rata sum

Maguuma Jungle - Rata Sum - Lower Research Stacks
Ferocious “Bear”: Come on, let me out! I’m not really a bear!
Prison Warden Zikki:
Keep it down, talking bear. You’re going nowhere.
Prison Warden Zikki: When you’re done pacing down there “Doc,” can you get your talking bear to shut up? He’s riling up the other inmates.
Mad Scientist Bluup: You fool! He’s a norn!
Prison Warden Zikki: Ha! Oh, you crazy scientist. It’s that kind of lunacy that has you locked up here.

My little headcanon

Somewhere in the Durmand Priory’s library there is a book called “Alternate Universe: Finding Earth”. It was written by an asuran scientist who claimed he found another universe and could see how it looked like or even travel there. The book contains descriptions and stories from a different world;It’s more primitive one, as people don’t know the teleporting technology, they don’t have magic at all;their struggles though are pretty similar to Tyria’s (except from dragons ofc). Asura who wrote the book was called insane and banished from Rata Sum, and the book itself was criticised and then forgotten.