Pokemon Challenge Day 7: Just Typical

( @tangent128, sorry for stealing the title of one of your oneshots for this.)

(Challenge here.)

Today is… Favorite and least favorite type! Favorite’s another toughie - Dragon Dark, and Ghost are always wrestling for the top spot (though former two are there more than latter) and I don’t want to do multiple lists like yesterday’s behemoth, so… erm… ah…

…Ah, fuck it, I’ll just do:

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ok everybody i’m joining in

best to worst pokemon generations: 2 3 1 4 5 6
starter picks: charmander, totodile, torchic, piplup, tepig, idk fennekin i guess i aint played x and y yet
best pokemon types: ghost, electric, normal, dragon
worst pokemon types: grass, bug, poison
best pokemon: haunter/gengar, pikachu/raichu, rayquaza, lugia
worst pokemon: ditto, shaymin, tangela, burmy/wormadam, magikarp, feebas, bellsprout, tyrogue, idk who else should i chew out. dunsparce. beldum. ratatta. that ice cream one. the trash bag one
best main game: pokemon crystal
best side game: PMD red rescue team

The suck part about a johto nuzlocke is that every route pretty much has some version of zubat or ratatta and the chances of seeing them are high!

Nuzlocke Update

So things are going well. Several new members to the team. Just beat Whitney, and she was rather simple given the use of Richard and his Rocksmash.

So firstly, Only Richard has evolved thus far, and he’s kicking ass. (For those who don’t remember, richard was a ratatta, now a Raticate) He’s also currently my highest leveled pokemon, at 21, with Vince and Floof, will get to her soon, both at 20.

New members are 

Sylvia the Paras. F, Lv: 15, Bold

Floof the Flaafy. F, Lv: 20, Naive (She’s the egg from Primo, I grinded her majorly)

Willem the Hoothoot. M, Lv:15 (Currently in Daycare)

And Finally, Mince the Pinsir, M, Lv: 14, Lax

I also picked up (Stole) Kenya the Spearow, as a gift pokemon, from the guard between route 35 and Goldenrod city.

So yeah things are going well. Just hurting for money…

Sprout Tower-Ratatta
32-Rattata [KO]
Union Cave-Zubat
33- Rattata [KO]
Slowpoke Well-Slowpoke
Ilex Forest-Paras
35-Abra [Teleported] *SadFace*
National Forest-Pinsir


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F63RnYPk6zs)

Truly top percentage


Got to Violet City.

Caught a Zubat (named Barbara) and a Pidgy (forgot to nickname so I wont be using it) 

Templeton (Ratatta) had a few close calls getting him down to 2 HP both times.

I boxed Luna (Hoothoot) because I think Zubats are 1000X better. So now I’m just training.

Death Toll = 0

Pokémon 20th Anniversary 27-Day Challenge, Day 1.

What is your earliest Pokémon memory? Describe whatever comes to mind, and go into detail about your first initial feelings regarding it.

The earliest thing I can remember about Pokemon is my sister Jordan receiving Red for her birthday. I’m sure I’d heard of it before from commercials and whatnot, but that’s the earliest definite thing I can remember. Although it was Jordan’s, I mostly remember watching our other sister, Hana, playing it. Somehow I still remember some of the nicknames of her Pokemon. Alex the Blastoise. Sprout the Ratatta. Willis the Raticate. Back then I don’t think I ever played it and actually made progress since someone else already had a save file. But I’d start a new game without saving it.

It’s hard to remember five(?)-year-old Brie’s initial feelings about Pokemon. I liked it?

Encontré un mejor pasatiempo mientras que espero que salga pedido en la pega.
Comencé el Nuzlock Challenge en Pokemon Red. Hasta ahora tengo un Squirtle llamado Donatello y un Nidoran♂ llamado Joffrey. Tuve un Ratatta llamado Splinter pero murió a la primera u.u