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A picture of the lovely Mr. O’Connor from Murdered: Soul Suspect! This game needs more love, so here’s another art from me! To achieve the accurate ghost effect I still had to completely color this, so I put in a closeup of the not-dead colors in there too. Thanks to an Anon for suggesting more Murdered!

Conan X Iced Coffee! Even Jigen ordered it for him once ☕ 

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Jake Peralta has spent his entire life thinking that he's not good enough and blaming himself for other people's awful life choices because his jackass dad couldn't get his life together to take care of his kid and as a result Jake's never had a proper male role model to look up to and therefore is constantly trying to prove himself worth other people's affection while all the while believing himself to be forgettable and worthless and putting on a cheerful, confident and joking facade to mask this, not even stopping to think that he is genuinely one of the most freely loving, compassionate, selfless and kind-hearted human beings to grace the Earth and now that he has finally found a proper, stable setting in which he's slowly coming to realize that people DO care for him irregardless of his accomplishments (or lack thereof), due LARGELY to the presence of Raymond Holt in his life and his gentle yet firm discipline, continued support and sincere belief in Jake's goodness, Madeline Wunch decides that her rivalry with Holt is more important than the lives of a precinct full of young, hardworking people and transfers Holt as abruptly and suddenly as Jake's father left him the first time and Jake is now left once more repressing his feelings of abandonment and probably instinctively blaming it on himself for not being better, not being smarter, not being able to do anything and even with Amy and the squad's support it's going to take a hell of a long time to rebuild that self-worth back up to where it was and that's just really freaking sad and I am not fine at all nothing is fine nothING IS FINE AT ALL THIS BOY RESERVES THE WORLD AND LOOK AT WHAT HE G E T S