ratchet & clank has so many so amazing characters

     i get it. i get the hate that the R&C movie gets is understandable, at most. but the undying hatred where they compare the two is just.. not right?? its a reimagining, not a “create the classic 100% for the sake of HD”. i will always love and adore the classics above all else… but i also love and adore the movie very much. due to the movie, we got to see a lot of things—especially ‘what ifs’ and easter eggs and stuff!

     so have some GOOD things the movie GAVE us:

  • we got to see how ratchet would have been like if he had been RAISED, and had a DREAM that mattered. he had a personality more like he does in “going commando”, which while others may say “it destroyed his character” and such… if you were raised in a different situation, wouldn’t you be different too? besides. ratchet just becomes the guy he is meant to be anyway personality-wise, but still has a lot of character development made and needed for the future. there is so much he still needs to learn and do, but generally he is the same lombax we all love
  • we got to explore clank’s past a little more not around the zoni and orvus, no. but as a defect and how others treated him. yet clank never lets it weigh him down and he immediately stands up for what he believes in, even if ratchet protests against it.
  • WE GOT SO MANY AMAZING NEW CHARACTERS. grimroth, the mechanic who found ratchet and raised him, yet kept their relationship strict to the point ratchet doesnt call him “father”, and that makes me weep.
  • we also got zed, this cute little beat boxing robot. i liked him a lot because it reminds me of how DIVERSE the R&C cast was always meant to be like
  • not to mention cora and brax. they’re lovely characters with backstories  (like for example, cora’s homeplanet was NOVALIS and was DESTROYED right before her EYES LIKE DAMN????) not to mention she was so rude to ratchet at first because she worked really hard to become a ranger, and here comes this inexperienced buffoon joining the ranks with such ease. of course she does get past this, and i just !!
  • brax originally was going to be given a robotic arm. DID YOU SEE THOSE DELETED SCENES? DO IT NOW. he’s one badass okay.
  • we got a really neat scenario of ratchet wanting to be a hero, but if you dive in deeper, we realize he talks about “wanting to do more”, “to do something big”, that hes meant to do “great things”. ratchet: “I wanted to matter, ya know?” He doesn’t really mention that much about his desire to be a hero. Even when he was being commercialized, he talked about “WOW IM FAMOUS” and Clank tells Ratchet that fame was overrated… which Ratchet does learn in a way of FAILING TO SAVE AN ENTIRE PLANET. Yikes.
  • we got to see!!! more nefarious!!! and it was really cool how they went about it. since its a reimagining, we can appreciate the fact that nefarious INVENTED all of the amazing gadgets and weapons we all love to this day! such as the ryno! how badass is that? 
  • ratchet knocking nefarious with the omniwrench vs the ryno was a really good nod to “the wrench challenge” in a sense, and plus.. we got to see ratchet use his very own inventions TWICE save the day, meaning ratchet ALWAYS had what it takes to do great and big things!
  • ratchet also learns what it takes to be a hero, and he still keeps his promises despite his dreams (such as going back to veldin because of grim), etc. he holds a lot of key elements that make ratchet… ratchet. it was all because he had someone looking after him that he managed to become a better person faster, however he became EXTREMELY naive because of that, and it was a super interesting aspect to explore with him!

     Anyway I could go on, but I think i rambled enough lmao