All 4 One and one for all! Haha well, anyway, this was just some Ratchet &  Clank fanart of how Ratchet appeared in All 4 One. I really had a lot of fun with this one though I need to practice on drawing his frontal more angled better. Hope you like! :)

Ratchet © Ratchet & Clank series

Artwork © Myself


Finally treated myself to All For One and it’s inspiring me so much ahhaha. I love all the little comments they make, especially Ratchet teasing Qwark and Nefarious so often.

“Look at you guys, you’re practically BFFs!”

Huhuhu and not to mention the tear that falls from my eye when Ratchet gets low on health. Low key always loved his tired look when he needs nanotech.

Happy doodles because I’m in love. (Ps, if you have the game and are free for multiplayer, DM me! IdibsRatchettho)

Do not use or repost!

Two evil, space skeletons walk into a bar…

I just think these two have  A LOT in common. Like anger issues, or insecurities for example. And all of that galactic-domination thing too. I had to draw them together. :D


You know, I’m actually starting to like it here? Sure, it’s a dangerous planet riddled with murderous robots and exotic predators. But take away all that and what do you have? A presidential retreat-slash-water park!