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What I Learned About IDW Transformers  Characters From Tumblr


- smol jock
- a fukboi
- jerk that means well
- self-esteem issues  
- wants Optimus-Sempai to notice him
- only notices him when he’s been Bad
- so Sempai put him on the Punishment Boat
- looks cool
- (acts like he) thinks he’s cool
- isn’t cool
- irresponsible
- Drifts BFF
- co-captain
- is a bad co-captain


- Voldemort
- noms sparks
- has an Uber Deluxe spark
- portal guts????
- how does that work???
- u stab him and then ur knife’s in China???????
- secret nerd
- lame poetry
- said fuck the police
- the police beat him up
- so he turned TEH EVUL
- and beat up the world
- so the world’s sorta not alive anymore
- wasn’t quite the goal but w/e
- and now he’s an Autobot??????????
- now he’s not so strong because the Autobots gave him Bad Juice
- co-captain
- gun


- it’s da…. THERAPY MAN
- “hey rang”
- “hey run”
- “hey rag”
- “hey ran”
- “hey reng”
- “hey rug”
- “hey rong”
- “hey ring”
- “hey rign”
- is a saint
- cute
- dad friend
- likes model ships
- a d o r a b l e
- polite as fuck
- would be a good boyfriend
- and a good dad
- or just a good friend
- how in fucks name do people forget him
- he’s so fuCKIN nICE DUdE
- smol luv bug
- useless alt mode
- functionists are the worst dude i agree


- a Good Man
- has Suffered
- tired and grumpy
- slaps people with wrenches
- a bit mean
- but as i said
- a Good Man
- “what is it >:(”
- “a physical manifestation of your stupidity”
- needs a break
- but work never sleeps
- has seen too many dead people
- BFFs with Optimus


- THATS WAY BETTER THAN JUST “Leader Of The Decepticons”
- I happy for you pal!!!
- huh, what’s that?
- ur seeing dead people?
- um…
- have u talked to Rung about that?
- no?
- I’ll set up an appointment….
- *whispers* yikes…. he’s got some issues….


- smol bean
- cute
- pure
- but he lies sometimes
- fell in a fucking hole and was stuck for like 10000000000000 years
- poor kid
- said he works in bomb disposal
- he doesnt
- kid please
- stay away from bombs
- you don’t need to impress people
- you’re impressive already :)
- is roommates with Mr. Grumpy Skeleton Face
- Grumpy Skeleton Face no likey
- at first
- now they are totes in love and have tons of gay sex
- tons
- so don’t mess with baby face here or you’re in for a beating


- grump
- understandable since he’s in an alternate universe
- and all the people he knew are gone
- now he’s stuck with some losers on a ship
- but w/e
- cause now he has a tiny boyfriend
- that’s pretty great
- what’s not great is that time he fucked up his face
- and broke his horn
- shit sucks man
- he’s ok now
- I think
- man who am I kidding
- no one in this fucking universe is ‘ok’
- poor saps

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TFP, Team Prime getting their first awesome hug, in their holoform, from reader~ I have a mighty need for hugs, and I want them to feel the awesomeness of hugs ♡

Same here!!!  I love holomatter hugs!!!  <3 <3 <3

Optimus Prime:  To be completely honest, he doesn’t really get the appeal of hugs, but he does know how important they are to humans.  He considers it an honor that you put your trust in him so completely and consider him to be one of your closest friends.  It probably won’t do a thing for him, he decides, but if it will make you happy he’s more than willing to let you give him a hug.  The minute you wrap your arms around him though, he goes stiff.  You look up in confusion to see him standing stock still and gazing down at you wide-eyed, with a faint, red flush creeping over his face.  “Is anything wrong?” you ask with a trace of worry.  His voice is uncharacteristically tight as he manages a strangled “no…”

Ratchet:  It’s best if you give him a spontaneous, spur of the moment hug in his holomatter form, as he probably wouldn’t break out his avatar just for a hug.  He’s surprised and more than a little flustered when you wrap your arms around him, but he doesn’t do anything besides let out a muffled, half-hearted grumble under his breath.  He’s not really one for openly showing affection, but he has to admit that it’s… rather nice.  Just don’t ever do that when he’s working.  He gradually warms up to the idea as time passes, however.  On those particularly rare occasions when he’s in a good mood, he’ll actually seek you out to spin you around in a hug while laughing warmly. (If he’s feeling extra bold, he’ll even sneak in a kiss while he does it.  It makes him chuckle to see you blush.)  

Bumblebee:  He’s over the moon if you mention that you’d like to give him a hug in his holomatter form!  In fact, he’s been going over in his head for weeks the best way to broach the idea himself. He’s a bit nervous at first, truth be told, rocking on his heels and fidgeting with his hands, but that all falls away the instant you put your arms around him.  It’s like he hears choirs of angels singing in his head.  He blushes and buries his head into your shoulder with repressed chuckles.  He can’t get enough of how good you smell.  He’s never been able to pick up on it before, but it’s absolutely intoxicating. He’s definitely going to try and make this a regular thing.

Arcee:  She teases you lightly about it when you bring up the idea, but she also knows just how affectionate you are (it’s one of her favorite things about you.)  She’s a bit caught off guard by the embrace at first, but slowly relaxes into it with a soft smile.  There are only about a handful of people in the entire galaxy that can get her to smile like that.  Arcee decides that these holomatter hugs, as you call them, aren’t half bad.  She likes that she’s able to let her guard down around you (and the fact that you’re so soft and pretty doesn’t hurt either.)

Bulkhead:  He’s thrilled when you suggest the idea.  He’s a very affectionate by nature, and this way he doesn’t have to worry about accidentally crushing you (even if he’s still quite a bit larger than you in holomatter form.)  He picks you up and swingings you around while laughing boisterously.  This is the best he’s felt in weeks!  And, wow!  You’re so soft!  He had no idea skin on skin contact could feel this good.  From then on, he’ll always try to initiate affection with you in his holomatter avatar – anything from a playful head rub to a gentle hand on your shoulder (though his favorites will always be big, bear hugs.)

Wheeljack:  He’s no stranger to your affections, but he doesn’t really see the point of bringing his holomatter avatar into the mix.  (If he’s honest with himself, he likes the fact that he’s big enough to scoop you up in his hands when you want a hug.)  He’s not gonna say no to you however, so if you really want to hug him in his holomatter form, he’ll let you hug him.  Before you do however, he takes a moment to appreciate you from this new angle. (He always knew you were pretty, but he’s never really gotten a good look at your feature before.  Maybe this holomatter thing isn’t half bad.)  His form fits against yours like it was made for this.  He likes to wrap his arms around you and pull you tightly against his chest while he places soft kisses on top of your head.

Smokescreen:  He’s a bit skeptical of the idea at first.  He’s never actually used a holomatter avatar before.  He’s used to you hugging him all the time in robot mode, but the idea of being relatively the same size as you weirds him out a bit. (Not that he thinks you’re weird or anything!  He thinks you’re a perfectly acceptable size for your species!  That is, um…)  After a bit of convincing, he somewhat grudgingly pulls out his holomatter form. He’s already a bit embarrassed, but if you tell him how handsome he looks like this, he’ll practically die on the spot.  All of his doubts and worries melt away however, the minute you hold him.  You can feel something pulsing rapidly inside his chest as his skin begins to heat up far more than normal.  (Oh, no!  They’re even cuter up close!)  If you put your head on his shoulder (or worse, kiss him) his entire form dissipates in a flash of static and he has to practically flee the base in order to cool down.

Ultra Magnus:  A… “hug”? He doesn’t understand.  What is a hug?  You smile playfully as you tell him that you can only show him if he uses his avatar.  He raises an optic ridge.  Normally he doesn’t allow anyone to give him orders, except for Optimus, but you seem so earnest and sincere (plus, he’d never say so out loud, but you happen to be his favorite out of all the humans.)  He looks at you expectantly once he pulls out his avatar, waiting for you to show him this strange Earth custom called a “hug”.  You grin as you place both your arms around him and nuzzle your face in his chest.  Ultra Magnus freezes and blushes up to his ears.  T-this is highly irregular!  He’s thrown people in the brig for less.  But then again, you aren’t exactly under his jurisdiction… plus you aren’t familiar with Cybertronian customs… and you are kind of cute…  Maybe he can let it go, just this once…

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Hi again. Thank you so much for the rules. It was very hepful. Could I request headcanons for team primes reactions when they accidentally tumble upon shy human crush reader ( without the reader knowing ) rehearsing to confess to them?

This is so precious!!!  ^___^

Optimus Prime:  He stumbles upon you confessing your love to him in front of a mirror quite by accident.  He’s surprised at first, but can’t resist the urge to take a quick peek inside your room.  He’s very quiet as he listens to your shy, fumbling confession, a small smile blooming across his face plate.  He doesn’t stay for very long.  He knows it would be rude to eavesdrop on such a private moment, but surely a moment or two longer couldn’t hurt?  He softly shakes his head with a gentle smile as he quietly glides past your door unnoticed. He won’t speak a word of it to you later, for fear of embarrassing you.  However, he does appear to be just the tiniest bit more affectionate towards you after that.

Ratchet:  He’s initially curious when he hears what sounds like some sort of love confession coming from inside your room.  His curiosity quickly turns to shock when he hears his name being spoken.  His faceplate flushes bright blue as he listens to your awkward words of affection.  He’s not sure what to think.  Surely he’s too old and too worn down for someone as bright and lovely as you?  Surely you’d be much better off with someone like Bumblebee or Smokescreen?  He respects your privacy however, and quietly excuses himself without being seen.  The next time you see him you notice how flustered he seems to act whenever you’re around and that his snarky remarks don’t seem to hold the bite they once did.

Bumblebee:  He tries so hard to be quiet, bless him.  But when he hears you admit your feelings for him, he can’t help but let out a soft exclamation of surprise.  You whirl around in alarm and embarrassment to see him hovering awkwardly in the doorway, with a bright blush across his cheeks.  It’s hard to say which of you is more mortified by the situation.  You bury your face in your hands, wishing that the floor would open up underneath your feet, while Bumblebee frantically tries to reassure you.  No, no! Please!  You don’t have to be embarrassed!  Really! It’s, uh, actually kind of a relief to know you feel that way!  He sort of, uh, feels the same way, actually.  Oh, gosh!  He’s sorry!  He didn’t mean to barge in on you like that!  But, um, maybe, if you wouldn’t mind…  Would you like to go for a drive with him later?

Arcee:   Her first instinct is to freeze the moment her name leaves your mouth.  She stands there frozen in shock, pressed against the wall outside.  She starts to panic internally.  Not this again, she thinks.  She’s already lost too many loved ones in this stupid war.  She can’t afford to let herself get hurt again.  Loosing you would break her spark.  She’ll just have nip this in the bud before it turns into something dangerous. She can’t afford to let herself fall for that sweet smile of yours, or the way your eyes light up when you talk about your passions, or the way the sunlight plays off your hair like… oh, frag… You don’t see her around base for much of the day after that, but when she finally approaches you it’s with just the faintest hint of a flirtatious smirk.  

Bulkhead:  He’s so flustered.  Help him! He’s so surprised to hear you confessing your love for him that he ends up tripping over whatever’s in his path and creating the loudest, most awkward crash in all of history.  You’re incredibly embarrassed at being caught, but are more concerned for the big mech who has somehow hopelessly tangled himself in a mess of spare wires and cables.  After a good deal of tugging on your part, and a lot of apologetic babbling on him, you eventually get him unstuck.  You both are blushing hard, too shy to really say anything to one another, shuffling your feet and chuckling nervously when you make eye contact. Eventually Bulkhead manages to steel himself up somewhat.  “So, you, uh… You want to go dune bashing with me this weekend?”

Wheeljack:  He’s half surprised and half amused by your shy, rehearsed confession.  Primus, you’re just about the cutest thing he’s ever seen! He leans against the wall just out of sight and listens in with a playful smirk on his face.  He knows he shouldn’t eavesdrop, but hey!  This has to do with him, doesn’t it?  It’s not like he’s listening in on anything that isn’t any of his business.  Depending on what kind of mood he’s in, he might try to draw attention to himself and pretend to have just arrived.  He’ll offer you a wink and his most charming smile, the kind that makes your knees weak and your face burn tomato red.  He then asks if you’d like to go for a ride in the Jackhammer with him to watch the sunset.

Smokescreen:  He’s not stealthy.  Like, at all. He’d probably last all of two minutes before he lost his balance while listening in and crashed into your room. He tries to play it cool and fails spectacularly, babbling something about wanting to ask you something and suddenly just remembering that he had an important mission to take care of starting now, so um, bye!  He’s burning rubber around the corner before you can even ask him  what the question was.  You become very despondent, thinking that you’ve just blown your chance, that is until later when you come back to your room to find a large, slightly messy bouquet of wildflowers sitting beside your bed.

Ultra Magnus:  He’s drawn to your room by what sounds like a conversation.  All base members should already be accounted for.  Do you have someone else in there with you?  This is highly irregular!  New arrivals need to be properly processed before-  …Oh…  He’s left frozen in absolute shock as he listens to you pour you heart out about him. His face turns bright blue.  He had no idea you felt that way about him. Maybe his affections for you aren’t as hopeless as he originally thought?  Unfortunately, being such a big bot, he’s pretty hard to miss.  You gasp and whirl around to face him, your cheeks burning crimson.  He stands there awkwardly for almost a solid minute, too mortified to speak.  “I’m sorry, I- I have to go now,” he finally stammers before nearly bolting from the room.  It takes him a long time to compose himself enough to ask you out on a proper date after that.

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What would a TFA yandere Optimus and MTMTE Ratchet be like?

Optimus Prime

  • He means well, truly he does, but that noble drive of his to protect you and keep you safe sometimes borders on the obsessive.
  • He’s never had this much responsibility before.  He doesn’t know if he’ll make a good leader, or if he can even do this job at all, but you’re in his charge and he’s vowed to protect you with his very life if need be (like a night pledging his service to his lady.)
  • There’s so much about you that Optimus admires – your strength, your passion, your kindness. In his eyes you truly are the best of what humanity has to offer.  You have such a brilliant inner light about you, and he’s going to do everything in his power to make sure no one tries to snuff you out.
  • He’s chivalrous and courteous to you right from the very beginning, treating you with the same respect he would the other members of his team and not shutting down your ideas or telling you what you can and can’t do just because you’re a human.
  • He doesn’t even approach you with romantic intentions for fear of spoiling your friendship.  (You’d have to be the one to reach out to him if you wanted any kind of relationship.)
  • That’s not to say he doesn’t love you – Primus does he love you!  You’re all he ever thinks about!  Your smile sets his spark on fire and when you say his name, it’s all he can do to keep from overheating.  He wants you so badly that his desires have begun to seep into his dreams at night – dreams that he dare not even think about.  
  • He doesn’t breath a word of this to anyone of course, especially not you.  Optimus is very good at hiding his true feelings.  It’s not right, he knows it’s not right for him to feel this way about you.  He feels as though he’s betrayed your trust in him simply by having these feelings.  Even if he can’t have you the way that he wants, at least he gets to see that beautiful smile of yours every day.
  • But worse than his feelings for you are the twisted pangs of jealousy he gets whenever he sees someone trying to get close to you.  Optimus knows he has no right to be jealous, why should he?  He can’t even blame you for flirting back because he knows you’re oblivious to his feelings – by his own choice, no less.  He hates himself for it, and yet he can’t bring himself to stop.  The longer he goes without confessing, the darker and angrier his possessive streak grows.
  • He hides it well, because of course he does.  No bot would ever suspect the esteemed Optimus Prime of harboring those kind of murderous thoughts, that is until they’re backed up against the wall of a dark alley with an axe blade to their neck and Optimus growling poisonous threats into their audials.
  • You’re blissfully unaware of any of this of course; he makes vitally sure of that.  But you can’t help but notice the almost animalistic rage that overtakes him on the battle field when he feels there’s a threat to your safety…


  • His obsession with you stems less from attraction and more from a possessive need to keep you safe.
  • Ratchet often has a habit of “adopting” some of the younger/smaller/innocent bots on the crew, so it’s little wonder that he would take the one human on board under his wing.
  • He really is a wonderful guardian, if a bit overbearing at times.  He constantly nags you to make sure you’re taking care of yourself (getting enough to eat, exercising, taking your vitamins.)
  • Primus help you if you have an erratic sleeping schedule.  You’re going to bed when Ratchet says you are, no excuses!  Don’t make him come over there and carry you!  
  • He’s not what you’d call a cuddly bot by any means, but he does like for you to sit on his shoulder while he works.  He finds your presence comforting.  And Primus knows he needs all the calm he can get on this ship.
  • He’s extremely protective of you.  He doesn’t like for you to be out of his sight for too long.  What if you wandered off somewhere and got lost?  What if something happened and you couldn’t reach him? What if you got stepped on?!  The only people Ratchet trusts to look after you while he’s away are his fellow medics.  (He knows they’ll also force you to eat and sleep regularly when he’s not around.)
  • He’d never tell you who you can and can’t talk to, but he strongly advises you to stay away from bots like Whirl, or any of the larger bots that might accidentally crush you without realizing it.
  • You notice a change in Ratchet when Drift is sent away.  He becomes more frustrated, unfocused and despondent, often ignoring his own advice and forgoing sleep or refueling.  You can tell loosing someone so close to him is taking a mental and physical toll on him.  You just wish there was something you could do to help.
  • He starts becoming more affectionate with you, often sitting you in his lap to stroke your hair and back absentmindedly while he works, or carrying you around the ship in his hands.  You don’t mind the extra attention.  If holding you somehow brings him one small shred of comfort then you’re happy to oblige him.
  • His worry for you also increases tenfold.  It gets to the point where he doesn’t like you to leave the medbay unless he’s there to carry you.  He even offers to help you move some of the stuff from your shared habsuite there so you’ll be more comfortable when he’s working late.  It’s a bit smothering at times, but you grin and bear it for his sake. After all, he’s done so much for you already.  The least you can do is be there for him during his time of grief.
  • It’s only when you awake one morning to find that you’ve been stolen from your bed as Ratchet pilots a stolen escape pod halfway across the galaxy do you realize (too late) just how wrong you had been…

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Howdy, cool blog you got here! Instead of painting the nails, what about if you dye your hair? I wonder how the lost light crew react to it.

Response to this post.  (Wow!  This is super late I apologize XD)  Lets do some of the bots we haven’t do yet.

Cyclonus:  He’s actually flattered in his own quiet way.  It’s not as if he’d ever ask you to do something like that for him, but the fact that you’d want to match his colors is… a bit endearing.  Silly perhaps, but endearing.  He’s not really one to focus on looks, but he has to admit that the new shade of purple is rather striking on you (but only to himself, because he is hopeless at communicating his feelings.)

Whirl:  He tries to brush it off at first when you show him.  You died your hair to match him?  Why?  It’s not like he’d change his colors for you or anything…  Deep down, the gesture kind of worries him because it means that you actually care about him, at least a little.  And if you care, that means you can be disappointed.  He’s not used to people believing in him.  It’s too much pressure!  Dammit fleshbag!  Why’d you have to go and make him Feel™ something?!?!

Ultra Magnus:  His first thought when he sees the vibrant blue in your hair is that you’ve become one of those Earth hooligans that Verity used to hang around with.  The thought nearly gives him an aneurysm.  It’s only when you explain to him that you did it to match his paint that he breathes a sigh of relief.  You did that for him?  Truly?  He’s visibly flustered and has a hard time meeting your gaze.  “You… you look lovely.”  (You also add in some streaks of green when you find out his little secret.)

Brainstorm:  He’s torn between being smug and being curious.  You can change colors too?  He had no idea humans could do that!  How does that even work?  Naturally you’d want to match him though.  Look at that impeccable finish.  His colors really do wonders for you as well.  You went from like a perfect ten to an eleven!  Even his typical bluster can’t hide his fanboyish squeals of delight, though.  He’s such a flattered dork.

Ratchet:  He doesn’t really see the point of having you both match.  You don’t have to change your colors for him.  He already knows how you feel, it’s fine.  That doesn’t stop the feeling of pride from welling up in his spark when he see you sporting your new orange and white hair.  Okay, that is pretty flattering.  Especially seeing how good it looks on you.  Like, Really Good.  He has a habit of absentmindedly playing with your hair when you two are alone.