ratchet as hell

Pharma is texting Ratchet from Not-Hell (Or maybe it is Hell???).

I have an issue when it comes to my Patreon rewards. I’ve run out of space in one of my Dropbox accounts. Luckily, I’ve found a work around (aka I’m using a different Dropbox account) but using multiple accounts isn’t going to be a permanent solution.

If I were to receive enough money on Patreon, I could use that money to pay for monthly Dropbox space. In turn, I wouldn’t have to give rid of the higher tier rewards (access to the Photoshop files for all the pictures I make). Please consider helping me out if you can.

anonymous asked:

Hey, u know that really cute ask u did about a human s/o trying energon then throwing up? Would u be able to also do that for Mtmte Swerve and Drift? Pls?

oh my god yes

Swerve, Drift (MTMTE)

  • Swerve would be warning you right from the start that this slag ain’t for you. You were relentless, of course, and he was afraid of getting physical to rip it out of your hands in fear that he’d accidentally hurt you. He just watched, visor bright with fear as you chugged what was essentially gasoline, and… well. There it goes. You’re just standing there, what the hell was he supposed to do? Minutes later it hits you and you start vomiting uncontrollably… Swerve at least had the sense to call for Ratchet. Ratchet had no troubles taking you back to his medbay and healing you up, and understood why Swerve couldn’t stop you.

  • After you start to get better, Swerve visits you pretty damn near constantly when he’s not busy in the bar. He talks to you about some Earth TV shows (some you’ve heard of, some you love, some you had no idea existed) and he’s just generally doing his best to keep your mind off of the sickness.

  • Drift would watch you with a slag-eating grin on his face, as though he knows exactly what’s gonna happen and exactly what he’s going to do. Sure enough, minutes later you’re vomiting like crazy and Drift is picking you up, transforming and driving down to Ratchet as fast as he can. Ratchet scolds the hell out of you (and Drift) but it goes in one audial and out the other for him. He’s still smiling, the fragger.

  • He’d apologize after you started feeling better. Him and Ratchet spend time with you, but it’s mostly just the two of them, lauging, bickering and taking jabs at each other while you watch. It’s not a bad thing, of course.