rat patrol bike club

Max has been bad at the internet lately. But, hey, he’s bad at everything! He finally printed up the Jeef Junk patches for this year using one of his un-patented super tiny screen printing set ups. Did you go to junk parade and are reading this? Send your address and you’ll be sent a patch. Since you almost certainly didn’t go, send your address and maybe you’ll get a sticker or something. Probably not.


Max visited the department of fleet management with Alexis and Cris to have a little build day working on chopper trikes and trailers. Max built this little number for hauling bikes and other dumpstered goods. In this instance its hauling a tiny shopping cart. How cute is that? Real cute. It’s real heavy and loud, just like some good music. Although, come to think of it, loud and heavy aren’t really characteristics of a good trailer… so it’s not a very good trailer by those standards. Oh well…


Max had a little build day in the snowy backyard of bummer city. Winter hits hard so he built this stupid house Trike, officially named “Safety Third: the bummer city house trike” Alexis loves long names like that. Its made from an old unicycle donated by Caitlyn. And don’t worry, its take apartable so it can still be used as a unicycle. Hooray! There’s talk of slapping an odometer on it to find out how much “indoor triking” we do this winter. There will be video of action riding soon!