ratchet nights

it took AGES, but I guess worth it

just in case you want to know, I put together characters which mean a lot to me,

i’d be scared like nefarious too tho

now how in the fuck did i ever miss this #drama -filled embrace?? this is a screenshot from a soap opera. drift has finally succumbed to the mysterious illness that’s had him coughing all season. ratchet cradles his lifeless body, pleading with the gathered crowd, “please, someone find him a doctor! he needs a doctor!” he’s forgotten that he’s the doctor. his mysterious amnesia strikes again. 

will drift survive the night? will ratchet ever recover his old identity? who’s killing all these senators? and what’s going on with chromedome and prowl? find out next week on MTMTV’s Shadowplay

anonymous asked:

Can you imagine Miko making Ratchet and Knockout playing Five Nights at Fridays. I bet she would record their reactions for future blackmail.