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Ratchet’s Dead End Workshop, Pre-War. 

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TFP Optimus, ratchet, Wheeljack, TFRID optimus, Fix-it, and Jazz (If you know about him?) Reacting to getting a valentines from a human or another robot (Mostly a femme)

i don’t know abt jazz, i still need to finish watching season 2 of RiD tbh

Transformers: Prime

Optimus would be…a little confused, and flustered, but he’d enjoy it regardless. He wouldn’t keep it on his person, but he’d definitely keep it in his private quarters, in case he needs a little pick-me-up. 

Ratchet is definitely flustered- but he accepts it nonetheless. He’s an old man, okay- and he has old ways. HE’S the one who’s supposed to give you things, not the other way around!!! He definitely keeps it hung up on his computer console.

Wheeljack is that one s/o who feels like he has to match whatever you got him, so expect something big, because whatever YOU give him means a lot. He keeps it on his person at all times, and loves it so much.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015)

Optimus would have the same reaction as his TFP self- because they’re the same person! Remember, this is a continuity of TFP. 

Fix-it thanks you PROFUSELY and insists on getting you something as well. He loves this so much. He loves you so much. Please don’t give him anything, if you’re planning on leaving any time soon. 


so while I can’t remember the exact quote nor have a direct source, I’m pretty sure that Alex Milne once said in a podcast that he hears TFP Ratchet’s voice for MTMTE Ratchet; and I think he’s also said that’s why he based his young MTMTE Ratchet off of the TFP design

at first I was like “ok yeah I kinda see it,” but then I took a really good look at young-mtmte-Ratchet, and you can definitely see quite a few TFP elements!

the head area is the biggest similarity. we’ve got the large forehead chevron, the ear thingies behind, plus the two ‘lines’ by his neck which I can best describe as a collar or something.  then of course there’s the obvious lifeline thingy on his forearm.

his lower body doesn’t have many similarities but arguably there’s a bit there too!  and then yeah when you start finding similar screencaps, you start to see it more and more (imo).

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That's the problem though i don't think william knows what he said is offensive and the fact that Dre didn't say anything i don't think he'll realise that it's offensive and should apologise :/

Yeah, I’m not one to cancel someone over simple things because I do think some things people say come out of ignorance and not hate. Like I’ve gotten anons about some “problematic” things Demetres has said, but then Demetres hasn’t had black friends outside of Dre, Gary, and Ika. So he’s had a very sheltered life and isn’t exposed to as much as others.

I’m not saying I’m completely done with William, but the whole ratchet thing definitely raises some eyebrows because he could’ve easily said she’s untrustworthy (which he did with the fake lips) and left it at that. But he had to throw in the ratchet comment which was unnecessary.  

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Tfa starscream, bumblebee and MTME Rodimus' gem s/o shapeshifting into other bots and doing really bad impressions of them

Transformers: Animated/Mtmte

Starscream gets a kick out of it. His laughing probably attracts Lugnut and/or Megatron. Run™.

Bumblebee cackles at the sight, and joins you in making fun of the others. The noise attracts Ratchet. Run™.

Rodimus definitely enjoys it, and joins in. Drift also laughs at it- and Swerve if you’re at the bar when you do it. The bad impersonations and laughing attract Ultra Magnus. Run™.