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let the second day of nationals begin!


30 Day Video Game Challenge

Day 28 - Favorite game developer
                                                     ↳ Sony Interactive Entertainment

hey guys!! it’s crazy that i made this blog on a whim a couple of months ago, and now 500 of you follow me!! i’ve loved being a part of this community, and i can’t wait to experience the 2nd half of season 4 with you!! 

i decided to make a follow forever/mutuals appreciation post, so i’ll put the rest under a read more so it isn’t super long and obnoxious

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anonymous asked:

P sure someone has asked this before but just in case, can I get headcannons on how TFP Megatron, Soundwave, Shockwave, Knockout and Ratchet would react if their Werewolf human s/o accidentally shifted in front of them? Btw u guys do ermerzin werk *throws candy confetti*


- At first, he doesn’t react much.

- Megatron doesn’t know shit about humans, nor does he give a shit about them. You’re the first human he’s actually gave a damn about; he’ll probably believe anything you say humans do. So if you decide to lie and say all humans can transform into wolves, he’ll probably believe you without a second thought.

- Wouldn’t mind petting you while you’re shifted. Well, not like you have a choice, anyway.


- There isn’t much reaction other than a question mark appearing on his visor.

- He’ll reach down and pick you up, and give you the same deadly stare you’ve learned to know so well. “Explain.” 

- Once you explain what you are, and how you’re an oddity among humans(to a very extreme amount), he leaves you be. But expect to find a few doggy toys lying about. He’s one sneaky little fucker.


- “Illogical. Humans do not have alt modes.”

- It’ll take all the willpower in his being not to dissect you; especially if you’re his sparkmate, for whatever reason. You’ll have to give him as much detail as possible to prevent any… events.

- Otherwise, he doesn’t mind. He might even indulge you in The Pets™.



- He nearly has a panic attack, the poor ‘con. Once you chill him out, you explain what you are, and why you have an “alt mode”. 

- After that, he’s very interested in the medical aspect of your “transformation”. He questions as much as he can on your anatomy without it getting too uncomfortable. He’ll eventually have an entire datapad of information on you.


- He’s seen some shit. He’s not too surprised.

- Ratchet ends up just. Sarcastically petting you and going “Who’s a good little organic?” to piss you off. You hate him.

- He is as interested in the medical aspects of your nature as KnockOut is. He ends up practically quizzing you on how your bones shift to transform, and if there’s any problems anywhere due to it. He, too, ends up with a datapad full of info on you.



thegirlwithmultiplepersonas  asked:

Okay okay. More yandere asks: How about yandere hcs for each team prime member? Like, their traits and tendencies as yandere bots, and what makes them fell that hard to the s/o? Thanks friends UwU <3

Combining these two!

Yandere!Team Prime Bots

Optimus Prime

- Optimus is definitely one of the more subtle yanderes out of the team. Most of what changes is how affectionate he is around the object of his affection; he’ll be much more gentlemanly and protective if his dearest is around. You bring out the best and the worst in him.

- The worst being that he could kill someone and no one would think for a second that it’s him. He could kill a target right in front of you, but you and he both know that no one would believe if you told them.

- Gets much more Ultra Magnus-type stern after he’s encountered a threat.

- Optimus is more likely to fall for kindred souls. Kind people who love their planet, or care about him and his team with all their heart. If you are loving to others, he’ll always love you.

- He also has a thing for long hair.


- As a yandere, Ratch is much more… grumpy? For the longest time, you believe he hates you. He ignores you completely, cuts you off as you’re talking, and barely listens to you. But you eventually understand why once the kids tell you.

- “It’s kind of like a 8-year-old schoolboy crush.” Miko chirped at you, making rapid hand movements to match her little speech. “He’ll pull your hair and act like a total jerk, but it’s really cuz’ he likes you!”

- Ratchet, once he gets over that little phase, is quite the clingy type. He acts like the worst kind of control freak mother hen.

- The doc-bot’s got a thing for logic and patience. He wants to have a forever-mate who can put up with things he does, as well as handle situations with him. He wants a true love that he knows he can put his trust in.


- Bumblebee is the “quiet, innocent” type yandere. He’s the most obvious out of the team, having an “innocent crush” on you. That is, until he kills someone because they were flirting with you.

- ‘Bee is the most clingy of the group, unsurprisingly. He’ll constantly ask you where you’re going, who you’re gonna see, when he’ll see you again, can he come with you??? No??? Are you sure?????

- He’s like a stingy dog that doesn’t want to let his owner leave the house.

- Bee is definitely attracted to sweet singing voices, as well as anyone very innocent and sweet. But honestly, he’s the one with the least standards; you could be a whiny brat but he’d still obsess.


- H O O B O Y

- Bulkhead is the yandere-who-doesn’t-know-he’s-a-yandere type. Very chill. He won’t be overly-possessive of you, and lets you do your own thing, but when someone threatens you or your relationship? BULK SMASH.

- Otherwise, he just seems like a very affectionate and protective friend. You know your Bulky would never hurt you, and only ever wants the best for you. He’ll drive you to school/work whenever he can, and always makes sure to make an exaggerated “Mwah!” before you leave the car. It’s endearing, and he swears his spark soars every time you return the gesture. He’s… not really understand of the fact it’s meant as platonic.

- Ol ‘Bulko gets worse as it goes. It’s basically a downward spiral from affection to obsession.

- Bulkhead is definitely more attracted to independence. If you’re hard-headed and can take a hit, as well as defend yourself the whole way through? Be still his beating spark.



- Not a very obvious yandere herself, but not any less dangerous. She’s possessive to a point it hurts even herself.

- She’s lost a lot of people in her life. Those close to her, and those she loved above all else. When she encountered you, it’s almost as if her spark imploded on itself; filling it with emotions she’d never thought she’d feel again. She vowed to keep you safe through any means nessessary.

- Very stalker-y. Will make sure you get home safe every time you travel, calls you consistently to check up on you. Gets jealous extremely easily; more than once your dates have stood you up for… unknown reasons.

- Arcee is attracted to calmness, but she also has a weakness for pretty eyes/optics. If she can get lost in them, there’s a high chance she’s already staring.