rata sum

So, recently Blatoy.7682 and I (Chokapik.3741) have been developing a small web game called “Escape from Rata Sum” and we finally decide to share it. It was really fun to make, and we hope you enjoy it!

The concept is quite simple:
Recently, Rata Sum has become quite a dangerous place. More and more riots are taking place in front of Moto’s box because of Bookahs coming from all over Tyria. The city is now hostile: you need to escape from Rata Sum.

Here is a link to it: http://orikaru.net/ratascape

- Controls: Arrow keys.
- Remember that you can accelerate, slow down and hold the “jump” key to jump higher.
- Sorry if there are any lags (should work well for Firefox and Chrome at least).
- Some stuff won’t work on mobile, although you should be see what the game is about, at least.
- Try to get the highest possible score, and share it with us .

Good luck, and have fun!

P.S.: Any feedback or suggestions would be really appreciated.

please do not remove! (thank and/or give feedback on the official gw2 thread here)