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This girls name is Elencia/ Easton Benjamin. Her IG name is eastonbenjaminmoore. She is a frequent party goer at West Hollywood and she is knowingly spreading HPV. She gave an ex-partner HPV which has now developed into stage one cervical cancer. She used to be a good friend of me and my partner until we realized what she was doing and confronted her about it. She denied being able to tell her past sexual partners about her HPV and is still currently affecting females. She befriends girls and convinces them to let her live with them, when she gets sick of the girls she verbally abuses them, claims she gets “raped” by these girls, and leaves them for another poor girl. I am sick to know that she is STILL knowingly infecting these girls and ruining their lives. If you see her in West Hollywood be cautious. I am not saying to treat her like if she has the bubonic plague, just don’t fall for her gimmicks. Please do me a favor and reblog this awareness and just know that just because we are lesbians, it does not mean we are STD free. Get tested and know who you are sleeping with. She set up a faux gofundme for a top surgery but has been unemployed since 2009. She has purposefully quit her employment to live off of poor girls just looking for love in her. The money you donate is being used for alcohol and drugs, not for surgery. She is milking the struggle of being a real ftm just for money, attention, and financial support. Please do not fall for gimmicks or the people who take advantage of how much we are fighting to protect our fellow brothers and sisters. Donate your money to support real ftm and mtf peers in your respected state and remember that not everyone has the same respect and education about the real struggles our trans peers go through.

Understand the culture first!

 This is not a long winded whinge, I’ll try to be as short and to the point as possible. 

1. Since the acquisition by Yahoo, Tumblr has been getting “un-cooler” everyday, not like in a big way but in little irritating things that are building up into what I think will be a catastrophic crescendo.

2. Up-to 5 of my favourite blogs have been deleted. One of them being “ratchetmess.tumblr.com”. I don’t know if it’s the old Tumblr staff doing this or it’s new policy by yahoo, I’m guessing the latter.

3. I have a feeling that you guys at Yahoo don’t have a fucking clue about what Tumblr is about. Case in point “Ratchetmess”, I understand it was banned because of copyright issues? I mean WTF does copyright come into play here? it’s not like they charged people to look at the site or anything. It was all about getting a laugh and sharing funny photos. I know countless other sites that have suffered the same fate. TUMBLR IS A COMMUNITY NOT A MARKET PLACE.  I think you guys should employ the time-tested strategy of lurking out first till you understand what the fuck it is that this site is about. After that you can now bring about your bright ideas.

It’s not easy being green - as one Brazilian man proved when he painted himself to look like the Incredible Hulk - and found the colour wouldn’t wash off.

Pool attendant Paulo Henrique dos Santos, from Vila Cruzeiro, dressed up as the comic book hero for a running event, but got a nasty shock when the time came to remove the green paint.        

After frantic scrubbing, the hapless chap realised he’d used a paint reserved for ballistic missiles and nuclear submarines.