ratchet as house

I didnt leave it like this

Black as a summmers nightime can be chills drift past a psyhos house Ratchet should notice the different atmospher of Eros building, blocks away. The stink of new and living creatures roaming his territory. Cunfussion. What was this??
What had changed sense he been away?
Someone taken his person?
Was someone else sleeping on his closet? Unknown.., tonight, the house was empty apart from Agus, tho the large lynx hiding in the night felt two new creatures if not more had been inside the house and, it was reason to frustrating confusion!! Snort.

He would have to come back later he through, cooling down, unsure if primetive instinkts to mark territory would boost stepping into Eros home investigating. The demon hate that… And, it be embarassing.
Creeping back between the park trees the large cat promised himself to check up on the Manssion each day until he made some kind of sence to why his adopted home stank Intruder.

Shape flickeing the beast goldens peek on his hands returning in a blink, Alixon doubted his existance again? Hum,
Have to find a sulution to this to. oddly less frustrated about his life then the territory, nothing he should do.

Noooow, were to find food if not Eros? Alixons hideout was far outside of the city. To far… And her home was noisy. Frowning Ratchet glance to the moon. Midnight. Maybe he should be lucky catching an owl? Or bats.

lorenammiller  asked:

Months pass & it was time for Lorena to give birth. She was snuggling Obsidian when a major jolt coursed through her. Cries out & let's go of her beloved & holds herself ::Call Ratchet.::

Obsidian sent out a message for Ratchet to get to the house and that it was time.

Good Morning

“Good morning Harry” you murmured sleepily as you felt him begin to stir beside you. “Morning baby” he mumbled back smiling down at you as you traced his tattoo with your index finger. “I really love your tattoo” you whispered placing a kiss to the inked skin gently. “I can tell” he spoke, laughing slightly.

“So what are the plans for today?” He asked sitting up. “Well I was hoping we could stay in bed a little longer” you spoke biting your lip and pushing him back down. “Oh really?” He asked lifting an eyebrow at you as you threw a leg around his waist, straddling him. “Mhm” you nodded placing a chaste kiss to his lips before to his jawline, then neck.

You looked up at him as you placed an open mouthed to his collar bone. You let your finger trail against his tattoo once again because you really do love it, before letting your finger trail down across his nipple that you felt harden at your touch. 

You shifted your lower half to move down, making sure to let your center brush over his dick, getting a throaty moan from him.

You began to kiss down his chest, letting your tongue peek out occasionally as you worked your way to the waistband of his gray briefs. “Lets get these off, shall we?” You asked, not really waiting for an answer as you tugged them off the tall boy quickly. 
Harry just nodded and bit his lip because you were the only one who could get him hard at this early in the morning. You bit your lip as you eyed Harry’s long, thick shaft. You moaned at just the thought of him inside of you.

Whether it was him pounding you mercilessly or him shoved down your throat, because you loved it either way. 
You grasped the base of his cock and kitten licked along the sides slowly and you watched as Harry’s eyebrows creased together in pleasure and his mouth form a little ‘o’. 
You stepped it up a notch and took his tip into your mouth, letting your tongue swirl around the head and press into his slit as your hand gave the rest of his shaft a squeeze.

The moan Harry let out made your stomach swirl because holy shit it was fucking hot. You flipped your hair to the right letting it hang to side, just a bit of it in your eyes as you repositioned you self so that your were on your knees, and your fore arms holding you up against the mattress, your lips just inches from Harry’s cock that was red and leaking with pre-cum.

You locked eyes with Harry who was sitting up a little to watch you as you took his length into your mouth again, bobbing up and down, letting your tongue run along the under side of his cock as you did. “Fuck, fuck, fuck” he chanted as his hands knotted in your hair. You began to play with his balls as you increased your speed, letting your teeth graze his dick lightly.
You slowed down as Harry’s breathing was becoming ragged, showing you that he was close.

You slowly began to take all of his cock into you mouth, feeling it begin to fill down your throat until his tip hit the furthest point and you smirked as you heard Harry swear, “Holy shit!” And his head hit the pillow, not able to hold himself up any longer. 

“Not gonna last much longer” he gasped out as you bobbed up as down even more.

You squeezed his balls and swallowed around his length and you moaned against his cock as he pulled your hair as he came hard, down your throat and into your mouth. You crawled up into his lap and sat him up so he could watch you as you swallowed and he moaned through his pants as he recovered from his orgasm. 
“I fucking love you” he breathed out before attacking your lips.

Someone broke into my house again; I don’t know what the fuck they think they’re gonna find in my ratchet ass house…. Much love xxx