Looking at this now, it reminds me of a crappy tumblr graphic design that they’d use.

Whoa, I’ve been meaning to post this for a couple days but I kept forgetting. XD; Anyway, for those who don’t know what this is, it’s the main weapon used in the newer Ratchet and Clank games! I’m a huge fan of them and I’ve been working in Adobe Illustrator on weapon stuff and decided to take a whack at this. I’m really proud with how this came out and hope you guys like it! :D

If you have any weapon suggestions you might want to see, leave them in my ask box! Maybe I’ll try and do it or something. :0


PS3: Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction

Out of chronological order, the first picture is arriving on Planet Viceron, and I think it’s super pretty.

The rest are in order, finishing up with the IRIS Supercomputer and getting the plan from Qwark (complete with his own spectacular drawings) on the way.

So, while playing through more of Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time, I was thinking the aesthetic of the game was awfully familiar in a charming way. And then it hit me…

The Ratchet and Clank-verse reminds me so much of Disney’s Buzz Lightyear of Star Command cartoon from the late 90’s

Anybody else watch or remember this?

Sad Ratchet Headcanons

I stayed up late writing this because apparently I like giving myself feels? I also added a few young Ratchet headcanons in the beginning…because I need to know more about little Ratchet and until I do I’ll keep making headcanons about his childhood.

Also, just a warning for anyone who hasn’t played/watched all of the main games: there are MAJOR spoilers in this post!

- As an orphan growing up, Ratchet never had any friends because everyone else had other kids of the same species to play with and tended to avoid him as much as they could 

- Aside from the bullies that is 

- Ratchet was picked on a lot, it was mostly teasing about how his race wasn’t real, that he made weird gadgets, and that he wouldn’t amount to anything 

- This resulted in Ratchet secluding himself, fixing things as often as he could until he finally had enough money to move into his own little house, away from the bullies 

- But the scars were still there 

- He learned to bottle up his emotions because crying only made the teasing worse 

- Instead of crying he would pour himself into his work 

- This only grew as his hero status did, after all - a hero doesn’t cry 

- Things were going well until Tachyon came into play 

- Learning about his past hit home and threatened to break the walls Ratchet had built up 

- Especially when he sees the Lombax planet deserted 

- But to keep himself from breaking down he immediately sets his sights on fixing Aphelion 

 - Plus he needs to have something from his race, even if it is just a ship

 - After defeating Tachyon, Ratchet is second guessing his choices, battling with hurts from the past and the present but Clank gives him the words he needs 

- Then the Zoni come and take Clank 

 - Ratchet just stares at Tal, Cronk, and Zephyr 

- It just hasn’t sunk it yet but when it does he feels himself losing it 

- He runs off into a separate part of the station trying desperately not to cry

 - But a few tears still fall 

- Then he quickly readjusts his focus on finding Clank 

- He can’t cry

- He is a hero - heroes don’t cry

 - Besides, Clank needs him 

- The next few weeks Ratchet pours himself into finding leads about Clank’s location - He goes days without sleeping and wears himself thin, but it’s a good distraction for him 

- When he finds Alister he isn’t sure what to think at first - But he quickly realizes how great it actually is 

- He can finally connect with another Lombax 

 - He can learn about his culture and find Clank at the same time 

- But then everything goes awry 

- After the final battle, Ratchet is barely holding it together 

- Leaving Clank alone was one of the hardest things he has ever done 

- As he climbs into the ship he almost loses it 

- But somehow manages to keep it together 

- Then Clank hops in 

 - Relief and joy momentarily replace the sadness 

- Fast forward to Into the Nexus 

- After bottling up his emotions for so long and after all he has been through, Ratchet is dealing with serious depression 

- But he doesn’t want to worry his friends so he keeps it to himself and focuses his mind on the job at hand 

- Then Cronk and Zephyr are killed 

- This spins him into even deeper depression but he pulls himself together and tries his best to ignore it for his friend’s sakes 

 - He focuses on serving justice to the Progs 

- Anything to keep his mind off of the pain 

- Throughout the game he continually deals with his decision not to join the Lombaxes 

 - He knows he did the right thing but Vendra’s words still hurt 

 - Once everything dies down Ratchet isn’t even sure how he is keeping all of his emotions bottled up 

- He’s pretty sure it’s just habit now 

- Most of the time he would just sit and stare at the wall in his room, not fighting tears but just sitting in a fog 

- Part of him wants to tell his friends, they might be able to help him feel better 

- But he is hesitant to after so many years hiding his feelings 

- Then one day Tal breaks down 

- Ratchet has seen her sad before but never like this 

- He supports her of course and tells he it’s ok to cry, but it also nags at him

 - If she is willing to be vulnerable shouldn’t he? 

- But he is still hesitant 

- Until one day he has a news interview

- They ask about all the times he saved the universe and about him being the only know Lombax left 

- Talking about it brings all of his sadness crashing down on top of him 

- He barely makes it out of the interview without looking like he has lost it 

- He races to his room 

- He tries to control his emotions 

 - But before he can Tal and Clank come in 

 - Clank says it is ok to cry and Tal agrees affirming that crying had helped her 

- So finally after all these years Ratchet finally allows his walls fall down, he lets out all of his hurt and sadness 

 - He doesn’t even say anything but Tal and Clank understand and support him 

- After that things are better 

- There are still hard moments but now Ratchet know he doesn’t have to hide his sadness from his friends 

- One time he even starts to get a little sad and the only one around is Quark - But Quark has cried in the past so he is just like “I’m the greatest hero in the galaxy. If I’ve cried then you certainty can!”

 - And that makes Ratchet smile and feel a little better

 - He still deals with it all from time to time 

- But now he isn’t as afraid to talk about it - at least with his close friends

 - And they help each other heal

 - Being there for each other through the good and bad, the happy and sad

 - Because that’s what friends are for

I like that they imply the reboot of the Ratchet & Clank story is an in-universe cosmic retcon (e.g., the plumber recognizing Ratchet), because it would make a lot of sense that this game is taking place in an alternate continuity where Alister Azimuth succeeded in using the Great Clock to reset time. Sure, Ratchet still ended up on Veldin which means the Lombaxes were probably still wiped out, but everybody pretty much told Azimuth throughout A Crack in Time that his plan wouldn’t work out.