rat trap

I know this might be a bit of a stretch, but consider:

What if Junkrat’s life wasn’t on the line when Roadhog begrudgingly agreed to be his bodyguard?

What if he had managed to lure Roadhog in and trap him? Rat’s pretty smart; if he can engineer bombs and plan heists, I imagine he could probably outfox Roadhog on a first meeting.

What if the reason Roadhog wasn’t excited about it at first was because he was caught in a beartrap and had a grenade launcher pointing down his snout?
What if it was begrudging not because “ugh, it’s Junkrat”, but because of the humiliation of being tricked and having to accept an offer just to live?

Just a thought.

Supergirl 2x07

After they escaped Cadmus, they went straight to Kara’s, tended to their wounds… and obviously changed clothes. But. Did they also take a shower, or…?


Dustin the Turkey and Bob Geldof - Rat Trap

“2 sugars please Bono”

I will never apologise for loving this.

30 Days of Television

Day 01 - Your favorite show ever BEASTWARS/BEASTIES

hands down one of the greatest shows EVERRRR and my top favourite the show had everything u could want and was all that and a bag of chips….from optimus just being primo boss and amazing to cheetor being what bumblebee from movies shoulda always been….to fukn rattrap and dinobot jokes for days….to the epiccccc epic dinobot death scene….the show is just fukn awesome and if u never watched it i feel sad for ur childhood