rat rules

thanks for tagging me, rat @txnightalxve
Rules: You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list the first ten songs & then tag 10 people
1. Work - Rihanna ft Drake (omg)
2. TRNDSTTR - Black Coast (Lucian Remix)
3. Talking Body - Tove Lo
4. Hold Up - Beyonce
5. Send My Love (To Your New Lover) - Adele
6. Shape Of You - Ed Sheeran
7. Say It - Flume ft Tove Lo
8. The Night Is Still Young - Nicki Minaj
9. Roses - Chainsmokers ft ROZES
10. Sexual - NEIKED
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Victorian(ish) AU

basically a ‘snowbaz in Victorian England’ fic I started months ago and never got anywhere with

Their moments were hushed whispers and kisses washed in moonlight. They were subtle brushes and fingers laced together in dark alleyways. They were ‘I love yous’ exchanged in brief glances and soft smiles thrown across rooms.

Their moments were carefully calculated and thought out, because they’d both be dead if anyone knew.

“Even your washroom is posh.”

“Simon, be quiet, someone could hear us.”

A lazy piano sonata drifted in from the hall and Simon furrowed his eyebrows. “Not with that music playing.”

“I hate you and that stupid lopsided grin.”

“Everyone does.”

Simon leaned against the bathroom counter and ran his eyes over Baz, who was dressed in a black tailcoat. He felt like a child in comparison with his grimy street clothes.

“Are we going to kiss?”

Baz pinched the bridge of his nose and let out a sigh. “We can’t here.” Malcolm Pitch had a strict ‘no street rats in the mansion ’ rule, and Baz shuddered at the thought of what would happen if his father found him kissing one, especially a bloke. In the mansion. “Outside.”

Simon Snow was beautiful under the moon. His hair glowed silver and his eyes shone brighter than the stars. Baz tangled his fingers into his curls and pulled Simon’s lips to his.

“I want this all the time,” Simon said breathlessly.

Baz gave a halfhearted nod. He wanted, needed, this, but he couldn’t leave the city. His father’s company would be in his hands in a few short years, he couldn’t cast it aside.

“So do I.”

But their love could only exist beneath the cover of the night sky.