Hardware store dude here.

The other day this really nice lady came to the Lighting department looking a ceiling fan. I asked her if she was looking for an indoor or outdoor one. She said she needed one that was going to be installed on her porch so I asked her if it was going to be exposed to the elements.

While she is explaining how her porch is, an eavesdropping customer takes it upon himself to tell her that she simply needs to get an outdoor fan because “they are all the same” and that she just needs to make sure the fan isn’t meant for indoors. I just stood there with a small on my face and let him talk. I started to go ahead and embarrass him but I let him feel that he was that wise.

The moment he left, I dropped the hammer and told her why I needed to know if the fan was going to have to endure the weather. He only gave her partial information. Now he was indeed right in that she needs an outdoor fan because that is common sense. What he neglected to tell her was that there are two kinds of outdoor ceiling fans: damp rated and wet rated.

Damp rated ones are a step above indoor ones. They can be put in an outside area but it must be shielded from wet weather. They can handle humidity but they can’t take being soaked. Reason being is that their blades are still made of wood, just like their indoor brethren.

Wet rated outdoor ceiling fans are durable. Their blades are thick plastic which lets them handle humidity, getting wet and temperature changes. Their motor is also sealed off to keep dust and debris from getting into motor. Since hers was completely outside, she chose a wet rated one and was happy that I gave her that info. If I hadn’t been there, she probably would have ended up with the wrong type of ceiling fan listening to his incomplete info.

So, dear customers. If you are going to interject some info during an interaction between an associate and another customer, how about you give accurate and complete information? All you are doing is adding one more irate customer to the ranks of the idiocy army. Thank you very much.