Looking at gifs of Clank, I am continually impressed by how they convey emotion so well with a character with so few facial features. Seriously, there’s a real skill to it. Every head-tilt, squint or terrified yelp completely builds the character.

A lot of human characters don’t do it half so well. Not bad for a toaster, eh?

I’ve finally come up with a schedule for the Character Appreciation Week:

  1. Favourite character
  2. Favourite pairing/group
  3. Character redesign
  4. How a character could be used in the future
  5. Favourite moment between characters
  6. Meeting characters from another universe (could be your own!!)
  7. Your OCs

And I’ve decided on the 8th - 14th of August

For this week, it’s about appreciating the Ratchet and Clank characters in any way you wish. Art, fanfics, edits, gifs, just telling, any medium at all c:

Is this okay with everybody? It’s not too late to make changes so feel free to suggest any!!