered, taking another swallow of his drink, “it’s unbecoming.”

               “Don’t you dare talk to me like that.  I’m not a queen… and I never will be.”

               He paused, words sticking in his throat as he tried to sound bored.  “What are you talking about?”

               She inhaled deeply, her brown eyes shooting furious daggers into his own. “How could you not tell me how you felt?”

               Drake blinked, his mouth dropping open.  “He told you?”

               “Yes, and I am so furious at you I can hardly speak.”

               He tried to laugh, but it came out as a choking noise instead as he raised the flask to take another drink.  “Forgive me, my lady, I hadn’t realized that having a commoner’s love was so offensive.”

               She reached up, snatching the flask out of his hand.

               “Hey!” he shouted, but it was too late.  She’d walked to the window and hurled it clear across the garden.  He watched it fly through the night air until it landed in one of the fountains with an audible splash.

               “Not this time,” she said, turning on him.  “No more hiding behind your whiskey and snarky comments.  We’re going to have a real conversation, and we’re going to have it now.”

               He started to say something, but the quivering of her chin and suddenly shine in her eyes made him stop.  Christ, she was going to cry.  He could handle her anger, he could handle her shouting, but he knew then that he couldn’t handle her tears.

               “I’m furious because I heard it from Liam and not from you.  Despite everything we’ve done, all the time we’ve spent together, you never had the courage and you never trusted me enough to tell me how you felt.”

               She was crying now, two little twin rivers of tears that curved over her cheeks down to her chin.  He wanted to reach out and wipe them away, but he kept his hands at his side instead, knowing that if he touched her now he’d never stop.  

With a deep breath, she blinked and continued.  “I’m furious that for months, you let me doubt myself.  Every time I caught you looking at me just a little too long, I wondered if I was imagining things.  I overanalyzed everything; all your little smiles, your little complements, even the backhanded ones that were so fucking annoying.  But just when I thought I knew what was going on and I tried to get close to you, you pushed me away.  And after what happened with Tariq, where you ran out of my room as fast as you could, I decided that I was a fool.”

               She looked away from him, walking towards the window as he covered her eyes with her right hand and wrapped her left arm around her waist.  “I’m furious at myself, too.  I’m mad that I’ve been telling myself and everyone else here that I’m here for Liam, when I know that’s been a damn lie from the beginning.”

               He took a step towards her, stopping when he was only a few inches from her.  “Why were you here, Watson?”

               She looked up at him over her shoulder.  “Do you remember what you told me when I asked you why you stayed here at court even though you knew you didn’t belong?”

               He nodded.  “For Liam.”

               She tried to smile, but failed.  “And I stayed for you.  I wanted to look out for you the same way you look out for everyone else, to make you feel like you were worth something, to make you understand that someone loved you… and that she still does.”

               “I…” he faltered, “Riley, I’m so sorry.”

               In an instant, she was against his chest, sobbing into his white shirt as her hands clutched at his grey vest.  He wrapped his arms around her, one around her waist and the other over her shoulders.  He kissed the top of her head, resting his chin against her hair as he closed his eyes. “You’re right.  I should have told you sooner.”

He reached up, cupping the back of her neck with both his hands as he pulled her away so he could look at her face. He desperately kissed her forehead, her temples, and her cheeks as he spoke, all the feelings and thoughts spilling out before he could stop them.

“I should have told you that night we snuck out to the bakery that I realized seeing you was the favorite part of my day.  I should have told you on my birthday that it was the first time in nearly twenty years that I didn’t go to bed miserable because I’d spent it with you.  At the beach, I should have told you how wonderful it felt to have your hands touching me.  When we visited the ruins, I should have kissed you for the first time like I wanted to.  And when I found Tariq in your room, I should have told you that I loved you so much that would do any and everything I could to keep you from getting hurt.”

She sniffed softly, her hands gently caressing his chest as she leaned into his kisses.  “Why?  Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t want to hurt Liam, I didn’t want to embarrass you, I didn’t want to make you choose.  But—“

“What?” she asked, opening her eyes to stare into his.

He pulled her close, forcing his voice to stay steady as she wrapped her arms around his middle and pressed herself to him.  “Riley, everyone who I’ve loved, everyone who’s loved me, left me.  I survived that all, but I didn’t think I could survive that.”

“Drake,” she said, pressing a soft kiss to his chin as she held him.  “I’m not leaving… not without you.”

He looked down, tipping her chin upward so that he could find her lips with his own.  He’d pictured kissing her a hundred times, but he’d never thought it would be like this.  He’d never imagined it could feel so right, that she’d feel so perfect in his arms, that she’d kiss him back with the same ferocious longing that left them both breathless yet wanting more.

As they parted, she looked up at him, smiling.  He pressed his forehead to hers, chuckling lowly.

“All the times I fantasized about holding you and telling you how I felt, never got past this point.  I… I don’t know what to say.  I mean, what do we do now?”

“Lock the door,” she whispered as she pulled his head down to his again for another kiss, “and let’s start making up for lost time.”              


This was a birthday fic gifted to me YEARS ago (2011 to be specific), and I love it, so I decided to share here. It’s not quite dark but it’s not friendly either. Told from a mentally unstable Sasuke’s point of view.

Title:  Traps
Author/artist:  TamLin
Setting: Naruto Shippuden
Rating: M
Summary: he wanted everything the blond had.  And then he wanted to break it.

At first he’d wanted her because she loved the dobe.  Because he wanted everything Naruto had and he wanted to break it and ruin it and give it back to the blond.  Because he wanted to finally – god damn it, finally! – see something dim those light filled eyes of blue.  Wanted to finally – finally! – see that stupid, stupid smile wiped off that scarred face.  He wanted to break the blond ninja and prove once and for all that your past made you.  There was no shaking off the effects evil had on your soul when it invaded your life.  

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anonymous asked:

Do you know any fics with demisexual Jughead? Other than the ones that are tagged like that on AO3?

Well, I’m going to be linking fics that have the specific tag of Demisexual Jughead, if others fit the bill but don’t have the tag… Well, I don’t wanna assume. Here you go. -C

Playlist Amour by  ElfPrincessKitty (39/?)

WIP / Rating: M

Betty slowly begins to realize that there are only so many times one can have their heart broken before there are too many pieces to pick up alone. Jughead begins to understand that a constant supply of food isn’t the only thing he needs in his life.

wet socks by @fairytelling (3/15)

WIP / Rating: Teen up

In order to avoid her overbearing mother, Betty Cooper decides to put an ocean between them and attend university in England. The last thing she expects is to get caught up in what seems to be the plot line of a cheesy Regency era novel. And yet, here she is.

A modern Pride and Prejudice AU.

the winged beast by @onceuponamirror (15/18)

WIP / Rating: Teen up

This is how the world ends, she thinks. Not with a bang but a motorcycle.

Shuffle Off This Mortal Coil by @it-happened-one-starry-night (49/?)

WIP / Rating: Mature

Betty and Jughead are both around 18 years old; they are seniors at Riverdale High. Polly is older, she became pregnant during her senior year.

Lust & Errors 01 (AU) | Jungkook x You

Rated: M

Warning: Dom themes, very light dubcon and inappropriate step sibling stuff. Be warned.

Summary: Step brother, fuck buddy… They were one and the same now. But what started out as some mindless fucking game, quickly turns into something much more difficult and complex.

Note: No words other than can y’all tell how fucked up I am by now? =D  Anyways, this is going to be a little mini series. :) It was originally supposed to be just a oneshot, but I thought of a cool story, so yeah. I’m tired so I’m not editing tonight lol.


01 | 02 | 03 | 04.

It was wrong, you knew it. He knew it. But you couldn’t bring yourself to stop. It was like an addiction - each of you the other one’s drug. The situation itself wasn’t right, but it also wasn’t fair either. You and Jungkook had been hooking up before your father and his mother decided to get together. It wasn’t that big of a deal until they made the decision to tie the knot and ultimately labeling you and your fuck buddy as future siblings.

However, the engagement didn’t stop your encounters, nor did the actual marriage which officiated the fact you were supposedly ‘brother and sister’ now. You fucked every chance you got. After school when your parents were still at work, in his car when you two would drive to some abandoned parking lot with the notion of 'going to bond’ - but your encounters usually ensued in the middle of night while your parents slept, peacefully oblivious to the sins happening under their very roof.

You would tiptoe silently through the house until you made it to Jungkook’s room. You wouldn’t knock, you would simply open the door as quietly as you could so you wouldn’t wake your sleeping parents. He’d be waiting for you in the nothing but his boxers and you’d greet him with nothing on but your panties and one of his white t-shirts that swallowed your small frame. When your parents asked what you were doing with your brother’s shirt on in the many mornings they found you wearing it, you’d innocently say that it was cozy and they wouldn’t press you any further about it.

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We Have More Time

Ooops.  My hand slipped…

Warnings:  Wonder Woman Spoilers, Extreme Peril?

Rated: M (for non-explicit sexy times and language)  

Fix it that I might be persuaded to continue??? Y’all know what I like.  ;)   There’s a read more down there somewhere.  

779 words

Diana Prince/Steve Trevor

Thank you @bloomsoftly for looking this over for me!  <3  

His finger was on the trigger.  He closed his eyes and thought about Diana.   

Steve Trevor had known he loved her the moment he laid eyes on her.  From the second he’d sputtered alive again, coughing the sea water from his lungs and looking into the eyes of an indescribably beautiful woman. He’d been in love even then.

But of course the only time he could think to tell her was when he’d made up his mind.  Do nothing or do something.  And his ‘something’ had turned him into a dead man walking.    

She couldn’t even hear him.  Her ears were ringing.  He knew that look well.

Maybe it was better this way.  Maybe he’d even done it on purpose.  Sounded like him.  He always got it wrong.  Or maybe he got it just right. Either way, it was typical.  

He pushed all of that out of his mind.  He had seconds left on this earth and he wanted to spend it thinking about her. 

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Avatar: the Last Airbender Shipping According to FanFiction (Rated M [LEMON] Edition)

All of the stories used in these analyses were rated M.  Percentages may not necessarily add up to 100% due to rounding.  The only characters examined were Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Zuko, Azula, Mai, Ty Lee, Suki, and Jet.  Thus, these analyses were conducted differently from those in the individual character statistics, which include all ATLA characters.

Captain Swan Fic Masterlist!

As promised here is my own Captain Swan smut Masterlist! These are all rated M (with a few exceptions) and I hope you enjoy! I will for sure be adding to this as time goes on. And if you have any that are your favorites that aren’t on this list, let me know! I love reading more! Some fic’s on this list are a given, but others you may not have read before. I tried to organize it the best I could. I hope you like them and have fun reading;)

Season 2

Emma and Killian beanstalk smut and first time.


Early season two smut, where hook captures Emma and but later feels bad and lets her go.


Angsty smut in the alley behind Granny’s when hook finds a way to get to Storybrooke in season two and asks her some questions.


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Mr & Mrs Dolan (Ethan x Reader Smut)

Summary: I was watching Modern Family S01E15 and got inspired with the whole roleplaying going on between Claire and Phil. 
Word Count: 2,424
Warnings: Roleplaying, unprotected sex, dirty talk.
A/N: No one is ever gonna look at me the same again, HAH. First time writing smut, so be gentle please! Also, leave feedback pretty please so I know you guys don’t hate me for this hahaha. Probably gonna delete this. xxx

You swirled your pick around in your Martini glass, teeth tucked into your lower lip as you rocked your leg back and forth where it was crossed over your other one as you sat on the high barstool. The hotel restaurant was prestigious, swanky, way out of your comfort zone but tonight it was the perfect setting.

It didn’t take you long before a tall, toned man approached you. You raised your eyes to meet his hazel ones, lips pulling into a soft smile.

“Is this seat taken?” He asked, voice low enough for only you to hear.

You glanced at the barstool beside you, quickly bringing your eyes back to his. His eyes were averted downward and you quickly realized that he was sweeping his eyes over your long legs that were exposed, stopping on the black Louboutin heels that you’d gotten gifted to you on last year’s Valentine’s Day. They fit you perfectly and they went well with the black dress that you were wearing.

“It is now,” you drawled, watching his eyes light up a tad bit as he moved to pull back the barstool so he could squeeze in, rough large hands smoothing over his suit, sitting down with a huff. “So what brings you here?”

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Disneyland with a side of dessert

Chris Evans X Y/N.

Warnings:Sex, language. Not much else really.


Y/N is in a interview alongside Chris Evans, during so it’s revealed that  she’s never gone to Disneyland and Chris can’t fathom the idea. Being the gentleman that he is, he vows to take you to Disneyland because… everyone should go at least once in their life.  

Y/n  smile as her nerves tempt to get the best of her, James Corden is slowly making his way down the sofa, asking both fan and random questions that he found. Chris Evans was the first to go, answering the obvious questions. “What does he think about the new direction Cap is going? Does he see a real love interest with Agent 13 and Cap? How many dogs does he own? Is he more a dog man or cat man?” 

Y/N watched Chris answer the questions with enthusiasm and nervousness, he smiled too much and struggled to convey what he truly meant sometimes. However as James cards of question dwindled down, she knew it was close to being her turn. Which normally wouldn’t be a problem but she was late for rehearsals and had no clue what she would be asked. 

The English talk show host starts off simple, “where was she born, what was her favorite subject” and as the questions progress they become different in nature, some personal others ridiculous. It’s the second to last question that gets a reaction she didn’t expect. 

“Now, Y/N, is it true that you’ve never been to Disneyland?” Some of the audience members gasp with shock as James finishes his question. 

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Restricted. (Seungcheol Ficlet) [M]

So, it’s been a while hoes. 😁 this is gonna be hella short because i just felt like writing this for no reason, i just felt like it and i was wondering if you’d like for us to post short stuff like this?

Also, we are STILL on hiatus, i simply just wanted to post this to see whether or not it will receive good feedback so we know what to serve everyone once the blog is up and running again. 😁😊


word count: 544 words

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