Seriously? Why hatin?! Lol I mean I know we Asians look hella good! Dont be trippin! #reportthisnigga #ratchetass Lol it makes me laugh that people are jealous and hate so much on us. Its GUCCI! We ain’t even trippin lol

Why Colleges are like boyfriends

We’ve all dated that one guy that made our hearts beat a little bit faster every time we saw him, or the guy that was so needy that you couldn’t shake him off, or the dude that made you question the true effects of drugs, or that one guy that no matter what you did could never commit. Well here at Why Colleges are like Boyfriends, we decided to take that and put a spin on it, turning it into a parody of some sorts. Here at WCALB, two college bound seniors draws the parallels between the college admissions process and the romantic relationships that we all LOVE to hate.