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Tailgate, tfa ratchet, and bee reacting to their s/o's back cracking really loudly. Cause i've accidentally cracked my back a lot and hoo boy it can be scary...

Pfff haha 

Tailgate MTMTE

He would panic a little bit, because he knows how fragile organic are, and he would think you just snapped your spine in two or something 

Ratchet TFA

He would stop what he was doing, and look over at you with a very confused look

“Primus kid was that your spine?”

Bumblebee TFA

He would cringe and look down with that ‘oh no that sounded bad’ look, while asking if you were ok 

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MTMTE swerve, rodimus, ratchet, and whirl's reaction to their s/o dressing up for halloween?

Yesss more Halloween asks 

Swerve MTMTE

He knows all about Halloween from earth media, and if you asked, he’d totally dress up with you. He might even decorate the bar and rename some drinks for Halloween 

Rodimus Prime MTMTE

“Why are dressed like that????”

Once you explained Halloween, he would think it was pretty cool and would try to celebrate it with you (and by try I mean he gets a ton of energon candy and tries to get the whole ship involved) 

Ratchet MTMTE

He thinks the holiday is silly, but he won’t rain on your costume parade. If you want to eat candy all day while dressed up as a ghost or some such, then you go right ahead, he won’t stop you


“Wtf are you wearing….the fuck is Halloween?”

Once you explain it to him, he uses it as an excuse to scare the rest of the crew. He’ll still tease your costume though 


Do you ever hear something so hypocritical, the world stops working for one long moment of bafflement?

I’m sorry, but Tarn, the guy who melts people alive and leads a torture club and ripped a guy’s head off over a dog to be cool, asking someone else to be reasonable is amazing


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