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ms scott, so I have a really important question about "stronger faster" and a birdy told me something about how, the part where ratchet told Optimus that 'he's too soft, and that's why he didn't pound megatron when he had the chance etc" well I also heard something about elita being mentioned in there that ratchet would of told optimus "and tHAT'S why elita died" and this has been eating at me forever and I have to know if it is real so yes please tell me its important its for science.

Ah…yes. In the first draft I wrote for “Stronger, Faster” I did include a line after that moment (where Ratchet berates Optimus for not fighting Megatron sooner/harder) to imply that Elita One had died during the war and Ratchet was blaming Optimus for it (I don’t remember the exact wording, something opaque like “Where’s Elita now?”). Then Optimus clocked Ratchet in the face.

It never made it past the first draft. My Story Editor didn’t want to have Optimus lose his cool there (a perfectly reasonable choice) and so there was no reason for the line.that made him lose his cool (especially since it would have also locked us into a significant piece of backstory in the first season). It happens all the time.


Ratchet’s Dead End Workshop, Pre-War. 

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YO THIS BLOG IS FUCKING COOL I like how you have everyone organized dude! GONNA SEND A REQUEST AND THATS a poly Drift & Ratchet with a bot s/o, just some very cute fluffy moments and how they're just grossly in love. If you don't do polys theN IGNORE AND I'LL SEND A DIFFERENT REQUEST


  • Drift likes to show signs of love by leaving gifts or doing small favors. If you compliment him he lights up for the rest of the day, but the act itself is just enough for him.
  • Friendly rude sarcastic banter with Ratchet is how Ratchet says “I love you.” To everyone else it sounds like genuine arguing but both their s/o and Drift know it’s harmless, and any threats involved are empty. 
  • Prank Ratchet. Do it. Just to get him heated. It’s cute. (Nothing too serious, just purposefully rearranging his room two inches to the left or moving each tool one row over so it looks like one’s missing, but it isn’t, just shifted over.)
  • Ratchet does the ‘don’t talk to me I’m in a bad mood’ vibe like it’s an art form he’s perfected. When he’s extremely grumpy, he’ll grab Drift and his s/o and just hold them. No words, no speaking, don’t move just let him hold them, he needs the comfort. Afterwards he thanks them and promises to make up for being a grump.
  • DATES AT SWERVE’S. It’s a ritual, they go to Swerve’s at the same hour every day. Without fail. 
  • Drift likes to have hushed chat between his s/os. Just quiet compliments, how he adores them, but so quiet almost no one else can hear. Surprisingly, Ratchet likes those moments - as long as no one is present.
  • HAND HOLDING. ALWAYS. FOREVER. Even just a brief hand squeeze before Ratchet goes to help someone in the med bay lifts everyone’s spirits. 
  • While Ratchet is more emotionally mute than his s/os he doesn’t leave them hanging. When he gets affectionate it shows - gifts he makes, stuff he buys, compliments, even spending time with them doing their favorite thing (even if it annoys him to no end), are his strongest ways of showing affection. It’s not daily, but it’s often enough to show he cares.
  • While Ratch and Drift have different opinions on public displays of affection, all three of them don’t mind hand-holding or kind smiles. It’s come down to a whole new level of communication - just by looking at each other a certain way an entire conversation can pass between them, and no one will know. 
TFP Amnesia AU

AU where after defeating Unicron BOTH OP and Megatron lose parts of their memories. Optimus gives up the Matrix, and thus reverts to Orion Pax; Megatron has Unicron’s influence purged from him, therefore reverts back to a time when his ambitions weren’t based on evil or revenge but rather an actual cause.

Does he go full Megatronus? I don’t know if it would go back that far. But imagine them both sprawled on the ground after the event, and the Autobots race to meet them. Under Arcee’s instruction they gather Optimus to take him through a bridge, but at the last moment, when she sees that Megatron is still unconscious, she makes the split decision to call back Bulkhead so they can take him as prisioner.

What major bargaining chip! With Starscream’s erratic behavior it is likely that leadership will now fall to Soundwave, and while he is a capable mech on his own, he’ll have a lot to juggle all at once. Couple that with the fact that Megatron’s obsession with dark energon has undoubtedly led to some dissent among his crew, and the ‘cons are possibly at one of their weakest points right now.

Only… there’s a slight problem.

Optimus Prime doesn’t seem to know who he is.

And neither does Megatron.

“Ngh… uggghhh.” Megatron groans, his head lolling forward like he’s come out of stasis. What’s happened? Where is he? Why can’t he–

“Mngh!” Megatron’s helm snaps in the direction of a familiar voice.


“Megatronus!” their optics go wide in recognition. Currently they are lying on berths beside eachother, however, Megatron is noticeably restrained. A high-caste medic steps out from beside Orion’s berth, having just given him a dose of… something.

“Ah. So you’re awake.” The medic glares at Megatron– pensive, yet analytical– who sneers in return.

“Who are you, and where are we?!? What did you give him?!?” He jerks aginst his bindings in an attempt to test their strength while providing a thinly-veiled threat; they do not give.

“We are on planet Earth, Megatronus.” Orion suppies, surprisingly calm. “And this is Ratchet, an assuredly competent medical officer. He was tending to my… wounds.” The former gladiator stops willing for telepathic influence over the assembly of mechs that surrounds them in order to turn his full attention onto his friend.

“You are hurt?”

“I have sustained some damage, yes.”

Megatron narrows his optics.

“Why? How did you get injured?” His gaze flickers to the medic Ratchet for a moment before landing on Orion again. “And for that matter, why has your appearance changed?”

“… I don’t know.”

“What’s he talking about?” A high pitched voice suddenly asks.

“M-Miko!” Stammers a large working-class mech. It would have been a comical if the situation wasn’t already so unnerving. A small organic creature emerges, scrambling onto the shoulder of the laborer.

“Optimus Prime looks the same to me!”

The two berth-ridden mechs look at the organic, utterly lost.



My review of the Ratchet and Clank Movie (no spoilers--but let’s face it--you all know what’s gonna happen!)

After a year’s delay, and an epic PS4 game, Ratchet and Clank finally get their very own movie, and it is awesome…if you’re a fan, that is.

In truth, if you have no idea what Ratchet and Clank is, this movie will make no sense to you. Sure, it has the basic Star Wars-type plot line of most sci-fi films, but it all happens so fast, that there isn’t a moment to catch your breathe and figure out “what the heck is going on?”

However, if you ARE a Ratchet and Clank fan, then this is the movie for you! The humor, the weapons, the characters–everything feels like Ratchet and Clank. Ratchet is bit more bubbly and excited than in the games, but he soon learns the importance of being a hero.

Clank, on the other hand, is a bit more curious, and lighthearted. He finds himself getting into trouble no matter where he goes. While Ratchet stays with him for the majority of the film, Elaris “steals” Clank during an important scene, and bonds with him more. Not to say that Clank’s friendship with Ratchet wasn’t developed, but with all the secondary characters, Ratchet and Clank start to feel like “extras” in their own film.

Speaking of the cast, the five A-listers voice their roles quite well. Paul Giamatti, being Drek, had the most screen time of the five. Rosiario Dawson and Bella Throne even reprized their roles in the PS4 game. Victor Von Ion made a joke about his own voice actor when he mentioned the word “rock!” However, John Goodman’s voice shined the most out of all of them. Grimroth has some touching moments with Ratchet, especially when he delves into Ratchet’s childhood.

But no one’s character was brought to life more than Dr. Nefarious! Armin Shimmerman’s perfect performance sold the audience with every quip. Dr. Nefarious actually has some interesting backstory with Captain Qwark and the Rangers. Anything more to add would be a spoiler, so all I can say is…stay ‘till the end of the film :p

Speaking of Qwark, his role in the film mostly consisted of gags and humor. However, he does have a turning point in the film. In fact, if the movie hadn’t been called “Ratchet and Clank,” I would’ve suspected Qwark was the main character.

As for references, you will find them in almost every scene of the movie. Whether it be a name of a famous character, a brief image of “that-guy-from-that-thing,” references are abundant. Now would probably be a good time to tell you to stay after the credits–it’s worth it ;D

Final score: 8.5/10

While the movie is definitely good and breaks the curse of bad video game films, the plot is rushed too fast for any non-fan to decipher the story. Also, Ratchet and Clank feel like extras in their own movie, but needless to say, they do have their moments of friendship and bonding, especially at the end.

A sequel is possible, but not necessary. Rainmaker is currently working on Surf’s Up 2 and Sly Cooper, so a “Ratchet and Clank: 2″ would take time. In truth, Insomniac Game’s Ps4 game felt rushed plot-wise because of the movie’s cutscenes. If a sequel to the series happens, it will most likely be another game. I wouldn’t mind seeing the new cast of characters return in future games; who knows what adventures these two have in their saga?

Well, besides the Plumber. He knows :)