“Ash is eternally 10 years old”

7 tidbits about Pokemon OS episode one and Movie 20, by director Yuyama. From Yahoo!News. Sorry, I only resumed the core parts of the material because I’m on mobile and formatting on Tumblr is a pain haha.

- 1: Movie 20 is a parallel world that is split from the OS episode one, in a ‘what if the story took a completely different route because of the Ho-Oh feather’…

- 2: As Yuyama mentioned in the OHAOHA ANIKI show, Pikachu was chosen instead of the other three starters for the sake of the kids who were playing the RGB games (for instance, if Bulbasaur were the main star, what about the young children who picked up Squirtle?). It’s cute, Thunderbolt looks strong, plus it’s a bit more remarkable than the other ideasthe game developers had suggested him (“what about the monsters you can find in the beginning of your journey?” - Pidgey/Ratatta).

- 3: There are twenty times more Spearow included to the movie than in the original OS episode: they were 50, but now they are 1000 (lol what). Talk about wanting to kill Ash, huh.

- 4: Yuyama says that Movie20!Ash is more fashionable than OS Ash - his clothes are different and influenced by the design created by Sugimori: OS Ash has a different hat logo, larger jacket collar, thicker pants and his shirt is tucked in.

- 5: Although it is a parallel world, the trainers from the opening scene are indeed the trainers we see from Mewtwo’s first movie.

- 6: Yuyama says that Shoko Nakagawa was responsible for being the symbol of 20 years of Pokemon series with the role of Nurse Joy. Like kids admiring their school teacher, you could say that’s the kind of relationship kids in the series have with Nurse Joy. Shokotan grew up playing the first gen of the game and that’s why she represent Pokemon’s 20th anniversary by voice acting a “older sister” kind of role on this movie.

- 7: Ash doesn’t age. Quoting what Yuyama said, “time has not passed since the start of the journey. Ash is eternally 10 years old”. He has written and still writes Ash’s character by placing himself as a kid with the same age.

things that should be fixed/added in pokemon go

an actual functional tracking system where u can see how far away and what direction a pokemon is not everyone lives by pokestops ok

being able to run the game in the background like come on niantic it’s really not necessary to have it open all the time and it kills your battery just give notifications being like “a mantine is nearby!”

an option to only have it notify you when it’s a pokemon you don’t have or one u need to evolve into a pokemon you don’t have would also be cool so ppl aren’t just getting spammed by “there’s a ratatta nearby!”

make it so that u don’t need both evolutionary items /and/ candy to evolve a pokemon who thought that was a good idea honestly

a functional tracking system

pokemon that are higher leveled/high cp should give you more candy when you transfer them a 10 cp dratini shouldn’t give you the same amount of candy as a 1600 cp dragonite

the option to buy another infinite hatching incubator
i am willing to pay you dollars niantic

trading should also really be a thing by now ok i have many pokemon i don’t really care about that my friends really want and vice versa

breeding would also be cool in the future but pls focus on the glaring issues your game has first ok

have i mentioned an actual functional tracking system