ratatat loud pipes

Decans Series(Venus) Episode Nine🌴🌴🌴(Sagittarius)

Sagittarius decan one(Jupiter): these natives are a force of nature-often the typical wild boy and girl, they have a natural and raw energy about them but also can seem rather detached and impersonal. They love the idea of connecting but often readily disconnect from anything that’s to engaged to quickly. They live for the chase-anything that’s unattainable but also anything that’s playing to hard to get for too long is a bit too much of long foreplay for them. In some cases they can have fast moving hearts-but more so the heart of a nomad is their truest self. They love being free and want someone they can be free with-for them love isn’t all about having something to ground them it’s about having the feeling of being limitless-seemingly above the clouds all in one person. They can be rather instinctual and often don’t like to involve their mind to much in their romantic liaisons. Romantically they’re relaxed but also emotionally present! They’re often the backbone for their partners-sexually there very passionate and love to roughhouse with their partners and even more then Aries they love a good fight.

Dress style: MASCULINE both sexes can have a natural and almost unbothered look to their appearance. The hair in most cases is thick and at times wavy. I’ve noticed it to be either dirty blonde or dark black. Men tend to have beards while women tend to have playful expressions on their faces.

🦍Gorrilaz Saturnz Bars

🦍 arctic monkeys red right hand

🦍stuck in the sound lets go

Sagittarius decan two(Jupiter+mars): these natives are like a carnival, they’re impulsive yet curious about the world. They have a strong presence about them and in some cases can have a heavy more animalistic shadow hiding behind. They often pursue everything with their upmost passion and fury-at times forgetting to use logic in their hunt. They have very youthful and childlike hearts often easily filled with wonder and nativity to it all. They view relationships in a more easy going light and tend not to sweat the small stuff. For them it’s about the adventure not necessarily the destination. They’re very physically inclined and love to touch their lovers as much as possible. They have a hard time holding on to anger or anything ill intended in the relationship and are typically forgiving! They hate doubt and tend to want everything to be laid out on the table rather than festered upon. Love for them is an all or nothing experience anything other than that for them is a bore. Romantically they are insatiable-they want you in every way-and there is no negotiating.

Dress style: punk rocker kids, the old indie aesthetic with a bit of the old school skater look to them. The jawlines are pronounced and the hair is often thick and coarse with a defined forehead. The eyes look like chaos and you can never tell if their agitated or excited.

🦍Blockhead the music scene

🦍Ratatat loud pipes

🦍Chinese man I’ve got that tune

Sagittarius decan three(Jupiter+sun): these natives are bigger that The Sun itself-bright and warm like a summer day. They can be overwhelming with their immense vitality-they tend to approach life and romance with a wild zest, as if they’re drinking it all up with a straw. Often times they are blunt and earnest rarely avoiding the more nitty gritty aspects of the courting stage. They’re no stranger to love and have a deep desire for it in their lives. Albeit they do get frightened by the idea of giving themselves to someone indefinitely, they do still crave the idea of belonging to someone. Of course in true solar fashion they desire a great deal of love and affection and want to feel like they’re the best there mate has ever had-they want a romance full of the drama and also full of the growth that comes after the drama has played out. They are extremely protective of their lovers and also deeply sexually jealous of anyone who wants what’s there’s. They can be show offs but also big ol babies when it comes down to it. Romantically they are very intimate and do crave a lot of sex! The libido runs very hot and for those that aren’t ready they can be very energetic.

Dress style: they dress very classy! On occasion their outfits always look like something out of a fashion book but they also tend to wear a lot of traditional outfits. Many are strongly attached to their families culture and can wear tribal wear. The hair looks soft and is often very earthy. They eyes are curious in nature and look innocent yet like that of an old soul.

🦍Aloe blacc I need a dollar

🦍Kanye West I am a god

🦍Kanye West feat jay z ain’t not church in the wild.

Venus in Sagittarius v1(vibe they give off)

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Venus in Sagittarius v2(vibe they give off)

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Venus in Sagittarius v3(vibe they give off)

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i saw that day, lost my mind - 2doc playlist

track list:

1. “hold me up”-live
2. “premature blues”-heymoonshaker
3. “first impressions”-sirah
4. “use somebody”-bat for lashes
5. “hard times”-paramore
6. “mr. brightside”-the killers
7. “loud pipes”- ratatat feat. dan avidan
8. “wish you were here”-ninja sex party
9. “tigerlily”-la roux
10. “heavy”-linkin park feat. kiiara
11. “faded (osias trap remix)”-alan walker
12. “a favor house atlantic”-coheed and cambria
13. “drunk again”-reel big fish
14. “it ain’t me”-kygo feat. selena gomez
15. “el mañana”-gorillaz

this is mostly very disjointed i tried to put it in some semblance of an order but??? i also accidentally made it mostly sad whoops

When you accidentally delete the first writing playlist and need to reissue it. Sorry!

50+ songs to get your writing juices flowing!

canon in d johann pachelbel // the riders of rohan howard shore // fantasia on greensleeves ralph vaughan williams // symphony no. 9 in e minor op. 95 “from the new world”: ii. largo antonín dvořák // feast of starlight howard shore // he’s a pirate klaus badelt // welcome to jurassic park john williams // canceling the apocalypse ramin djawadi // psychological recovery … six months hans zimmer // enterprising young men michael giacchino // test drive john powell // davy jones hans zimmer // sandstorm darude // thrice welcome howard shore // battle without honor or humanity tomoyasu hotel // strength of a thousand men two steps from hell // carnival of the animals, zoological fantasy: aquarium camille saint-saëns // hymn to the fallen john williams // captain america henry jackman // mithril howard shore // jupiter, the bringer of jollity gustav holst // crime and punishment senju akira // 528491 hans zimmer // the sleeping beauty waltz pyotr ilyich tchaikovsky // sévérine thomas newman // lumos (hedwig’s theme) john williams // loud pipes ratatat // run boy run (instrumental) woodkid // danse macabre camille saint-saëns // a window to the past john williams // pacific rim main theme ramin djawadi // i am the doctor murray gold // promontory trevor jones and randy edelman // axe or sword? howard shore // xing symphony senju akira // star trek into darkness: end credits michael giacchino // take you down daniel pemberton // heart of courage two steps from hell // courtyard apocalypse alexander desplat // symphony no. 7 in a major, op. 92: ii. allegretto ludwig von beethoven // house of cards main title theme jeff beal // the winter soldier henry jackman // jerall mountains jeremy soule // the wings of icarus celldweller // olympic fanfare and theme john williams // irene’s theme (bbc sherlock) michael price // james brown is dead l.a. style // james bond theme monty norman // ride of the valkyries richard wagner // avengers theme alan silvestri // game of thrones theme ramin djawadi // tokyo revisted tomandandy // blackheart two steps from hell // what shall we die for? hans zimmer // the steward of gondor howard shore // the raiders march john williams // grand bazaar, istanbul thomas newman // fury road: main theme junkie xl // angry and dead again hans zimmer // symphony no. 9 in d minor, op. 125 “the choral”: ii. scherzo: molto vivace – presto ludwig von beethoven ✩ 

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Please do one about when you're doing work in the evening but like not in a miserable way, you're just working your way through it and steam is coming out of your mug and there's pens everywhere and fluffy socks on your feet (basically a playlist for those studio Ghibli GIFs of people studying)

1. Soon it Will Be Cold Enough to Build Fires- Emancipator

2. You Wish- Nightmares on Wax

3. Que Sera- Wax Tailor

4. 2 is 8- Lone

5. Neverland- Takenobu

6. Sparks- Rokysopp

7. Lebanese Blonde- Thievery Corporation 

8. Flip Ya Lid- Nightmares on Wax

9. Loud Pipes- Ratatat

10. Flippin’ It On- Thunderball 

Spotify link

Atmospheric // Zone Out 

By: Alaina

Sometimes we need to take a break and zone out - here is a mix for that. This consists mostly of chill electronic music with alternative tunes thrown in; some featured artists include ViLLΛGE, Slow Magic, TOKiMONSTA, etc. 

Listen to this 8tracks playlist here.

  1. Classic (Powers’ Sunset Mix)  The Knocks
  2. Chandelier (ViLLΛGE Remix)  Sia
  3. Girl  Jamie xx
  4. Stay The Same (featAndreya) – Bonobo
  5. When Will I See You Again (AMTRAC Remix)  Shakka
  6. Brain – Banks
  7. Waited 4 U – Slow Magic
  8. Takeover – ViLLΛGE
  9. Feel It All Around – Washed Out
  10. In The Moonlight (Slow Magic Remix) – Blithe Field
  11. Drugs You Should Try It – Travi$ Scott
  12. Starchild – Mothica
  13. Blessa – Toro y Moi
  14. Gods & Monsters (ViLLΛGE remix) – Lana Del Rey
  15. 27 – Samiyam
  16. Awake – Tycho
  17. Sakamoto’s Spring – TOKiMONSTA
  18. Free Baby – Mr. Carmack
  19. Loud Pipes – Ratatat
  20. Let It Be (feat. Veela) – Blackmill
  21. What It Feels – Real Cosby
  22. Anywhere But Here – Shlohmo
  23. Catch Me Riding Dirty – Samiyam
  24. Just, Hold On for a Second – Sango
  25. Dye – Tycho
  26. Sorry Safari – Slow Magic
  27. Middle Of Things, Beautiful Wife (Stwo Remix) – Sango
  28. Dear Mama – Mr. Carmack
  29. Waiting Game – Banks
  30. Tell Me – Giraffage
  31. Open – Rhye
  32. Sleepless (Christoph Andersson Remix) – G-Eazy
  33. Smoke & Mirrors – TOKiMONSTA
  34. Alberto Balsalm – Aphex Twin
  35. Steal My Attention – TOKiMONSTA
  36. Talamak – Toro y Moi
  37. Beautiful Light – Uppermost
  38. Potato – YYSHIDD
  39. Tea Leaf Dancers – Flying Lotus
  40. Far Nearer – Jamie xx
  41. Ocean Bed – Zoo Kid/King Krule
  42. Do a Trick (Kodak to Graph Edit) – Travis Porter
  43. Touch My Body (Cyril Hahn Remix) – Mariah Carey
  44. We Were In Love – Ta-Ku
  45. Stargazing (Yinyues Remix) – Tinashe
  46. Sunset – The xx
  47. Never Leave – XXYYXX
  48. The Stars – Catching Flies
  49. Valley Girl – Luvian
  50. Gone – The Doppelgangaz

Photographer: Jenieva Marie.


“When the fires, when the fires are consuming you and your sacred stars won’t be guiding you. I’ve got blood, I’ve got blood, blood on my name.”

tbh i die every day cause of this piece of trash

1. Blood on my Name (the brothers bright) 2. Loud Pipes (ratatat) 3. Bad Things (cults) 4. Arsonist’s Lullaby (hozier) 5. Laughing with a Mouth of Blood (st. vincent) 6. Dread in my Heart (mother mother) 7. Saltkin (purity ring) 8. Plains (wye oak) 9. They Pray Execution Style (forest fire) 10. I Like Pretending (IAMX) 11. Perfection (oh land) 12. We Are on Fire (cocorosie) 13. Froot (marina & the diamonds) 14. Very Good Bad Thing (mother mother)

no.6 motherfucker ✂

They deal with shit. Ripping apart the government needs to be accompanied by raw music.

cover art by NadzomiViro, edit by me


no can do - tech n9ne// planetary (go!) - my chemical romance// work (jacob plant remix) - iggy azalea// no church in the wild feat. frank ocean - jay-z & kanye west// this town, your grave - innerpartysystem//born to die - lana del rey//  gasoline - britney spears// everybody wants to rule the world - lorde// colors of the wind - vanessa willams// power feat. dwele - kanye west// loud pipes - ratatat// bulletproof - la roux// break the ice - britney spears// youth - foxes//

have you been desperately searching for a playlist with electronic-y music vaguely related to sock sowachowski? probably not. here’s one anyway.

listen here

The Reeling Passion Pit III Project X Soundtrack Yeah Yeah Yeahs III  Die Young Ke$ha III Loud Pipes Ratatat III Destroy Everything You Touch Ladytron III Lisztomania (Max Liese Remix) Pheonix III Crawlersout Purity Ring III Nowhere to Run Stegosaurus Rex III I Get Around (Midnight Juggernauts Remix) Dragonette

clone club dance party: a mix straight from the library of dj cosima niehaus to get you through the hiatus

1. water prayer rasta mix / adham shaikh ft. matt the alien 2. creator / santigold ft.  switch and freq nasty 3. d. a. n. c. e. / justice  4. electric feel (justice remix) / mgmt 5. fading listening / shiny toy guns 6. o. n. e. / yeasayer 7. seventeen years / ratatat 8. cities in dust (ft. lauren rocket) / junkie xl 9. thunder clatter / wild cub 10. carried away  / passion pit 11. what you know / two door cinema club 12. rich girls / the virgins 13. spectrum (calvin harris remix) / florence + the machine 14. loud pipes / ratatat 15. lay your cards out / poliça 16. double down under / the crystal method 17. grammy (soulja boy cover) / purity ring 18. shove it (ft. spank rock) / santigold 19. henrietta / yeasayer 20. newjack / justice 21. boom clap / charli xcx

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“Loud Pipes” by Ratatat, featuring Dan Avidan

Seriously, listen to this, guys! Dan wrote the lyrics to this and sang it and he sounds beautiful! If you don’t know who Dan is, he’s the co-star of the YouTube shows Game Grumps and Steam Train, as well as the frontman to Starbomb and Ninjasexparty. Plus he’s about the only guy I’d go straight for.