ratchu  asked:

Is that all for the wings tour??? 😰😰

Anonymous asked: What states are they going to in the US?

Anonymous asked: do you think they will add more dates as time goes by? For those of us who live on the east coast, we wont be able to see bts unless we shell out tons of money to go to the wings tour :(

For the U.S. they are only going to Anaheim (California) and Newark (New Jersey). They are doing this because the venues hold 18,000+ people each. If you live on the East Coast the nearest location would be Newark. 
- Kylie

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Just being a curious bug but do you know what kind of phones the boys have?

Rapmon, J-Hope, Suga, Jimin - Silver iPhone 6

Jin - Rose Gold iPhone 6s

Jungkook, V - Silver iPhone 6s

I’m not sure who has the Plus sizes of their respective phones, but I know Jungkook had a Space Grey iPhone 6+ before he shattered the screen and ended up getting a Silver iPhone 6s, so he might have the 6s+. 

(This info is accurate to about a month or so ago, but I’m not sure if any of them decided to upgrade phones since switching mobile carriers, as they are currently endorsing SK Telecom and were using LG U+, olleh, etc. prior to getting an endorsement deal with SK Telecom.)