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So you guys seemed to like my thirsty bisexual!yamaguchi with ace!tsukki who is not about that thirst life headcanon so here is more: imagine their conversation after they first met the team. Like, the second they’re out of earshot: “tsukki did you see the captain’s thighs?!” “I was actually looking at his face as is custom when speaking to someone” “well ok his face is nice too but his thighs” “omg” “the bald one was kind of hot too” “omg”. Also imagine that after they meet kageyama and hinata, yamaguchi’s still trying to catch up to tsukishima when he just goes “you know, kageyama’s pretty cute too” and tsukki just fucking sprints away because he is this close to being short a best friend.

My Dash is Dead 😮

I’m the past month I’ve unfollowed a lot of blogs that are no longer active and several of the people I do follow have deactivated recently so I don’t really have a lot of content on my dashboard besides my current mutuals. I’d love to check out and follow your blog if you post:
- pink aesthetic
- high fashion
- period drama
- classical art
- larme kei
- historical fashion
- rococo/baroque era
- ballet
- lingerie
- anything else similar to my blog’s content

If any of these apply to your blog, please reblog!Dd/lg, nymphet, and other kink blogs will be ignored. 💋

Logarithmic Spirals of the Nautilus Shell.

The spiral is a common element of Sacred Geometry as well as to all natural development. Spirals in nature tend to follow the Golden Ratio (Phi) or Fibonacci Sequence in their rates of expansion. The key to Sacred Geometry is the relationship between the progression of growth and proportion. Harmonic proportion and progression are the essence of the created universe and is consistent with nature around us. The natural progression follows a series that is popularized in the West as the “Fibonacci Series” where the first two numbers in the series are added to create the third number for a series of number that begins 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987…and goes on ad infinitum. The ratio of the numbers gains great importance as the series continues. By dividing one number by the previous number, the answers result in or come closer to phi: 3/5 = 1.6666, 13/8 = 1.6250, 233/144 = 1.6180. These numbers can be demonstrated with the spiral of the Nautilus. 

The Golden Ratio (phi) is the unique ratio such that the ratio of the whole to the larger portion is the same as the ratio of the larger portion to the smaller portion. The ratio links each chamber of the nautilus to the new growth and symbolically, each new generation to its ancestors, preserving the continuity of relationship as the means for retracing its lineage. This geometry of the Nautilus can be found in the spiral patterns of cauliflower, the placement of the leaves on most plants, the arrangement of pattern on a pine cone. The ratios can be retrieved from the shape of our DNA and the measurement of distant galaxies as the Sacred Geometry demonstrates the blueprint of the sacred foundation of all things and the interconnectedness of all the various parts of the whole. 

worth fighting for

a short fic about transboy!tsukki and protective yamaguchi that I promised a lil while back. haha sorry about the kinda (imo) unsatisfying ending. I suck at knowing how to end things.

Pairing: tsukkiyama, but it’s only romantic if you want it to be tbh

Warnings: gender dysphoria, insulting language, bigotted language, violence (as in, there’s a playground fight), depiction of an anxiety attack (kinda vague, but it’s there)

Rating: General

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Confidence is Key

 Rating: K+ (for a swear word, oh my!)

Word Count: 1100

Request:  This is a lot to ask, but could you possibly write one where the reader acts like all confident and dresses quite sexy, and also has a plum coloured hair, so everyone expects that she has had a lot of relationships and stuff, but in the meantime she has never had any relationships and has a quite low self esteem, but she admits that she has never had any relationships, and reid gets like some confidence boost and goes to her. i love your work and this would really cheer me up, but no pressure.

A/N: I didn’t specifically use plum hair, I hope that’s okay. Again, I want to make things as applicable as possible to everyone, but I did say it’s unconventional, and everything else is in there. I hope this cheers you up, honey. :)

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More Chapters?!

Inside Choices is a weekly blog from the Pixelberry team! Get inside thoughts on Choices, learn about the team behind the game, and get hints about future books.

We’ve gotten a ton of positive feedback about the game, but we’ve also gotten our fair share of criticism. We agree with a bulk of both the positive and negative comments about Choices. The critiques ring true.

In tonight’s post, we’d like to tackle two of the most common critiques - why aren’t there more stories and why are we so stingy with keys. The answers for both are intimately related.

We’ve been hard at work creating new chapters, books, and stories as fast as we possibly can. In fact, for awhile these blog posts will likely not be written by one of our many writers simply because they are all so focused on writing for the game. But because we launched with less content than we’d like (a problem that happens when your launch is dictated by how much money you have left in the bank), we tuned the rate of key generation higher than we personally like ourselves. We basically did this so that most players don’t run out of chapters too quickly.

It looks like we failed on both the amount of content we launched with and our corresponding time for key regeneration.

As far as key regeneration time goes, I personally apologize for that. Our plan has always been to make keys harder to get while we’re short on content and to slowly make them easier to get when we have more content. I’ve been super scared that you’ll run out of content too quickly, stop playing the game, and forget all about it before we get more chapters out for you to play. I also thought that pacing the speed of reading makes for a more involved experience. We didn’t think we had enough books and chapters to change the rate of key generation for this update, but we may be able to consider it for the next update.

We are addressing the requests for more stories by having all our writers write as if a hurricane of keyboard eating moths is about to descend upon our office. We’re also going deeper into debt and hiring writers faster, making a bet that more content will help us get to long term profitability faster.

As many of you will have realized, we’re dropping new chapters every week - usually on Wednesdays. With the launch of our fourth story, Rules of Engagement, we’re now releasing 3 new chapters every week.

We also have a fifth story that is being created, too. The working title for that one is Endless Summer, but we’re still letting that name sit with us for awhile while the story develops further. This story is still in it’s early stages, so don’t get your hopes up about seeing it anytime too soon.

Hopefully, seeing new chapters for our stories come out every week is reliable proof that we’re not only working hard, but have split into multiple mini-teams of writers, artists, and QA all working together to get more content out.

Thank you for your patience when it comes to both keys and more stories. We’re in this for the long haul and hope you are, too!



“Hold on to me.”

He’s taller. He’s heavier. The wind is gusting fierce and frigid against this cliffside, and the sky is getting dimmer with every passing minute. They can’t survive a night on the cliff face. They’d get hypothermia, the both of them, and not even huddling for body warmth would spare them from the chilling reality of the fast-encroaching winter’s night.


“Hold on to me,” Yamaguchi says again, half his words whipped away in the wind but his intent clear. His grazed fingers fumble with the knot binding his rope to his torso, and he begins to uncoil it as he glances up. “We’re not that far from—…—make it, Tsukki.”

“No!” Tsukishima says. Yamaguchi doesn’t even look at him, and he clenches his fists. A bad idea. Throbbing pain heightens into stabbing, and he clamps his lips together and forces his breaths through his nose as he curses himself—idiot, idiot, it’s probably broken, you pathetic, stupid

And when at last he can think straight, past the pain and self-reprimand, Yamaguchi has already begun to tie the rope in a harness and stuck his climbing hooks into his belt and argument will be his only way out.

“This is suicidal, Yamaguchi,” he says, raising his voice so Yamaguchi can’t pretend he hasn’t heard him.

“I can climb this.”

“Not with me on your back!”

“We’re not far from the top.” Yamaguchi’s words are louder now as well. Firmer. He sounds so sure, but being sure is one thing and surviving—


“Which means,” Tsukishima says, turning to look Yamaguchi right in the eye and unable to keep the bile and fear from lancing through his voice, “that it’s that much further down to the sea if we fall.”

(is quite another.)

The wind howls about them and bites past his neck and through his clothes. It’s still getting darker. He’s sure that if there were search parties out for them—unlikely, given this island is so big and they’re so far from the ship—the captain would have called them in by now.

“Then we won’t fall,” Yamaguchi says. Even in what fading light there is, Tsukishima can tell how pale he is under his freckles and stern eyes. But he holds his chest firm; his hands are steady as he crouches, slow and cautious and pressed to the cliff face against another fierce moan and gust from the wind; his voice, when he speaks, is clear and full of conviction. “I know it’s dangerous, Tsukki. But if we want to get up there alive, we don’t have a choice. I’m going to climb it, and I want you to come with me.”

Tsukishima shakes his head. “I’ll be too heavy for you. It won’t work, you’ll fall.”

“If you cling onto the cliff however you can, we’ll manage. I’ll make it work, Tsukki.”

“We’ll fall.”

“Okay, maybe we’ll fall.” Suddenly, Yamaguchi scowls and his eyes come alight. His next words are more biting than the wind or the rock digging into Tsukishima’s back. “But I’d rather die quickly with my head smashed against the rocks while trying to make it out alive than freeze to death up here thinking that I did nothing. And I’m not leaving you here to die of hypothermia by yourself. I can’t do that, Tsukki.”

In the end, Tsukishima supposes Yamaguchi would have always got his way. Sometimes he forgets to have faith in Yamaguchi, or forgets that Yamaguchi really is stronger than he in more ways than he dares to admit. But however stubborn he gets, however much he gives into his cowardice and snaps and bites, Yamaguchi can get through to him. Somehow.

Now, it is because his voice wavers. Just slightly.

“Look, it’s… it’s getting dark, Tsukki. I need to start climbing while I can still see the cliff.”

This will be difficult. Tsukishima doesn’t want to have to trust so hard for such a risky venture. His hand hurts. His knee really hurts. He’s cold, and yeah; he’s scared.

But he sighs, and looks Yamaguchi in the eye once more, and says, “Fine. Help me up?”

Because Yamaguchi is one person he will try to trust to take him up the cliff—

To safety—

Or to go down trying his damnedest; with promises unbroken; together.

Symptoms - ch 4- In Need Of A Distraction

Genre: Fic, AU, Romance, Future angst/smut

Summary: After losing his sight at the age of sixteen Kibum has quickly learnt to adapt to living his daily life without the luxury of seeing. It has taken him three years to find a comfortable balance, but after meeting Jonghyun he wasn’t sure if balance is what he needed.

Pairing: JongKey /Rated M

Word Count: 3942

Side Note: Hey guys, I know it’s been a very long time but I’ve been extremely busy with work to start with and then it became a struggle to finish this chapter. Thank you for being so patient and I promise things are going to start moving along now that we’re getting past the initial hump of the plot. Anyway - I do hope you enjoy this, just hold out for the jongkey bc it’s on its way :) 

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TV Ratings: 'Nashville' Move Gets a Modest Start — But Sets a 5-Year CMT High

Nashville finally made its CMT debut on Thursday night. And after a distinct Viacom strategy to drop the first telecast on multiple networks, early returns have it faring reasonably well in the key demo - if far south of the audience it drew on ABC.

Across four telecasts, two on CMT and one on Nick at Nite, the two-hour cable launch of Nashville grossed just shy of a 0.8 rating among adults 18-49 and nearly 2 million viewers. On CMT alone, where the series will be debuting original episodes before subsequent streaming on co-financier Hulu, the first airing averaged 1.2 million viewers and a .45 rating in the key demo. (That’s about half of what a typical rerun of The Big Bang Theory fetches on TBS.)

It’s not often that anyone bothers to check in on live-plus-same day ratings for cable drama. Outside of The Walking Dead and Ryan Murphy’s FX offerings, most of them don’t amount to much until time-shifting and streaming are taken into account. But it also isn’t often that a Big Four series moves to the 62nd most-watched channel on the dial.

To be fair, Nashville will likely see the majority of its audience tune in on venues that are not live and CMT. But it has a way to go if it wants to recapture a solid portion of its ABC audience. The finale broadcast season of Nashville averaged a live 1.0 rating among adults 18-49 and 4.2 million viewers. With just DVR, no streaming, the drama rose to a 1.8 rating among adults 18-49 and 6.6 million viewers.

Performance expectations for Nashville will be higher than most cable dramas. When ABC canceled the series, it was quite expensive. And while the costs have changed and are shared by CMT and Hulu, its star-heavy cast (most notably lead Connie Britton) comes with a price tag - and none are currently obliged to stay beyond these 22 episodes.
Is Family Guy In Major Ratings Trouble?

“Family Guy’s latest ratings are a sign that the sporadically offensive animated series is currently being enjoyed by the smallest audiences of its entire run.

Sunday nights in the fall are tough on everyone that isn’t the NFL and The Walking Dead, and no one really expects Family Guy to stand tall above everything else, but this past Sunday was positively awful for the show. After the Live + Same Day numbers were tallied, Season 14’s ‘Peter, Chris & Brian’ only brought in 2.58 million viewers, with a dismal 1.1 rating for the key 18-49 demographic.

The season premiere in September only brought in 2.87 million viewers, and even the Halloween episode from a few weeks ago only nabbed 3.8 million people.  

Another interesting aspect of Family Guy’s decline is that it’s the only one of Fox’s animated series that has yet to earn a new season renewal. The Simpsons is already set through Season 28, and Bob’s Burgers received a two-season order some weeks back.”

Unang Liham (T.P. V-day M.U. Special Edition)

Edi ayun na nga.. Malamang alam na naman ng lahat ng tumblrista sa buong Pilipinas (nuks! buong Pilipinas!) na noong Enero 11, 2012 ay nagkarun ng Pre-Valentines Meet-up na ginanap sa Trinoma Mall sa may North, headed by Sy (hspy). Asusual, bigayan ng url, kanya-kanyang pormahan at pasikatan din (isa na ako dun). At ang pinaka huling ginawa ay ang pagbibigayan ng mga papel na may mga nakasulat na iba’t-ibang klase ng chorva at ibibigay sa tumblristang gusto mong pagbigyan (mga larawan sa ibaba)

Masasabi kong successful ang meetup na ito, at talaga namang naging masaya ang mga gawain sa kabila ng init ni haring araw. Shout-out to Sy and to all other co-organizers as well!!!

Pero ang pinakanagpasaya sa akin sa araw na ito ay ang kauna-unahang liham na aking natanggap mula sa isang tagasubaybay.

Supah-dupah-ultimate kilig!!! Maraming salamat sa taong nagbigay na ito.. Sya yung masasabi kong isa sa aking mga totoong followers.. Kahit na-followback na, madalas pa din magparamdam..
And speaking of followback, ito pala yung isa sa mga pangungusap na sinabi nya sa liham na kanyang binigay sakin - “Ewan ko kung anong nagustuhan mo sa blog ko.. Nakakatuwa kasi finallow ako ng isang magaling na blogger”

Una sa lahat, ang masabihan na isang magaling na blogger kahit na sinong tao ay isang karangalan. Salamat ng marami mula sa aking puso! Pero mas gusto kong sagutin yung mga unang linya sa pangungusap. Anong nakita ko sayo? Ikaw mismo! Sometimes its not just about the blog, its about the blogger. Hindi ako autofollowback, naging mapili na din ako ngayon sa mga blog na ipa-follow, pero marami din akong pina-follow na masasabi kong hindi ko naman talaga ganun ka-gusto yung blog pero finallow ko sila dahil naramdaman kong totoo sila sakin, tulad mo. Kaya bilang ganti, gusto kong masubaybayan na din ang buhay nila, yung tipong parang fb lang. Pag sa fb wala namang issue ang pag-a-add eh, ewan ko kung bakit dito eh napakalaking issue nun. Pero kanya-kanya namang pananaw yan. Pero para sakin, ito ang pinakabasehan ko ng pag-follow -
•Gusto ko yung blog
•Gusto ko yung blogger
Sa dalawa lang na yan umiikot.

Muli. Maraming salamat Kei!!! Isa ka sa mga dahilan kung bakit ako mananatili sa komunidad na ito.
Sya nga pala, para sa mga iba ang pag-iisip, hindi ito showbiz post! Appreciation ito!!!