DD/LG smut story preview

So, I’ve started writing a new short story. Let me know what you guys think. Should I keep writing or just ditch this?

“Daddy, I don’t wanna wear this one. I wanna wear the pink one with the heart pockets!” A whiny voice called out from behind a dressing divider. A few seconds after, a very plain, very black, dress flew over the top of the divider, landing in a crumpled pile. The brunette poked her head out, her lip jutted out in a pout before fading slowly. Large hazel eyes scanned the empty room, glazing over momentarily with slight fear. “Daddy..?” She called, almost whispering. She hadn’t realized that Michael had crept up behind her. Without warning, his large calloused hand came down hard with a smack against her bare cheeks. “Oww!~” She turned, her hands grabbing at her burning bottom. 
”You’re going to wear what Daddy picked out because..?” Daddy waited for an answer, his arms crossed and lips in a tight line.
Reluctantly she answered, “Because Daddy knows what’s best for me…I know, I know. But, why did you have to pick out something so boring, Daddy?” She huffed as she bent over to pick up the discarded dress, handing it to Michael before lifting her arms up. He took the dress and slid it over her head, guiding her arms through the holes before fitting it snuggly around her.
”Because, we’re going out to dinner with my parents… Princess, you know you’re gonna have to come out of your comfort zone at least until dinner is over.” He smiled, leaning down to peck the top of her head lightly, his hand reaching around her and cupping her asscheeks firmly. “If you’re extra sweet tonight, you can get dessert when my parents leave, is that a deal?” He craned his neck, kissing her forcibly in the midst of her reply because her answer didn’t matter, she was going to do exactly what he wanted her to do, exactly how he wanted her to. 

”It really is nice to see you guys again. It’s been so long since Jess and I have gotten the same day off so we really wanted to share it with you guys- Right, babe?” Michael glanced over at his girlfriend who had been poking and picking at her salad in distaste for the past 15 minutes. He chuckled under his breath because he knew how much she hated salads. 
Jess looked up, responding almost monotonously, “Yeah, we sure did.” She made no effort to make eye contact with the two. The time they were wasting sitting at some ritzy restaurant with his parents, they could’ve been doing something productive like watching Netflix or taking a really long bath together. It wasn’t that she disliked them, she just wanted to stay in that night. Of course, she couldn’t help but feel a slight twinge of guilt when his parents excused themselves for the moment. She refused to look Michael in the eyes, knowing exactly what his face would say. 
”You know,” he started, his hand coming down silently on her thigh and sliding up slowly, covered by the lengthy tablecloth, “I really don’t appreciate your attitude tonight, little girl.” He couldn’t help but grin as he felt the skin beneath his fingertips start to rise with goosebumps the higher up her thigh he went. “Look at all the pretty people, princess. You wouldn’t want to ruin their dinner too, would you? Because you know I won’t hesitate to drag you out of here and let the whole place know how bad of a little girl you are, right?” His grin faded when she failed to respond immediately. His hand skipped the slow trip up her leg, instead reaching right into her dampened panties, fingers threatening to pierce her. “Answer me.”

michellewhiteillustration asked:

What the most narcissistic sign? From most to least.

I actually did a mental illness post here and Leo was the one with narcissism. With their traits they are the most prone to it. I would rate the other fire signs as second because they are associated with the self and ego.




Scorpio (they are associated with self-destruction and does have a selfish side)

Libra (A lot of astrologers might not talk about the dark side of Libra which can be filled with selfishness, vanity, and might have a sort of denial if they think too many people dislike them and this could nurture narcissistic symptoms/traits)

Cancer (Might focus too much on the self as a form of defense)

Capricorn (materialism, a negative outlook, self-preservation, and obsession with status could be a possible path to narcissism)

Taurus (Can be vain and when they are surrounded by too much negativity they might focus inward in an unhealthy way)

Aquarius (their confidence could boil over)




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