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30 Days of Television

Day 01 - Your favorite show ever BEASTWARS/BEASTIES

hands down one of the greatest shows EVERRRR and my top favourite the show had everything u could want and was all that and a bag of chips….from optimus just being primo boss and amazing to cheetor being what bumblebee from movies shoulda always been….to fukn rattrap and dinobot jokes for days….to the epiccccc epic dinobot death scene….the show is just fukn awesome and if u never watched it i feel sad for ur childhood

Beast Wars Query

So I started re-watching Beast Wars from the beginning again and couldn’t get over how utterly ridiculous their names were when you think about it. Now, hear me out. So, they land on the planet and have to create the Beast Modes to survive, that’s cool, but they immediately step out of the chambers in their new forms saying things like, “Hey, I’m a cheetah. No, I’m Cheetor” or “You can call me, Rat Trap” and they all instantly adopt these new names to match their beast modes.

So, did they not have names before they became animals? Optimus and Megatron obviously did, but what the hell were the rest of them called? Were they just numbered or something? Referred to by their job title maybe - Navigator? Wise-sciencey guy? Little-robot-that-for-no-foreseeable-reason-has-a-New-York-Accent?

Did every single character on the show seriously hate their former name so much that they all took the opportunity to rename themselves as soon as humanly possible when they got their animal modes? Isn’t that a little crazy? If you and your friends suddenly all got make-overs forced upon you, would you immediately change your names to match?

I have to say, I find their lack of identity disturbing.

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[And then things get more confusing when you’re suddenly named after animals you don’t look like anymore.]


The little rat screeched out at the sudden appearance of the other, looking ready to flail around and call for ZuBattany. Luckily she knew near nothing of ghost pokemon and even more so, this one seemed polite. They had done nothing to cause suspicion and so Vivi fell into the possible trap.

The rat spoke meekly, embarrassed by how she had acted. “Are you a fan of mine?”

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