ratboy genius fandom

The Signs and Tumblr

Aries: Lots of obscure and short text posts, interrupted by a few posts of art or fandom things.

Taurus: Made an account like 2 years ago and has logged in like twice.

Gemini: Posts techy shit, coding resources, probably makes really cool themes.

Cancer: 100% all their posts are social justice stuff. Their blog just oozes resentment towards society. Constantly says ‘uwu’ at the end of passive aggressive posts. Calm urself.

Leo: SELFIES, fashion and celeb photos. Definitely a luxury blog, money, cars, weed, expensive electronics, jewelry. 

Virgo: Art blog, lots of pretty art from all sorts of periods, digital, modern, ancient, renaissance, just a fuckin gallery online.

Libra: Has a vertical blog, mostly nature and landscapes and promo reblogs. What some people refer to as a hipster blog.

Scorpio: Posts really shitty recycled memes, like, 2012 4chan type shit, and only god knows if its irony or not. Lord save you Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Posts Pseudo meme hell, irony and obscure things like Ratboy Genius. Occasionally posts fandom shit.

Capricorn: Anime weeaboo type shit. Stay away, trash zone.

Aquarius: Blog is dedicated to correcting and posting their own astrology shit so they can enforce stereotypes for their signs bc being misinterpreted is annoying as hell.

Pisces: Posts pastel shit, can be pastel goth or like that cutesy sparkly weird shit. Lots of bath bomb pics and small animals. Nice place to be