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imagine that with all the mer sounds, peeping and squeaking and stuff like that, its easy to tell they arent human sounds but the pups crying sounds very human and it kind of breaks ratchets heart with all the sad little faces and tiny clinging hands

There are just too many of them and he cannot hold them all so he lies down on his back on the floor and lets them climb all over him. He pats them and smoochs their cheeks and makes sure to give them cuddles to make them feel better.

He holds their little hands when they hold his fingers. 

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TFP! Optimus and TFP!Ratchet: their reaction when their human s/o got involved in a accident (be it cons or just a car accident) and ended up having a limb amputated (a leg or an arm)

Transformers Prime:

Both are so relieved that it wan’t worse. However, they both do feel immensely guilty whenever they see you afterwards, if they feel they were responsible.

Optimus feels a lot of responsibility, especially if it was to do with the ‘cons. He sends his regards through June, and when you get out of the hospital, he personally apologises to you. 

Ratchet is disappointed in himself for not being able to do anything about it, even if there was nothing he could do. He practically throws himself into his work until you get out of the hospital, and when you get out, he makes sure to help you as best he can.
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When Ratchet agrees to follow Drift to a tourist trap of a planet, he doesn’t know that Drift will have some other surprises in store for him.

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I'm a terrible nerd and when watching the new Justice League trailer for the 30th time I though of an AU where mer Kup and Ratchet had a baby and it was mostly human but damn hot like that Aquaman. Any thoughts?

The real question is does it have a fish top… or a fish bottom

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Babe human/mer babe. Hmm lets see. Maybe they Look like Ratchet, but have gills across their sides like Kup. Maybe they have fins on their back too, but to keep them from showing they use a binder to keep them down. 

Maybe their teeth are also sharp like Kups. 


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