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HTTYD one-shot | Hiccstrid | Modern AU

One-of-a-kind Day

Astrid’s day had been going wrong all day long… and now, to top it off, her tire was flat. The only good thing about that darned flat tire was that it just happened to show itself right as she drove into the Walmart parking lot. So now here she stood, watching as one of the mechanics drove her car to the garage only meters away. With a heavy and frustrated sigh, she pulled out her grocery list and flung her purse of her shoulder, hoping they’d have the tire ready by the time she was done shopping.

               She stomped inside, getting even more frustrated when the automatic doors seem to jam slightly by her angry stomps on the sense pad. She growled and banged on the doors, and they promptly opened. She trudged through, dragging a cart out of the entry before rolling her way into the chilly building, not even acknowledging the woman who welcomed her.

               First item on her list was in the womanly area of the soaps and shampoos, where she collected what she needed before making her way to the grocery section. She first grabbed several bags of chips, then paused as she reached the freezer section before grabbing a carton of ice cream, dropping that into her cart as well for she figured that Netflix and ice cream was what she had to look forward to tonight. And it sounded heavenly.

               Next thing on her list was Gatorade powder mix, so she hastily wheeled to the juice aisle and hastily glanced over the shelves for the drink. She groaned when she caught sight of the object sitting on the uppermost shelf, nearly four feet above her.

               She moved as close to the shelf as possible before standing on her tiptoes, fingers barely grazing the shelves rim on which the item sat. And even then, she still had to get it off top of a box of some kind. Why the heck would anyone put something that high up!? And she wasn’t too short either, nearly 5’8”. How did they expect people to reach it on a daily basis?

               She jumped up and down, hoping to grab it on one of the trips into the air. Each time she came within inches of grabbing it, but always fell short one way or another. With an angry howl, she reeled back and kicked her cart, sending it skidding to the side slightly but otherwise nothing came of it.

               Astrid growled again before turning and facing her foe once more. She placed her hands on her hips, then returned to her hopping, she paused and grabbed the cart, pushing it up against the shelf and attempting to stand on it, but each time she tried it would start rolling away, until she slipped and collapsed to the ground, cart skidding away as though taunting her.

               “Dang it!” She shouted, slamming her fist against the ground as she scrambled to her feet.

               An elderly man who was inspecting a bottle of energy water glanced at her in concern, but Astrid just glared at him in response. The man hastily looked away, obviously trying to look as though he hadn’t noticed anything array.

               “Stupid- why the heck would someone put something that high up?” Astrid hissed and stepped further back, refusing to relent and go on without that drink mix. She’d come to get it, and she wasn’t going to leave until a can of it was sitting in her cart.

               There was an awkward cough from behind her, and she whirled about in all readiness to give that old man a piece of her mind, but she faltered when she noticed it was actually a Walmart employee who’d intruded. She gave him a quick look down, noting his tall and lean figure and shaggy auburn hair. His eyes were a bright green, his mouth quirked in a small smile to show slightly uneven teeth, although somehow, they only managed to make him look more attractive. He also looked to be around her age, maybe twenty or twenty-one. His left hand was tapping awkwardly against his leg, while his right hand tugged on his blue vest, which displayed a name tag marked “Hiccup”. Odd name, Astrid thought distantly in the back of her mind, although the thought was quickly pushed aside as he began to talk.

               “Um… I couldn’t help but-“ the man started, voice nasally and carrying a nervous tone. “d-do you need help?”

               She flipped her head, braid sliding off her shoulder and onto her back as she shook her head defiantly. “No- I do not need help. If you dopes would only place the merchandise in reaching distance-“ she growled angrily, jerking her head in the direction of the Gatorade mix. “Top shelf, seriously? Couldn’t put some of the bottled water up there instead?”

               Hiccup followed her pointed finger and furrowed a brow at the juice. “Huh, that’s not supposed to be up there… actually. Here-“ He stepped forward and grabbed a can, lightly tossing it to her. Astrid caught it deftly, not letting up the glare she sent his way as she slammed the item into her cart.

               “Thanks.” She said begrudgingly with another annoyed flip of her head.

               “No problem… uh… do-do you need anything-“

               “No. I’m fine.” Astrid called back as she exited the aisle and made her way towards the next, pressing her mouth in a thin line as she continued. All she wanted to do was go home, curl up on her couch, eat junk food and watch tv. That wasn’t too much to ask, was it?

               She hastily grabbed several more items from her list, along with a couple of others that weren’t included but she knew she needed. By the time she reached the cracker and bread aisle, she was nearly finished. It wasn’t until she was already finished at the cashier’s that she remembered she’d forgotten a very important item in her life: coffee.

               With a yelp of half alarm and half anger, she wheeled her cart towards the door, hoping that lady who was always standing by at the doorway would watch it for her. She agreed without a problem, and Astrid made a mad dash back towards the drink aisle, hoping it would be a quick trip in and out. She really wanted to get home.

               She skidded to a stop once she reached the aisle, pausing to catch her breath before noticing with disappointment and annoyance that the young man- “Hiccup”- was still there, switching out the Gatorade for a different shelf that had packs of bottled juice.

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Discards by picascribit
Chapter 19: Sirius tries to forget about Remus and enjoy his skiing holiday with the Potters. He is not successful.
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 19/? (60k words and counting…)
Fandom: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sirius Black/Remus Lupin, Remus Lupin & Lily Evans Potter, Sirius Black & James Potter, James Potter/Lily Evans Potter (side pairing)
Characters: Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, James Potter, Lily Evans, Peter Pettigrew, Severus Snape
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Non-Magical, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Romance, Angst, Getting Together, Falling In Love, Libraries, College, Trans Male Character, Gay Male Character, Latino Character, Japanese-American Character, Black Character(s), Jewish Character, POV Trans Character, Bad Parenting, Parental Rejection, Homelessness, HIV/AIDS, Drug Use, Sex Work, Seattle, Friendship, Fluff and Angst, It’s not a downer I swear!, Latino!Remus, Japanese-American!Sirius, Trans!Sirius, Black!James, Jewish!Lily, Texting, bisexual!Lily, Bisexual!Sirius, Gay!Remus, Asshole!Snape, Found Family, Families of Choice, LGBTQ Themes, LGBTQ Character of Color, LGBTQ Jewish Character(s), Anxiety Disorder, Panic Attacks, Embedded Images, Poverty, Secrets, Slow Burn, Marijuana, Cuddling & Snuggling, Kissing, Lots of kissing, OMG so much kissing…
Summary: When 21-year-old assistant librarian Sirius spots a cute hipster college student at the Seattle Public Library, he just needs to figure out a subtle way of determining whether he’s into guys. But Remus’s life is more complicated than Sirius knows.


At the bar, James ordered them hot buttered rum, on his parents’ tab.

“I can pay,” Sirius objected.

“But you don’t have to,” said James. “Mom and Dad said the trip’s on them. That includes everything. Anyway, it’s not like we’re going on a bender; it’s just one drink.”

They found a table by the bank of large windows that overlooked the mountain slope and the picturesque town of Leavenworth below.

“So,” said James, “are you ever going to tell me what happened?”

This chapter gave me a lot of trouble, y’all. For some reason I had a very hard time bringing it to life. I hope it works now.

Dreams || Drabble

Title: Dreams
Rating: K
Pairing: Bill/Rose

Notes: For @pipertennant and @gingergallifreyan, who asked for Bill fluff last night, but I had no confidence in my ability to write her, as I haven’t actually watched the new season of Doctor Who (and have no intentions of doing after last night). but I can’t say no when two people ask for something <3

It was the allure of the forbidden.

They would sneak out every night, meet at the park across the street from Powell Estates, and spend a few hours making out and talking and swinging on the swings together. It was their version of a date.

Not that it was exactly forbidden. Everyone knew Bill was gay – she was proud of who she was and did nothing to hide it. But Jackie Tyler, for all she tried to be supportive, seemed to think that it was necessary to “choose sides.” She didn’t know Rose was bisexual.

And Rose didn’t know how to tell her.

So they kept it a secret. They spent their nights together in the park where they had played as children. They watched the stars and talked about the future, sitting on swings, their fingers intertwined. Rose watched the way Bill’s eyes lit up as she talked about traveling – getting off the Estate, out of London, seeing the world.

“You could come with me!” Bill said, smiling brilliantly as she looked down from the sky to meet Rose’s gaze. “We could travel together and never have to worry about your mother again.”

That was the difference between them, Rose thought ruefully as she leaned over to kiss her girlfriend. They were both dreamers, but Bill dared to believe one day her dreams would come true. She had a jar for savings and everything. She wanted to make it happen.

Rose wasn’t as optimistic.

“That would be brilliant.”

spotty connections (a wrong number au)

Title: spotty connections
Pairing: Adrien/Marinette
Rating: K+/Teen
Summary: Wrong Number AU: Marinette sends a text to the wrong number, and things progress from there until it becomes the right one.

(1:14 pm) So you never told me how you planned to make Gabriel Agreste cry.  

(1:20 pm) Oh my god, how drunk was I last night?!

(1:22 pm) They live.

(1:23 pm) Barely.

(1:24 pm) How do I know you again?

(1:24 pm) I don’t think you do? I’m Wrong Number. You were texting me your New Year’s Resolution earlier.

(1:25 pm) …I’m too hungover to deal with this right now.

(1:26 pm) Well who’s fault is that?

(1:40 pm) …Hello?

(2:01 pm) Well this was fun.

read the full thing over at AO3

The Consort Tournament - Watermelonsmellinfellon - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 24/UPDATED!

Fandom: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Harry Potter/Voldemort
Characters: Harry Potter, Tom Riddle | Voldemort, Voldemort, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, Severus Snape, Bellatrix Black Lestrange, Vitra LeFay(OFC), Reginald DuBois(OMC), Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Luna Lovegood, Rigel Lestrange(OMC), Serpens and Izar Lestrange(OMCs), Gellert Grindelwald, Albus Dumbledore, James Potter, Lily Evans Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Diary Tom Riddle
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Tournaments, Harrymort - Freeform, Eventual Smut, Eventual Romance, Eventual Happy Ending, Mildly Dubious Consent, because Harry did not agree to this, AU, Alternate Universe - Voldemort Wins, Homosexuality, Bisexuality, Heterosexuality, Eventual Relationships, Consorts - Freeform, Death, Magic, Mpreg, Mentions of Wiccan practices, Wicca, Runes, I don’t know much about them but I tried, A+ for effort?, Mild Language, Elemental Magic, character growth, Feels, Anxiety Disorder, Animal Abuse, light though and barely described, Idiots Who Will Eventually Be In Love, You Might Face-Palm a Few Times, Not Dystopian!, Some were scared to read cuz they thought Harry was a sex slave?, Now with fan art by yours truly!
Series: Part 1 of Click for Extras

The Dark Lord wanted a consort and had decided to host a competition that involved nearly everyone in Britain. If they thought they were good enough, they could enter to compete in a certain amount of tasks set by the Lord of the lands himself. Only the victor would have the skills necessary to become Voldemort’s consort.

Harry unfortunately nabs the Dark Lord’s attention. Voldemort does as he pleases.

Hermione enters to win, Bellatrix takes interest in certain people, and of course there’s the villain causing trouble.

A/N: SLASH/Harrymort/AU. I’m still waiting for someone to tell me exactly how this sounds like Harry is a slave. Please do so. Nothing at all would suggest it. How about we don’t assume that because the word “consort” is involved, it must *obviously* be about slavery. Does anyone actually know what a consort is?

harrypotterfreak14  asked:

Could you recommend some angsty Lily/Sirius brotp one shots please? :)

Check these out!  There are more in the Lily & Sirius tag, but these are specifically angsty:

Title: Drink For Both of Us
Author: primelimes
Rating: K+
Genre(s): Friendship, Family
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 913
Summary: Lily looked down at the glass Sirius had placed in front of her, and pushed it firmly back over the table so that it sat next to his drink. She met his questioning look with a flap of her hand and a quick shake of her head. “They’re both for you. You’re going to drink for both of us, and trust me, I need one.” Oneshot. Lily comes to Sirius for advice. Lily/James

Title: The Pregnancy Scare
Author: livy bear
Rating: T
Genre(s): Angst, Hurt, Comfort
Chapters: 2
Word Count: 4,758
Summary: What if Lily had a pregnancy scare in seventh year? What if she told Sirius? Written per request on tumblr, but also because I’ve wanted this for a long time.

Title: Of Secrets Tears and Sirius’ Avoidance of Sentiment
Author: theimpetuousblues
Rating: K+
Genre(s): Friendship, Hurt, Comfort
Chapters: 1
Word Count:1,174
Summary: While James is away on a mission for the Order, Lily confides in Sirius. 

Title: One Hand
Author: thearcherballet
Rating: K
Genre(s): Friendship, Angst
Chapters: 1
Word Count:1,237
Summary: Sirius Black trusts people. Biggest lie ever. Sirius Black can literally count with just one hand the people he trusts: James, Remus, Peter, and Lily. Even that list seemed questionable at best to him.

Title: Progression
Author: SunshineDaisiesWindmills 
Rating: K+
Genre(s): Friendship, Family
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 2,541
Summary: Sirius Black and Lily Potter were not friends. They never had been, nor would they ever be. They had never hated each other, certainly, but were never enticed by the other’s friendship. No, Sirius Black and Lily Potter were never friends.

Title: Pax
Angst, Friendship
Word Count:
“What’s it like, having it all?” she says, and he’s still mystified. He raises an eyebrow. She blinks at him and sighs. Finally: “Being a Pureblood.” Sirius lets out a bitter laugh. “I’m not sure having pure blood equates to having it all, Evans,” he scorns, but she doesn’t cower under his words. Pairing: L/J.

To Prongs the Prat - Mirgaxus - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Sirius Black/Remus Lupin
Characters: Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, James Potter
Additional Tags: smuts, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Homophobia, Letter, Marauders’ Era, Homophobic James, POV Sirius Black, Dubious Voyeurism and Exhibitionism

Greetings my brother-in-pranking, comrade-in-scheming, platonic soulmate, et cetera et cetera.
(Moony doesn’t think that I will actually give you this letter. I don’t think he should be quite so sure of that. There’s not much I wouldn’t dare to do, as you all should know well by now.)

Notes:  This is my entry fic to @wand-in-a-knot ‘s 24h smut writing challenge fest. Thank you for @wereflamingo and @nachodiablo for quick last minute betahelp *heart* You guys rock.

  • He’s charismatic
  • He’s fucking hilarious
  • He’s manipulative af which shows a higher form of intelligence. Intelligence is sexy.
  • He keeps his end of the bargain.
  • He doesn’t want to harm women or children
  • He’s a good leader- NOT AN ETHICAL ONE, but in a world where money serves no value, he managed to build the Sanctuary AND an army that practically kneels to his presence. (This guy went from being a school teacher/used car salesman to a fucking dictator…If that doesn’t say something about his leadership skills, then y’all need to go back to history class.)
  • HE’S COMPLEX! HE’S UNPREDICTABLE! He keeps you guessing and entertained!
  • There’s a barbaric rationality/logic behind all of his horrible actions. It’s still fucking twisted, but it makes sense. (I find that you really need an open and mature mindset to understand it.)


  • Liking Negan doesn’t mean I support abusive relationships
  • Liking Negan doesn’t mean I only like him because he’s physically attractive. IMO Jeffrey Dean Morgan is just the icing on the cake. #perfectcasting
  • Liking Negan doesn’t mean I’m responsible for the shitty portrayal of the wives on TV
  • Liking Negan doesn’t mean I believe his leadership ethics should be applied in real life
  • Liking Negan doesn’t mean I wish to be Negan.
  • Liking Negan shouldn’t reflect who I am as a person.

*****If someone’s taste in character doesn’t adhere to your personal values/interests... WALK. The fuck. Away. You don’t get a free pass to shame on their interests. That’s fucking bullying, and I will SHUT THAT SHIT DOWN , NO EXCEPTIONS.

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Updated on 6/14/2017 - More will be added soon. 

anonymous asked:

I love your stories. How about prompt 80. “Teach me?” ? Do you put your prompts and drabbles on ff net?

Yes I do! Sometimes it takes me a little while to post them on FF.net, but I do post them. :) HERE’s the link to my FF.net ficlet series where I post these drabbles, and HERE’s the link to my FF.net profile, where I have a lot of other stories too, like multi chapter fics that I don’t post here on tumblr. I have a lot more fics over on FF.net, I don’t have even half of them here on tumblr. :) Thanks for this request! Hope this is what you had in mind! <3 :D

Lessons of a Blacksmith

Astrid never tired of watching Hiccup work at the forge. He was so precise in his movements, knowing exactly what he had to do and what needed to be done- something that Astrid saw him do more and more frequently in his leadership skills. He was becoming more responsible- mature. He was growing up.

And… well- she noticed that in more ways than just his attitude and what not. He wasn’t that gangly boy any longer, now nearing twenty years, he’d grown taller- he’d long since passed Gobber and Snotlout’s height. She guessed Hiccup to be around six feet, maybe even a little taller. It seemed he was a late bloomer, for this height had only kicked in over the last few months they’d been at the Edge.

That wasn’t the only thing that Astrid had noticed change. He had more muscle now- he was still thin, but not “scrawny” as he’d once been. Now he was lean and had wiry muscle- enough that Astrid questioned who’d win in a wrestling match, she or him. Most likely her, because Hiccup was a softy and would probably let her win… knowing that dork.

She shifted her position on the bench, her elbows leaning against the table and her chin resting in her hands. Hiccup moved away from the hot Forge, sweat dribbling down his forehead and into his eyes. He bumped a barrel of broken weapons on his way to the anvil, causing him to mutter something under his breath in irritation.

Astrid’s eyes followed his every movement, she being quite aware of the sweaty cloth that was clinging to Hiccup’s back…

She shook her head, looking away to keep herself from goggling anymore then what she’d already done. Already she felt Hiccup eyeing her suspiciously, and she tried to instead look interested in a weapon rack leaning against the wall.

She heard the clanging of the hammer against the anvil, flattening the piece of medal that was supposed to be a replacement piece for Toothless’s saddle. She turned back to Hiccup, watching in fascination as the hammer came down again, Hiccup skillfully shaping the lumpy medal into a smooth piece of workable iron.

Hiccup stopped and turned to dunk the medal into a bucket of water, rising steam and sizzling buzzles to the surface.

“How do you do that?” Astrid asked in awe when Hiccup pulled the tongs back, showing a now cool piece of medal, hardened and cooled.

Hiccup smiled and set the piece aside, wiping his hands on the leather apron he wore over his torso. “Years of practice.”

She stood and walked over to the anvil, staring at the iron before switching her gaze to the sweaty young man beside her. She could hear Hiccup huffing breath unevenly from the exertion, and his face was drenched in perspiration although he was smiling happily.

“Teach me?” She asked longingly. Hiccup laughed but didn’t hesitate to grab another apron and toss it over her neck, he himself going to tie the leather chord behind her back.

“I’m yours to command, m’lady.” Hiccup grinned dorkily, earning a small punch into his ribs.

Astrid crossed her arms, waiting for instructions. “Well? What do I do first?”

“Depends on what you want to make.” Hiccup started, grabbing her hand in his and pulling her over to a medal pot filled with a red glowing lava looking substance. “An axe?”

“Yes!” She exclaimed excitedly. Making her own axe- that would be amazing. So many times Hiccup had repaired- or even replaced- her prized weapon. Knowing how to repair and make her own weapon could come in very handy in the future.

“Alright.” Hiccup moved away for a moment before returning with what looked like an overlarge ladle. He pressed it into her hand, surprising her by how heavy the mechanism was.

“Now what?”

“Fill it with the iron, then you move it over her to this mold.” Astrid caught sight of Hiccup’s hand gesturing towards the table directly to her right, one that had a large block resting on it. She nodded in understanding, recalling seeing Hiccup do the same thing many times before.

She dunked the oversized ladle into the lava, pulling it out and scuffling to the side to poor it into the mold through a small hole. Once the lava began bubbling out the hole, Astrid pulled the ladle away and dumped the remaining iron into the caldron.

“Good?” She asked, glancing back to Hiccup was still standing close behind her. He smiled down at her, his arms going to wrap about her waist and his chin resting on her shoulder.

“Superb, my apprentice.” He teased lightly, his lips pressing a small kiss against her cheek. She chuckled and gave his ribs a little poke with her elbow, although that didn’t detour him any from pressing more kisses on her cheeks and neck.

“Hiccup, stop…” She bit back a giggle when he began tickling her under the neck with one finger, his other hand going to tickle her in the stomach. “Hiccup! I c-can’t… can’t focus if you-you’re- hehe stop!”

Hiccup laughed but decided to show mercy, ceasing his tickling to only hug her around the middle again, resuming his former position with his head resting against hers.

“I don’t know if I’ve ever told you.” Hiccup started softly, his lips ghosting against her ear. “But I love you…”

“I love you too, babe.” She responded, turning her head to kiss his lips. “Now finish showing me how to make this axe, and maybe I’ll have time to go on a flight with you tonight…”

Beyond the Staircase

Rated K | Stoick’s Reaction to Hiccstrid being together | Post RTTE Season 4

Alright, so I think we all really want to see Stoick’s reaction to Hiccstrid being together in the next season of RTTE, but I just can’t wait any longer! I typed this up for you all, and I really want to do some of the others reactions as well. (Like Dagur’s, Gobber’s, Heathers… you know. The few people who still don’t know :D) I also want to do some pre- RTTE season 4 stuff, where the rest of the gang is still trying to get used to the whole idea of Hiccstrid dating. :D

               Anyways, enjoy!

Stoick nearly skipped as he made his way through the village. He was happy, and when he was happy, he had to admit, he got rather giddy. But, since he was chief, he forced himself to walk steadily and with the confidence that a chief should have. I mean- he had it, but at the moment, the only emotion he wanted to show was how outright happy he was.

               He hummed softly to himself, walking pleasantly towards the Great Hall. Today had been a great day for Berk. The harvest was promising to be a plentiful one, so come winter everyone should have more than enough supplies. Not only that, but Trader Johan had showed up with even more winter supplies, more important stuff like cloth, fabric, boots, hide, and of course gossip.

               Another thing that made Stoick happy was that Hiccup and the others had returned from the Edge. It had been wonderful news to hear that Viggo was gone, having fallen into the Volcano a mere three days ago. It made Stoick feel free to breath with ease again, now knowing that his son and his friends were safe.

               But… there was still something up. The riders returned, yes, but they all acted very… strange.

               Snotlout and Fishlegs would start giggling randomly whenever he passed them, and the twins would suddenly look guilty, sneaky, shy, or bursting at the seams whenever he spoke to them. Tuffnut would often hold his breath, looking as though he were about to explode but trying to contain himself.

               Then there was Hiccup, who acted normal for the most part around everyone else, except for Stoick. He’d stutter and make hasty (and very very very lame) excuses to leave the room, or to escape for a flight. Stoick rarely saw the boy anymore.

               Astrid seemed fairly normal as well. She spoke the same, joked with him, but Stoick hadn’t missed that whenever he mentioned Hiccup’s name she’d spark to attention a bit, or she’d secretly smile when she thought he wasn’t looking. And he had to admit he was rather irritated with her when he’d explained his problem about Hiccup’s stuttering and avoidance of Stoick to her. She’d merely blushed and stammered a reply, something like “I’m sure he has his reason, sir.”

               Something just wasn’t right. What were they hiding from him? Was something wrong with Hiccup? Did he get wounded? Was he sick or ill or… anything?

               Not to mention Dagur’s visit yesterday. It had been very strange. He’d arrived along with Heather, both looking for some supplies and just checking up. It

had been rather awkward at first, but the two chiefs soon gotten acquainted and were talking like old friends. But when Dagur began talking about Heather and Fishlegs, Stoick had piped up about Hiccup and Astrid, voicing his wish that those two would just admit their feelings together already and get married before he got too old to have fun with grandkids. At first Dagur had just blinked, then he burst into laughter and clapped Stoick on the back, all the while chortling. “I’m sure it’ll happen someday Stoick!”

               Something was up. And Stoick was dying to know what it was. If only his son wasn’t so stubborn (Dang it if Gobber wasn’t right. Hiccup did take after his father…) shy, or whatever it was he was about telling Stoick what was going on. If he didn’t spill soon, Stoick might just have to force it out of him.

               But he pushed all that aside for the time being, not wanting troubles like that to destroy his entire night. He looked about, noticing how it was late dusk now, the sky a dark blue with a few colors in the distance. The evening air was cool, but not too cold. Just cold enough for him to wear his furs. Not many people were out in the streets. Perhaps only one or two late stragglers heading towards the Hall for the evening meal. That’s where Stoick was heading, because he was utterly famished and desperately needed food or his good day might very well come to an end.

               He just came to the first flight of stairs that led to the Great Hall, where he paused and turned to look over his village with pride. Now, not a single person was out- except for the patrols of course. But the civilians were all in the bustling Great Hall by this time. He smiled and nodded his head, turning on his heel to head up the flight of stone stairs.

               But he paused when he heard a soft laugh. He froze in position, narrowing his eyes in suspicion. Who was still out at this time of night? Everyone should be in the Hall eating. And as far as he’d seen, everyone was.

               He stepped closer to the stone wall that separated him from the grass below. He was only about six feet above the ground now, but he could still hear what the person was saying fairly well.

               The laugh was definitely female, and he rolled his eyes, supposing it must be Ruffnut, that sneaky little-

               “You should tell him.” The feminine voice said, making Stoick’s thoughts disappear. That wasn’t Ruffnut, that was definitely Astrid’s voice!

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