rata sum


GW2 Fashion Week

Day 5: my fourth character Revenant/Herald Leyjjai


  • Head: Reading Glasses
  • Shoulders: Carapace Pauldrons
  • Chest Inquest Breastplate
  • Arms: Radiant Vambraces
  • Legs: Mistward Legguards
  • Feet: Mistward Warboots
  • Back: Quaggan Killer Whale Backpack

Weapons: Bonetti’s Rapier, Peacemaker’s Axe and Hammer

Dyes: Strawberry, Pastel Rose, Glint’s Sanctuary, Silver and Fluff

Leyjjai may look cute but she’s a feisty young woman, always knows how to counter a verbal attack. She is typically asuran and one of the best Synergetic-graduates you’ll ever encounter.

When she was a child her powers of connecting to the mists first manifestet and thus she now researches them in order to find out more about the Eternal Alchemy. She also got picked on because of her bad eyesight in school.

Now, as a young renown and quite proud scientist, she should actually have an easy and calm life…but not too long ago she encountered Shaan, an Inquest member, who appears every now and then to tease her a bit.

She hates him…or does she?

Wow this got dark.Sorry guys haha. But this is actually what Jack has to deal with with the common folk in Rata Sum. Hence why he doesn’t spend a lot of time there. 

Also haven’t been feeling too well on my end. And I apologize haha. I really like how his came out. This was mostly to practice poses.. Especially a squatting pose as I haven’t really drawn squatting poses a lot… Also really wanted to try and draw his head at an angle where it was almost profile, but not quite…Been trying to get better at what I do. And I guess it’s getting there *shrug* heh.

Please don’t take this post the wrong way~ I’m actually happy this came out the way it did. :>