ratchet and clank: acit

Actual things the Agorians shouted at Ratchet

(Agorians when Ratchet is about to enter portal to Battleplex)

- Haha, what is it? Feeding time?
- Where do you think your going?!
- Hey Shaun! Look! Its your mom! Hahaha
- We’re gonna snap you in half…
- Hey Halfpipe! You must be lost!
- You’ve got to be kiddin me!
- Look what we have here fellas! A lombax!
- Go in! I dare ya!
- He’s a wee little fella, ain’t he?
- Get a load of this guy!
- Dead lombax walking!
- Have a deathwish do ya? Heh heh
- He must be here on a school trip
- Playground’s back were you came from!
- What is it? A rat? A fox? Some kind of space possum?!


Right, so we’ve all seen these, haven’t we? It’s from when Alister was explaining about the Great Clock to Ratchet, but it always went too fast to be able to see it or focus in on it properly. However, I managed to slow it down and found some very interesting and blurry pictures you ought to see…

So first up there are these squiggly cloud-looking doodles everywhere. What are they for? I don’t know, but clearly Alister needed some squiggles. 

That is a picture of a clock. Maybe he thought that the Great Clock was an actual clock in space. Logical.

I don’t know what this is supposed to symbolise, but that looks to me to be a badly drawn Lombax going in a tree. 

And, oh, look. Here it is again.

And then…is that drawn-Alister giving a presentation? 

In conclusion, this “tough” guy…

…is a total goofball.

That is all.