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Matt said yes guys, what a surprise, wow.

(Oldest post is here, and here’s the first content for the ship. I don’t know who picked the name “Techienician”, please tell me if you know! I’d love to credit them here :D).

Hi guys!! To celebrate finishing everything college applications, I’m holding a little blog awards!


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Good luck everyone! I can’t wait to see all your wonderful blogs!

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Restricted. (Seungcheol Ficlet) [M]

So, it’s been a while hoes. 😁 this is gonna be hella short because i just felt like writing this for no reason, i just felt like it and i was wondering if you’d like for us to post short stuff like this?

Also, we are STILL on hiatus, i simply just wanted to post this to see whether or not it will receive good feedback so we know what to serve everyone once the blog is up and running again. 😁😊


word count: 544 words

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Per Manum Flashback #2

She goes to the transfer appointment alone, telling him she appreciates his support but that this is something she needs to do by herself. He’s waiting at her apartment afterward though, with dinner on the stove and a cheesy sci-fi movie on the counter. They eat spaghetti in front of the TV, and when she falls asleep on the couch, he gently wakes her and gets her tucked in bed. In the morning, she sees that he cleaned up the kitchen before he left.

They both have months of unused leave saved up, so she takes the next week off work. He calls her periodically from the office, somehow intuiting when she needs distraction, and he makes her laugh with his claims that he’s getting so much done without her there.

She’s back at work the next week, and he does an admirable job of pretending nothing is different. He shows his panic face only once, when a case comes across his desk that will undoubtedly require a lengthy trek into the woods. Asking her to sit this one out will disrupt the carefully constructed facade of normalcy they are both trying to maintain, but even she has to agree it’s not a great idea for her to be out in the field if she’s trying to give the IVF every possible chance for success. She rescues him by saying she’s already booked reservations to take her mom out of town for the weekend, and could he maybe handle this one on his own.

The relief on his face only slightly counteracts her guilt over the fact that now this means he’s going out alone without backup. What good is she to him as a partner if she can’t physically have his back? She reminds herself that if the pregnancy does take, she should be able to get back to a regular workload soon after.

(It’s just as well she didn’t come along, he tells her after they’re both back on Monday; the supposed cryptid sighting just turned out to be a bear with a really bad case of mange.)


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heya thanks for 666 pals!! i thought since this is one of the only numbers that matters i’d do another blog rate! it’ll be simple with a lil’ twist


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it’s gonna be tagged jakesnotfunny if you want to blacklist it lol. if this flops it literally never happened. and have fun!! ty all!