Up Against the Wall Motherfuckers & International Werewolf Conspiracy
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Long ago The Ancient Ones told that these things would be. The white man would kill the spirit of the peoples and take it to a far place, but after a while it would come back again, it would be born again. In time a new spirit would come into the world and we should look for it. Like the rain drops gathering in the clouds of the springtime so would the spirit come to a thirsty land and a dying people. It would bring back life and hope and make them great again. We have seen the beginning of this spirit in this people. Let it grow ¡Let it grow! This light you must find. When you seek for your vision on the mountain top you will be told how to find it. For it will be something so big and wonderful that in it all peoples of the world can find shelter and in that day all the little circles will come under the big circle of understanding and unity. The rainbow is a sign from that which is in all things. It is a sign of the vision of all the peoples like one big family. Seek the Vision - become a Warrior of the rainbow. Let it Grow! ¡Let it grow!