ratchet & clank into the nexus

Ratchet x Reader : Pick Up Lines - Screw You

Wandering into the garage, Ratchet had finally returned from hero work. You half expected him not to return, the rest of the Lombaxes weren’t in this dimension after all.

But how could he leave the person he loved most in the universe?

Carrying Clank over to his room, he noticed you on the workbench, concentrating very thoroughly. Ratchet smiled, inviting himself in. Placing Clank on the bed, spark out asleep, he addressed you.

“Hi, Y/N. You’re up late.”
“Ratchet…?” Dropping your tools lightly onto the surface, you spun round to the noise. There your boyfriend was, stood in front of you and tilting his head slightly in reply. “Ratchet!” Throwing your arms round him was welcomed. He didn’t want to let you go, the flight back had been so long. Clearing your throat, you stood back at the bench, fiddling with all the nuts and bolts scattered across the wood. An air of sorrow washed across your features as the bolt screwed out of its place again. “You came back.”

“Of course I came back,” taking a few steps forward, he peered behind him to look at the window. “Did something happen? Talk to me.” Never taking your eyes off the workbench, you repeated Grim’s words.
“'Promising ship scrubber like you doesn’t want to be holed up here in Veldin for the rest of your days’. Grim was convinced you wouldn’t. I was going to move to Aleero City.”

Sighing, the Lombax pressed his body against yours, forcing your pelvis to dig into the workbench. “Shit… Done it again…” You mumbled, losing grip of the tool again. Bunching your hair with his hands, he shifted it from one shoulder to the other, making room to rest his chin in the crook of your neck.

“What’s the old man got you doing now then? Before tomorrow?”

“Screwing this engine back together but… Of course I’m not a mechanic. I only took it apart to clean it and he forgot you weren’t around to put it back together and I have no idea what I’m doing–!”

“Shh. Okay. I can fix it.” Reaching through, he took the tool from you and began to fix it. “So, anyway, there was this artefact called the Dimensionator, which is broken right now,” Ratchet began, “and supposedly, you can travel to other dimensions when you wear i–”

“Ratchet, why did you come back?” Pushing against his hands, he ceased movement. Your feet spun on the spot to make eye contact.

“Well, why wouldn’t I?”

“You could have used it. Found the others and–”
“What, and left you here?” Ratchet sounded agitated, like you were trying his patience. Placing a hand on his forehead, there was no sign of fever. He swiftly took it from his head, just holding it. “Cut it out, Y/N.”

“I’m sorry it’s just… I don’t understand. You have the ability to fix this; thing and do what you wanted. I’m just a human, there isn’t many of us left either–”

“You aren’t just a human!” He grabbed your arms, shaking you in frustration. “You’re my human. My family. You, Grim and Clank.” Squeezing his eyes shut, the furry man held back tears. You swapped places, so he could hide his emotions. “I care about you.”

“Shit, Fuzzball.” Running your palm across his limp ear, he didn’t take his eyes off of the engine, continuing to repair it. “I wasn’t trying to upset you. I’m just making sure this is what you want.”

“You humans. Needing a reason for fucking everything…”

“Well, you go out of your way for the whole galaxy. Do you not think that you deserve what you want for once.”

You are what I want. I want you.” He thundered, vibrating your neck slightly with his teeth.

“Fuzzball–!” You stammered, giggling slightly as you tried to push him away, shoving at his chest. “You just got back. Aren’t you exhausted?”

“Yeah, but, screwing these bolts made me realise I have some looooong overdue screwing of my own to do.” You gasped in surprise at his bluntness as he gently clasped your throat with a growl.

“You’re incorrigible.”

“Oh yeah? Looks like you’re going to have to deal with it. You aren’t going anywhere.”


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