ratchet or nah

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So what would Minimus, Ratchet, and Ten give their s/o as a secret Santa-ish gift?

  • Ten: A large bouquet of synthetic flowers in all of your favorite colors. (Think spark flowers without the death part!) Completely hand-made with intricate light patterns that shoot through the translucent petals. They’re modeled after earth flowers and forever in bloom. You bet he put his all into making something for you!
  • Minimus: He creates an entire playlist of songs that remind him of you, from your personality to your cute little quirks. He puts it on a CD for you to listen to. Of course, he buys all of the songs first because illegal downloads? Pfft who do you think he is? 
  • Ratchet: He’s that old ass grandpa that gets you socks, tbh. He will get you practical things or things you use for your hobbies: i.e. sketchbooks if you like to doodle, replacement guitar/violin strings for musicians, etc. Dig a bit deeper and you will find a sweet hand written note. It’d probably express his feelings for you a bit better. ;)

Ah yes empire of stone.  Where ratchet drops everything to go bring back the lone ranger.

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TFP Optimus and Ratchet (poly or nah, up to you) with a wounded fem!SO, like they had a bump-in with 'Cons or smth, and she's refusing to stay still and heal much to their distress. What do they do to get her to chill? Cuddles? Canoodling? More? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

ratchet knocks her out so she can heal

Poly Optimus Prime and Ratchet (Transformers: Prime)

Ratchet is So Tired. Please, dear, you need to sit down and CALM THE FUCK-

Optimus calmly tells you to sit down and rest, and gives you The Eye when you try to get up again.

When the three of you are alone, Optimus will sit next to you and hold your hand/wrap an arm around your waist carefully to get you to sit still. Or just hold you in his hand if you’re human.

Ratchet, simply, yells at you if you try to get up. Sit the fuck down, woman, or I’ll kick your ass myself.