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Hello! Can I have Ratchet denying he needs to refuel but his tanks are rumbling and giving him away? 🐝

this is going to get a lil sad cause i have emotions abt this hecker

Ratchet (TFP)

  • He outright ignores you, which of course will only make you even more upset. If you start to raise your voice and make it very obvious that you’re not taking ‘no’ for an answer, maybe you can get it through his head that he’s gonna fuel before the day is over because you are that determined. Even so, you have to remember that this is Ratchet; he’s been in the same situation as you many, many times before (he’s developed a thick hide because of it)– so you’re pretty useless against him at first.

  • Just like his low fuel levels, your pestering begins to wear him down. He turns on you, optics burning bright as he grits out in frustration, “What do you want?” You thought you’d made that very obvious. “Drink up, Ratchet! I can hear your fuel gauge beeping from over here!” Ratchet is adamant and refuses your care. Again. It feels like it’s been hours. 

  • After a long time, you start asking questions. “Why? Why wouldn’t you just take some? Why are you denying yourself that care, medic?” Your frustration got the better of you and acid started slipping into your tone… but Ratchet has frozen. He then turns slowly, mouth pulled tight and optics ablaze with emotion and anguish.

  • Ratchet’s armour flares and he drops his newest invention back on the table. “Do you think I’m starving by choice? Do you think I want to be left like this?” You’re left speechless, stunned, confused. “If we had half the amount of energon that the Decepticons have, do you think we’d have to ration it out so carefully like we do? No. We don’t have that luxury, [Y/N]. We are all starving. Remember the synth-en? That was a treat. That was a damn treat. First time I’ve felt like myself since arriving on Earth years ago. Think of it as a… what do you humans call it, a sugar-high? Think of it as a sugar-high, except your entire life depends on it. We are all starving.”

  • Ratchet had leaned back against his desk and inhaled deeply, optics closing as well as his posture. In the quietest voice you’d ever heard from him, he hisses, “I starve– I starve myself– so that they can thrive.” Ratchet stole a glance at the groundbridge, deactivated until the Autobots comm him to open it.  “Please don’t get hurt, please, please, don’t get hurt.” 

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I really love that ask you just did about the MTMTE bots meeting their human s/o for the first time and how they ask them out!! It was super cute! Do you think you'd be okay with doing the same thing for MTMTE Rodimus, Rung, Ratchet, Tailgate and Cyclonus? Thank you~!! ❤

Of course little lovely!!!!! x3

-He arranged a meeting with you to discuss your safety on the ship and possibly making alternative ways for you to safely go around
-He will see you in the halls and say hi, then it went to small talk, then it went to him searching for you around the ship just to get some sort of conversation in that day
-He fusses up to you, he likes you and it’d be an honor to have you as company to the bar later

-You got sent to meet the therapist, pretty much everyone has to meet him and there are no exceptions
-He decided it was mandatory that you come in from time to time for him to evaluate your psyche since being the only human on board can be a bit lonely, but then he starts falling
-He has a hard time telling you, after all, you’re his patient

-You got sent to the medbay one day because of a minor injury, he helped you onto the berth and ran through the exam like the professional he is
-He would pass you and ask how you’re doing and to remind you he will help you if you need it
-He doesn’t tell you he likes you, someone else does who happened to overhear him talking to the other doctors. Now it’s up to you if you want say anything or not

-He heard about you and immediately wanted to meet you because he’s never seen a human face to face
-He thinks you are the cutest thing ever and asks if it’s okay to be friends
-He starts to realize he is crushing on you and just comes out and says it

-He doesn’t think much of you in your few encounters, but he acknowledges your presence with a nod
-He begins to find things he has in common with you and you two start bonding over that
-One day he asks you if human dating is similar to Cybertronian dating

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Hey! I was wondering if you can do some jealously headcanons for tfp Ratchet pwease? Thank u!

TFP Ratchet

  • He actually gets jealous quite easily, but only in the right (or, wrong) circumstances. For example, if you’re hanging out with friends or family, he has no problem with it - he understands the importance and loves to see you happy
  • However, if someone else if flirting with you obviously, or doing it to get a rise out of him (Smokescreen or Wheeljack would), he gets mad pretty easily
  • He tries not to let it get to him though, and probably just grumbles away quietly to himself; however, the more worked up about it he is, the more passive aggressive he’ll be
  • Announcer in the Grocery Store: Attention all shoppers! Will the owner of a red starship please make their way to the front of the store, your ship is being towed.
  • Ratchet: (to Clank sitting in the cart) Eh, that probably isn't us. Billions of creatures have red starships.
  • Announcer: The vehicle has a license plate that reads "L0M6AX" on the back of it.
  • Ratchet: (to a somewhat worried Clank) That still probably isn't us. It could be someone else who just really loves Lombaxes.
  • Announcer: Apparently, there is a- am I reading this right?- a RYNO V and a bag of double chocolate chunk cookies with the note "Clank, I can explain" taped to the bag in the glove compartment.
  • Ratchet: Aaaannnnddd... that's us.

TFA Stickers!

I’m done finally :’D These will be sold as stickers at our table at TFNation this year!