rata sum

Maguuma Jungle - Rata Sum - Lower Research Stacks
Ferocious “Bear”: Come on, let me out! I’m not really a bear!
Prison Warden Zikki:
Keep it down, talking bear. You’re going nowhere.
Prison Warden Zikki: When you’re done pacing down there “Doc,” can you get your talking bear to shut up? He’s riling up the other inmates.
Mad Scientist Bluup: You fool! He’s a norn!
Prison Warden Zikki: Ha! Oh, you crazy scientist. It’s that kind of lunacy that has you locked up here.

Pros and Cons to Playing Each Race in Guild Wars 2



• In body lengths per second, you’re the fastest race in Tyria, able to keep up with a Charr.

• You’re very small, and hard for a larger person to see as you stab their ankles.

• Everyone else thinks you’re adorable.

• Your starting area is full of intellectual challenges, which is pretty fun.


• That whole “asuran supremacy” thing is a little worrisome.

• If you’re not an academic type, it’ll be a lot less fun.

• You have to worry about your progeny being stepped on by a Norn

• The leading cause of death in your city is falling off the side. 



• You GLOW in the DARK, how cool is that??

• When you say you’re asexual and someone asks “Like a plant?” you can say “Yes, exactly!”

• Your starting area is beautiful. Seriously beautiful.


• You’re flammable. Elementalists, please be careful.

• You were literally born yesterday. You have no life experience. A human your size is almost as old as your entire species.

• The bridges in your city have holes in them. And you thought Rata Sum was bad!



• You can run on all fours and literally pounce on things!

• You’re definitely the fluffiest race in Tyria, and you’re ALSO the most intimidating.

• Along with the Asura, you’re the technological domineers of the entire world.


• Everyone thinks you’re a furry (though maybe this is a pro?)

• You feel kind of slow and awkward. Why are those Asura so zippy?

• Everyone has to fight in a war. Like everyone.



• You can shapeshift. You can turn into your guardian spirit. You can become some kind of weird were-bird while the cat people look on in awe.

• You’re super tall. You can reach things that are higher than other people’s houses.

• You don’t get cold very easily. The winter winds are yours to command. Ice skills come easier to Norn elementalists than they do to anyone else.


• Everyone will want you to grab things off of shelves for them

• You have to worry about stepping on Asura progeny

• Alcoholism is kind of a problem in your culture



• You’re hardy and strong. You’ve pushed and been pushed back, but humans still have a large presence in Tyria, which you owe to the dedication and hard work of your people

• You have six whole gods! That’s more gods than anyone else!

• You’re descended from literal aliens. That’s so cool!


• The Charr kind of still hate you.

• Humans are hardy, sure, but a lot of nations have fallen and you’re kind of in a bad spot at the moment.

• If you’re not Krytan, there’s like a 90% chance you’re a refugee that had to flee your homeland… that’s pretty unfortunate.


Maxx spots an unusual sight in Rata Sum: an asura that seems awfully similar to himself. Vex, of course, assumes the worst at first. But maybe this is the start of a nice friendship.

HOO. This took me a while. I’m actually really proud of it because I never finish comics ever. :D
Started this back in July when soda & I started talking about these two potentially meeting as a surprise. I wound up showing her halfway through, though, because I wanted to get Vex right. =v=

Vex is @radioactivesoda-gw2‘s, Maxx is mine!