rat records

And another thing.

I am like the OG rat. If you piss me off, and you are not my friend, I will rat you out to the government. I have a long track record of ratting people out to the government. I have lost a total of ZERO battles in that regard. Correct. My win rate is 100%.

It’s in your best interest if you have engaged in any sort of illegal activity whatsoever to stay far away from me. You are talking about a girl whom went to the FBI to complain about Elon and the hacking. He did the same for me. (As a backhanded way of getting all of your torture and psychosis on record, which I do not agree with and will be having a conversation about).

So take a step back and be like, oh, these are two people who resolve relationship disputes by bitching about each other and ratting each other out to the FBI. Per the record, the FBI maintains that settling our relationship disputes is not in its wheelhouse. Then, of course, after they gave me advice to combat the cyber security breaches, I just asked to be in the digital witness protection program instead, because apparently no avenue was safe.

The point is, what do you think is going to happen when these two people team up together eventually. Like nothing is sacred. We will rat each other out to Presidents of the USA when we annoy each other. We don’t give a fuck. So I would probably be really afraid to come up against us. That’s just my two cents. Do what you want.


It’s almost like Game Grumps isn’t Danny’s only job. It’s almost like he’s also in a comedy band–no wait–two comedy bands, and is currently working on two new albums. It’s almost like he’s 37 years old and in charge of his own life and can decide what he wants to do with it. It’s almost like he has a life outside of playing video games for a Let’s Play channel. It’s almost like there are a dozen or so other people in the team who can be there to entertain their audience. It’s almost like they all have their own individual projects outside of Game Grumps that also make them money. It’s almost like they’re all not professional at what they do in the first place??