rat sound


Tina: Oh my god, I’m so hungover. I’ve never been this hungover.
Graves: I feel great. I ran 5k this morning.
Tina: Really? 
Graves: No, I threw up in the shower. 

(Parks and Recreation; season 3, episode 13: The Fight) 

About Ted’s escape attempts at Florida State Prison : “The first he had initiated on his own and had worked at nightly, filing away at his cell bars and pasting them back together with dirt-dyed toothpaste. When his work was discovered by a guard during a routing tapping of the cell bars, he was transferred to the disciplinary cell block. There, to his surprise and delight, he found himself in the middle of another plot in progress. His first night in solitary, Ted told me with some relish, he had heard scurrying outside his cell. He couldn’t see what was going on because the cell had double doors, with outside door having just enough room to shove meal trays through. The noise had sounded like rats, but the shadows cast had looked much larger.

On the second night Tad had sent out a coded message on a bar of soap attached to a string: “I know there’s something going on, let me in.” No answer. The next night Ted had sent his message out again, this time including a threat to squeal. By return soap bar he learned they had fashioned keys with their toothbrushes and were able to let themselves out at night to roam the hallway and smoke marijuana they bought from the guards. Ted wanted a key, so, as often as he could, he would send his toothbrush out in the hallway attached to his line, and another inmate would retrieve it with another string with a hook attached. The unofficial locksmith would make some tentative cuts and send it back down the line. Ted would test it in his door and return it. He had been in love with the project.

Finally, the night came when he stepped out in the hallway. There were other inmates, mingling, lounging, getting high.

Ted had said, “Let’s go. It’s just a matter of time before this operation is blown. We’ve got to go now.”

“We can’t go,” the other had protested. “The razor wire would tear us to shred.”

Ted’s reaction was, “So what? it’s better than sitting here waiting to die. At least we’d have a chance to be free!” Then their real reason for staying behind came out.

“But where would we go once we got out?”

Ted was dumbfounded.

“Where wouldn’t you go?”

when the kid who thinks they’re real good at singing turns a jam sesh into their own personal concert

Poor little rat

At most pet stores feeder rats(snake food) are not very high on the list of priorities. However, I have grown attached to many of the mama’s we have and other breeders because I clean and work with them almost every day.
A few days ago, while I’m cleaning, I hear some horrible fighting in our pet rat breeder bins. It sounded more wild than the occasional snip I hear when one gets just a little too close to an other.
Usually if you open the bin one might try to make a run for it to jump out. This time a white rat just trots over and hops onto the lip of the bin. Poor thing was tore up to the point of almost being neutered by the larger male that had been left in there. The babies in the bin had also been tore up from all of the fighting.
I was so pissed because someone changed the bin and didn’t pay enough attention to realize they left two males in with one female. So of course they are going to fight. What made it worse was no one would fess up when I asked them about it and I know my boss won’t give a damn about the rat since they aren’t the cute, fluffy thing everyone wants to buy.

“You’ve raised two undead monsters, roll for initiative.”
“I never healed after the rats.”
“Sounds like a personal problem.”

a-rat-and-a-blob  asked:

Frustrated and annoyed with the results, Twitch kept rummaging around the accursed treasure room. "C'mon... C'MON!" Twitch shouted as he kept throwing stuff into different piles, sometimes unintentionally destroying them. All of it was useless to the Plague Rat. Stupid shiny gold. Worthless gems. Where's the power!? Where's the worthy ingredients!? The key to his sentience! He was told it was here, but WHERE! He kept sniffing around.

A low, dangerous growl echoed from the doorway. The imposing form of the jackal stood the other side of the threshold, bare anger in his eyes, fixated on the rummaging rodent amidst the disarray that used to be… less chaotic.

“WHO gave you leave to be here?” He almost barked at the creature carelessly tossing those artefacts around. Many of them were common enough articles… Though he seemed more incensed with how brazen someone was, to try to pilfer something from one of his troves.

His fists clenched. Knuckles popped audibly from that alone; taking a step towards the intruder, then halting. Eyes narrowed. The little one was armed, the jackal had but his fists.

It feels oddly surreal, sitting here with Harry Potter between his thighs, philosophising about the Dark Lord. He smoothes Harry’s hair back. “When you start playing with anagrams of your name, I’ll worry. Particularly if they’re pretentiously French.”

“What, like Malfoy?” Harry says, and Draco flicks his forehead.

"Don’t be an arsewipe.”

Harry rubs the spot above his left eyebrow that’s turned a bit pink. “Not much you can do with Potter, though.“

"Rahyr Trepot? Draco suggests and laughs. “No, wait.” He spells it out on his fingers. “Part Hero Try! Or Tart Hero Pry!”

“Or Other Parrty.” Harry wrinkles his nose. “Not really screaming immortal dark wizard to me.”

“I don’t know. I’m rather partial to Rat Hyper Tor. Sounds like you should be an earth mound in Glastonbury.

Cat and mouse… okay, okay, the skeleton’s based more on a rat. But mouse sounded better. Shhh.

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discourse in the flute section! a girl said “wow i don’t even think (first chair, he’s a guy) deserves his spot… let the women have a chance, i mean he’s prolly gay and doesn’t belong in the band anyway lmao”

um bitch sit your ass down you are fuxking last chair and your tone quality is equivalent to the sound a rat makes when it dies, i don’t think you should be talking

this situation was more homophobic than sexist but yknow, they’re still being arses to the lgbtq community lol (first chair isn’t gay but it still is insensitive af)

What are you thinking about? (Pt 3)
  • What she says: Nothing.
  • What she means: I mean, I get how Ratatoullie had some equality undertones to it, but I'm not sure I want a rat touching my food. I mean, did they get those animals vaccinated because it didn't look like it. How did that even pass restaurant requirements? Isn't it, like, illegal to have rodents in your establishment, let alone work there? And how were these animals getting paid? They don't use human currency, which leads us to believe they weren't getting paid at all. Isn't that animal labor? Does animal labor count as animal abuse? I love how everyone's just like, "Yeah, okay, thousands of rats are working in the kitchen," and no one ever questions it. In fact, this actually boosts their business. It also shows how lazy restaurants are getting because they'd rather have rats cook the food than do it themselves. Like, was this movie really about a rat following his dreams, or was it just Disney boycotting how horrible food-service is?

I love how Stephen Gevanni, guy with the most italian-sounding name, wasn’t the one infiltrating the mafia

but totally not suspicious Ill Ratt was

don’t mind him 

literally named Sick Mouse

fucking Ailing Rodent

SPK decides to shove motherfucking bubonic ass Stuart Little into the goddamn den of the mafia infuckingcredible