AOID by Ratboys was featured in GoldFlakePaint! They had some lovely things to say about the album, such as: “A gleaming, joyous, raucous display of melodic indie-rock, AOID still feels relentlessly fresh, even after a good year or so of frequenting it.”

This album is one that withstands the test of time. You can grab a copy on our store if you haven’t already! http://smarturl.it/ratboys

Check out the rest of their tour dates with Dowsing HERE 

The Signs and their Obscure Fandoms

Aries: Saint Seiya

Taurus: doesn’t have one

Gemini: Literally any male K Pop band

Cancer: French musicals

Leo: all their fandoms are mainstream, and if they aren’t they damn well try to make them be

Virgo: German rock bands

Libra: Wes Anderson films

Scorpio: Welcome to Night Vale

Sagittarius: Ratboy Genius

Capricorn: idk probably an obscure anime

Aquarius: Filthy Frank

Pisces: Team Fortress 2