Most Important Pokemon Go Tips

+ First, drink your liquids. Dehydration aint no game
+Turn on your ringer. It’ll sound cooler and you’ll meet people.
+Click out of all your apps
+Go to settings in game, turn on power saver, dont click your phone off just turn it upside down, put it in your pocket
+Dont buy incense or eggs or whatever, that stuff sometimes comes free with a level up
+When you DO get an alert from your phone (because it dings whenever its in your pocket on battery saver) step to the side so you aint blockin anybody
+If you miss, recover your pokeball by tapping it when its on the ground
+Once you’ve captured your 12 Ratatatatata, check to see if its stats are higher than any other Ratatatatatatatatatata. If not, transfer that shit. It gets you an extra candy so you can level up your dude.
+If you don’t care about evolving, that’s awseome, because your going to have the most powerful Ratatatata/ Pidgey/ Eevee and it’ll kick the local Arcanine/ Moltres/ Chansey’s vanilla cp.108 ass if you just use the power ups.

feel free to add on kids