You know, I’m actually starting to like it here? Sure, it’s a dangerous planet riddled with murderous robots and exotic predators. But take away all that and what do you have? A presidential retreat-slash-water park!


Insomniac Games Celebrates 20 Years

Prepare for a blast from the past as Ted and crew celebrate 20 years of making great games with this insane music video. While I may be in the minority that enjoyed FUSE (seriously, it was a fun co-op game!) no one can deny the greatness of Ratchet and Clank and Resistance 3 was pretty damn fantastic. Here’s looking forward to Sunset Overdrive later this year and more Ratchet in the future. Thanks Insomniac! 

Inktober #25, TIRED

No, Poke, stop. Poke let him go, bad, bad Poke!