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Fun fact: I'm doing a class thing where we have to have to have a group of baddies and good guys and in mine the baddies are naked mole rats ruled by a sphinx cat and the good guys are a random assortment of other rodents

Replace the whole gang with Flinstones characters and make the show a reverse Captain Caveman

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i... guess junkrat is culturefaking? i mean his va is just doing a mock australian accent whereas most characters have VAs who come from countries/countries with similar dialects or languages to their characters but junkrats va is simply a fake.... not a mate..... wouldnt throw a shrimp on a barbie with him.... he doesnt know what a maccas is. its a disgrace. stefi i also like how you didnt mention how i said junkrat used to be hot

junkrat is simply a fake… not a mate….

Protect Her (Percival Graves x Reader)

Anon Request:  Can you do a Graves x reader where he saves you from someone and is just really protective and takes care of it and afterwards he’s still worried and wants to make sure you’re okay and comforts you? Protective graves just sounds too cute and there’s none out there ahh

AN//: This is my first story so I hope I do this prompt justice because it is so freaking adorable!! I am taking a quick break from ships to write this because it has been sitting in my inbox for about 4 hours now and I have been eyeballing it ahaha hope you enjoy!! words in italics are thoughts 

Word count: 1, 081

Warnings: None 

“Y/L/N Stay behind me at all times, last thing I need is you getting injured” Graves said, gesturing behind him. Graves wouldn’t admit it to anyone but he really cared about you, ever since you joined his Auror team he couldn’t tear his eyes of off you, you were so gorgeous and intelligent. He tries so hard to suppress his feelings for you since it went against MACUSA rules but every time you say his name his heart beats a little faster and he feels his breath being taken from him.

“Come on Mr Graves, you know I can handle myself. I wouldn’t be here if I couldn’t protect myself and others” You snap back at him, you always felt like he was babying you and even though you found it sweet it got tedious sometimes.

Suddenly 6 figures apparated in front of you, spells started flying every where. You start running towards a pillar to get some cover when all of a sudden you were pulled back and a spell flew right where you were about to run “This miss Y/L/N is why you stay behind me” Graves breathed out heavily, shaken up at almost losing you “Thank you sir but we need cover come on!” You exclaimed

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Are there any reasons people are voting Cody for AFP that do not involve Paul? What has Cody done that no one else has done in this game besides getting evicted twice? Are people really going to vote a transphobic, racist man AFP because they’re letting their hate for rat boy rule their lives when the goddess Dominique is an option?


My girl Pumpkin recently celebrated her third birthday. It’s a big deal because she’s the oldest of all my ratties. The first to live three years.
She’s in great health for her age, aside from a large mammary tumor and a cataract. She has her own single level cage now but she spends most of her time free-ranging on the couch or my bed. She actually sleeps in bed with me, under the pillows on “her side” of the bed, or next to my pillow. To say she’s spoiled would be an understatement, but she’s my baby.

We Were Doomed From The Start (Junhao Zombie Apocalypse AU Angst)

Summary: A place, a world, a way of life not so far away from our own. Where the living get consumed by disease, their corpses pillaged and raised to walk the streets; entire cities abandoned, humanity reduced to cowering in its corners like rats. The Grey Flu ruled the world now. Xu Minghao and Wen Junhui were just two more of its loyal subjects. Junhao. Angst. 

(A/N: the masterpiece that me and Jaycen (@the-shinee-knight) wrote as a team because forever we’ve been wanting to write something together. I didn’t realize how much I missed the rp style of writing. but seriously Jaycen is one of the most amazing writers ever - what he wrote here brought me to tears and then what I had to add myself only made me cry more. I don’t think there’s much more to it than that. obviously the title is from a Fall Out Boy song because I love my 2007 emo - even tho this song is from like 2014 but whatever. also idek if Minghao even has a sister or any siblings at all but this is what I wrote because fanfiction. warnings: blood, gore, lots of angst, tears, and pain. hope you enjoy it anyway, though ;) -Tanisha<3)

We Were Doomed From The Start.

The King Is Dead… 

The sunrise.

It used to be beautiful. It used to be serene, welcomed, pleasant.

Now it was just a reminder of another day in hell on earth.

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