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Companions react to some how being turned into 10 year old versions of themselves and Sole has to take care of them. Parental instinct activate!

Lol I feel like if FO4 was a TV series, this would be a funny spin off episode where some egghead at the Institute was trying out some reverse-aging technology that backfired. D’aww I bet they looked adorable too. S/O to FO3 for doing some of my job for me. Thanks for the creativity anon <3

Cait: Little roughhouser she was. She took to wrestling with the other kids at Sanctuary and bedtime was an absolute nightmare as Cait would be climbing all over Sole instead of trying to snuggle in bed. She still had her tough streak and refused to cry when she got boo-boos but she seemed to be very receptive to physical contact like hugs or pats on the head. It attached her to Sole more.

Codsworth: He… he was just a floating motor! 10 year old Codsworth reverted into the production phases where only his voice box and hover technology had been installed on a small scrap of metal. It was rather hilarious to see a floating box with big personality though.

Curie: Curious. Very very very curious. About everything. Sole thought most kids liked one food and stuck to that but no, Curie wanted to try everything, go every where, touch every object. It was blatantly clear she was a bright child with a level of open-mindedness that Sole rarely even saw in adults. She was, however, extremely receptive to praise. She would blush right up to her ears and lower her head all embarrassed. Really cute.

Danse: Oh boy where to begin with Danse. Well he certainly lacked all soldierly decorum he had when he was an adult. Sole almost forgot that he had a street rat past as many items of theirs all of a sudden went missing (mostly candy) and were later found in Danse’s room. He was so ready to help Sole and fight things (to protect them, how cute), but he couldn’t really shoot a gun. Sole fretted for him and had to extra watch their back.

Deacon: He was a Houdini kid. You take your eyes off him for one second and *poof* he was gone. This understandably caused Sole a great deal of worry as they yelled all over Sanctuary only to find that he had been lounging up on a roof all day. Geez, Sole had to consistently remind him that hiding from them was no good and made them worry about him. Little 10 year old Deacon was a lot more fragile that adult Deacon.

Dogmeat: *riff!* Tiny teeny puppy Dogmeat with a little lapping tongue and small waggy tail. Sole protects the sweet baby at all costs.

Hancock: Holy moly… Hancock pre-ghoul 10 years old was one of those kids where you look at and go “damn… that kid is going to be a heart-breaker when they grow up.” Too bad he was a little troublemaker. This little shit enjoyed causing trouble that would cause Sole to come running and scold him just to get attention. All the other little kiddos loved him though as he was the insidious ringleader of trouble.

MacCready: Holy guacamole. Sole thought that maybe… his aversion to foul language might have been built upon some sort of personal moral code from childhood but NOPE! He was like a little demon spawned from the depths of hell. He kept calling them ‘mungo’ whatever the hell that meant, but it was definitely being used as some sort of insult. Sole had to channel their inner child and remember all the fart jokes they had learned in order to make him laugh because he was just not warming up to them.

Nick Valentine: Ohhh who’s the kid now?? Nick seemed to be frustrated with this little body but he still seemed very much more mature than his 10 year old body would suggest. He would be leading Sole by the hand like a little gentleman and displayed all the manners he remembered in order to be as he said “a respectable man.”

Piper: What a creative little tyke. Piper was so wrapped up in showing Sole what she had made or what she was currently doing it was cute. Her face would light up and she would ramble on and on about how cool Cuddles the Deathclaw in her comic book was and how she and only she was the Deathclaw tamer princess. Sole patted her precious little head.

Preston: The kid everyone wishes their kid was like. You said something, he got it done. Go to bed? There in seconds. Finish your food? Eaten. Don’t follow me into the Commonwealth? Not a complaint. Even his posture was straight and Sole made sure to bring him back tons of comic books that he read for hours on end in his room.

Strong: Sole didn’t even know it was Strong at first. Pre-FEV Strong… A dulcet little voice called out to Sole. His name was Enrique and he barely spoke English. He had the absolutely largest, most sweet eyes they had every seen. He was a big kid for his age but his chubby cheeks only made him that much more adorable. He stayed glued to Sole’s side shyly. Well they weren’t expecting that.

X6-88: Quiet kid. Even when Sole tried to talk to him he wouldn’t say anything. He would just withdraw into himself and not respond. Sole realized that he would come out of his shell when he was ready so they made sure to stay by him always. Eventually when Sole brought out a Fancy Lads Snack Cakes box, they saw a glint of interest he had never expressed before. Oh Sole was certainly his favorite now; the only one he opened up to.


Maxson: Sole didn’t know what they were expecting but it wasn’t that. Maxson was… sweet, and timid, and helped anyone that needed it regardless of what species they were. Seemed to be very insistent upon doing everything himself and learning. Said that’s what someone important to him once taught him. He was proficient with a gun much to Sole’s surprise. What raw talent!

Father: “How do you like me now mother? Is this more what you expected?” Sole stared at Shaun with his extremely oversized, dragging on the floor, lab coat and confident bravado. Whereas synth Shaun had more of a manufactured personality, real Shaun reminded Sole very much of Nate/Nora. He had little mannerisms that they hadn’t seen since pre-war times with their spouse. He even had their little eyebrows… Sole was fiercely protective of him.

Desdemona: She wanted to always be with the animals. She loved them like crazy. Whereas she didn’t really care at all for Sole nor any one else at Sanctuary (except Dogmeat), she loved to take care of all the Brahmin and molerats. Her hair was super fluffy, like angel cherub hair fluffy and Sole could not stop petting it! Even though Des would swat their hand away all embarrassed.

Glory: She was a tough kiddo and she didn’t need anyone telling her otherwise! She was even proud of her scrapes and bruises she would get (much to Sole’s dismay) and would show them off like little trophies. Sole had to physically peel her and Deacon away from each other as they were likely to get into fights every now and then.


If there is any one Rat Fink item anyone should ever own, its this one.  The 1960′s kustom car icon is brought into glorious 3 Dimensions thanks to a Japanese company called Dunk.  And yes, its made of vinyl!  The detail is staggering.  I feel like I’m getting punched in the face with tiny crevices and bumps each time I look at this thing. My Rat Fink, what big teeth you have! What a big nose you have! What amazing translucent plastic eyes you have! All the better to look awesome on my shelf with.  I think Big Daddy Roth would be proud.

reasons to love Cole
  • he’s like a kid
  • he wants to help people
  • he’s a fade nerd with Solas
  • a cutie patootie
  • he fought a rat to return an item to Cassandra
  • he tries to understand Dorian
  • he wants to help Dorian with his relationship with his father
  • he gets excited when Sera finally refers to him him.
  • he likes hats
  • he asked dorian whether he was handsome out of innocence.
  • he’s a cutie patootie
  • His knock knock jokes
  • he collected blades/swords/knives because of fights
  • he would sneak into the kitchen for Cassandra
  • he left a wooden duck on Dorian’s bed
  • he understood Blackwall
  • still an adorable kid
  • HATS.
  • he’s the inquisition’s baby.
  • he calls Iron Bull, THE Iron Bull.
  • Cole.