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Secrets - PART THREE (Kim Jiwon/ Bobby) feat. Got7′s Jaebum

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TITLE : secrets

TYPE: aNGST, girlfriend!AU

PROMPT: you find out that Bobby cheated on you while in the US and another bad surprise comes your way…


You stormed out of the meeting room and chased her, adrenaline coursing through your body.

It isn’t her fault. She’s not the one you’re looking for. The one you’re really looking for is Jiwon and you know it.

You reached the end of the corridor and you looked left and right, but you lost her. You didn’t know what was into you that day, call it pregnancy hormones, but you were finally ready to give her a piece of your mind.

You jogged down the stairs to the dance studios, hoping to find her there. You walked as you peeked through each window.


You picked up your pace as you neared the last few dance studios, which you knew were not in use as they were due to be renovated and were absolutely not in working condition.

“I still love her hyung, its just YG…” You hear muffled crying as you pass by the last studio, but didn’t really hear what it said.

“Wait shh dude I hear footsteps,” A voice which you clearly make out to be Hanbin’s resounds.

You instantly feel you heart drop as you place your hand on the door handle, knowing that it was Bobby crying inside.

The man you had been trying to avoid for so long… does he really need to know?

You bite your lip as you cower behind the door, making sure you couldn’t be seen from the window of the door. You sigh to yourself, tears streaming down your cheeks as your grip on the door tightens and you shiver as you burst in tears, but eventually, you decide it’s best you let go.

You turn around, leaving it all behind as you find yourself in the lobby of the company that would be yours soon. Your desire to look for Jisoo gone as you chuckled to yourself for even having that notion of childishness.

Looking for me?” You hear a sickly sweet voice behind you and you whip around, only to confirm your suspicions.

“Ki…Kim Jisoo,” The forbidden name left your lips as your mouth fell agape.

“Well if it isn’t our dear Miss Yang, future CEO!” She said sarcastically and cackled, clapping, “Listen up, ______, if you think you being the CEO will break me and Jiwon apart you can dream on, okay? You and him are over. Stop being so fucking clingy and showing up here all the time it irritates the hell out of us,”


The word stabbed you again and again as you felt the anger rise up in the pit of your stomach, eyes glistening as images of that fateful night you caught Jiwon and Jisoo replayed in your head. You clenched your fists, intending to speak up for yourself as planned but you found no words leaving your mouth.

She strolled up closer to you, as you stood rooted to the ground, paralysed and unknowing of her intentions. She leaned down and whispered in your ear.

“You know what I plan to do?” She giggled and you immediately gagged, “I intend to bring him to my debut stage and ‘accidentally’ leak some photos of us being romantic to Dispatch. Wouldn’t you love the publicity it would bring to your company? Especially after Blackpink’s debut, I’m sure you would love that for your company wouldn’t you?”

“You wouldn’t dare” You snarled, reaching your breaking point. “You wouldn’t fucking dare!” You raised your hand and struck her across her cheek. She smiled devilishly, to your surprise, before looking at you dead in the eyes with a piercing, cunning glare.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing!” She screeched.

She jumped at you, pushing you to the ground as she grabbed your hair and pushed you down.

You were about to retaliate, when something dawned on you - the baby.

“P-please! Stop!” You cried. She smirked at you as she straddled your waist, ignoring you and tugging on your hair some more as you two wrestled on the floor.

“I-I’m p-”

Just as you were about to say it, a hoarse voice shouted at the same time.

“I’m pregnant!” “Stop it Jisoo!”

At that, everybody froze. You looked at where the voice came from and everything came crashing down.

 “You’re what?” Bobby widened his eyes in disbelief.

 You shared eye contact for a good 3 seconds, before you took this chance to push Jisoo off of you, taking flight and sprinting to your car.

 But of course, compared to Bobby you were no match and all the running was to no avail as he grabbed onto your hand.

 “You’re pregnant? Whose is it?” he spat at you and you scoffed in disbelief.

 “Funny that you would even ask me that when you’re the cheater here, and you still don’t trust me?” you said, looking down with a sarcastic smile almost whispering to yourself but making sure it was loud enough for him to hear.

 “W-what? Are you really…” 

You stayed silent.

“Tell me! Why are you… pregnant?” he said, trying to be nice, but you maintained your silence.

 “Yah _____! I deserve to know!” As soon as the words left his mouth you snapped.

 “You deserve to know?” You laughed to yourself, “On what fucking term do you deserve to know? Oh Kim Jiwon you are the most self-centred rat I have ever met in my life. You cheat on me and don’t even try to win me back and here you are telling me you deserve to know who the father of your child is? Who the hell do you think you are? Do you know how hard I have tried to avoid you? Why did I even fall in love in the first place Jiwon?” You spat, tears streaming down your eyes.

 “Y…you don’t mean that.” Jiwon muttered, tears forming in the corners of his eyes but you didn’t notice as you just gazed at the road.“I… heard everything by the way, you being CEO and all… a-a-and I just hope we’ll work well together,”

 “So you heard Jisoo too?” you interjected.

 “Y-yeah… I guess she’s not always like that I-”

 “Face it Jiwon she’s a bitch and you know,” he bit his lips as the words left your mouth, forming a small smile as he reminisced your true funny character as well as because it was the truth.

I have no choice, _____. He wanted to say to you but he kept his silence.

You turned your heel, preparing to walk off.

“Wait… just answer me…w-whose is it?”

You laughed bitterly at his lack of trust in you.

“It’s Im Jaebum’s”

wuvvums  asked:

I had Petz 3 as a kid and I didn't know that Petz 4 wasn't that different. But I was wondering where do you get all these mods? I am googling petz 4 mods and not finding anything

you gotta know the right keywords to search I guess. Here are some links

bear in mind you can only breed cat breeds with other cat breeds and dog breeds with other dog breeds. The game is happy to crossbreed any fucked up species you want as long as they’re both classified as the same filetype.

catz 4 breeds - got good stuff like dragons, ponyta, unicorns, aliens, and some normal cat breeds too. I remember loving their dragon as a kid.
dogz 4 breeds - same site, more animals.

pinecone cattery - big selection, cats, dogs and all sorts

vpn research centre - lots of fun breeds like rats, elephants, birds, horses, cars, beholders, DADAist art, etc

malevolvent - cute cuddly lookin’ breeds as well as some funky ones

endos rel - more fucked up fantasy breeds, dinosaurs and shit

Four Ways a Story-Based Roleplayer Can Screw with a Stats-Based DM

I’ve always been more of a written roleplayer than a tabletop gamer, so when I got introduced to DnD I had a few very interesting adventures with DMs who were more accustomed to the stats-based, kick-in-the-door style of adventuring. Most of these ended in hysterical laughter for me, and my DMs beating their heads against the table in frustration as they tried to pick up the shambles of what had formerly been their supposedly airtight plans.

Here are a few of my favourites.


In my first campaign, my human fighter, Keshena, had been a small-town girl before she deserted the military and became an adventurer. She was a bit innocent and a bit naive, but what she did have was a fantastic, in-depth knowledge of folktales and small-town superstitions.

This came in handy by my second session, when our party was split up in a dungeon. Keshena had walked into a hallway that immediately sprung up the illusion that it went on forever, and had promptly failed her disbelieve check thanks to a low wisdom score. She walked a little ways, but got nowhere. When she tried to turn around to leave, the same thing happened in the opposite direction. The DM smugly asked me if anyone else knew where she’d gone, thinking I’d have to wait to get her out until someone else could come rescue me.

My response, of course, was to say, “I close my eyes, turn around, and walk backwards down the hallway.”

The DM stared at me for a minute, surreptitiously made a roll, and said, “You walk about ten feet and then bang into a door.”


Later in the same campaign, our party had gotten split up again and Keshena was travelling to meet two of our missing team members along with the dwarvish Rogue/Barbarian and a Psionic NPC who was being temporarily controlled by a visiting friend. We arrived in a town, aiming to cross the bridge in the north in order to track down our missing members as well as Keshena’s younger sister, who had been mind-controlled by the big bad, only to discover that said big bad had placed an army of orcs in our way. Our first encounter was with a sergeant riding a war-rhinoceros.

I made the suggestion that the Psionic use his mind powers to influence the orc into climbing down off the rhinoceros. At this point, the DM started going, “oh shit, shit, shit,” and praying for a failed roll. It was not a failed roll. The orc climbed down off the rhino. The dwarf cut his throat. Keshena, as the character with the highest Handle Animal skill, climbed up onto the saddle and loaded her companions up behind her. Our DM proceeded to spend the rest of the battle swearing as I had her rampage their own rhinoceros through the orcish lines.

Of course, all great things are brought to their foul end, and Keshena’s rhinoceros was deliberately and savagely killed as soon as the encounter was over. I continue to mourn its passing to this day.


This later campaign was with a different DM, and was just a one-off adventure he had picked up somewhere and wanted to play with a few friends. I was one of the only people in the group (aside from him) who had played DnD before, so I set up my character (a Paladin whose name I can’t even remember at this point) by myself while he assisted the others. When they reached the stage of buying gear, he told them to just get the basic gear packs, since it probably wouldn’t matter much and it was much easier. I, on the other hand, flatly refused, and proceeded to spend some time selecting my ideal gear.

Fast-forward to partway through the adventure. We had fought our way through the forest and finally entered the cave system where the bulk of our endgame would take place. Immediately upon entering and as soon as we had closed the door behind us, a swarm of rats converged on the party, making all the usual disgusting chittering noises that rat swarms are wont to do. I, thinking quickly, reached into my bag and grabbed one of the vials of alchemist’s fire I had purchased, and tossed it into the centre of the growing mass. Half the rats caught on fire; the rest scattered. The party was greatly relieved.

The DM, on the other hand, stared at me for a moment, then said, “Well, I didn’t even get the chance to have you roll for initiative, but I guess I’ll portion out the experience now.”

“Oops,” I said. “Was that supposed to be an encounter?”


The final story, and the one that received the most hysterical laughter from the rest of the players (including, this time, the DM), was another one-off premade adventure, with a third DM. We, a low-level party, were trawling through a dungeon, and had come upon a room with two animated skeletons, one of which had a fiery glow in its ribcage, and a fountain against the wall.

The first of the skeletons (the non-fiery one) was dispatched quickly, but the other one, despite being surrounded, refused to die thanks to a combination of poor rolls and a modicum of damage resistance. The situation would have been dire, except that the DM was also rolling horrendously, and the fight was going on absurdly long with nothing happening.

Our level one Sorcerer was largely staying out of it, as there wasn’t much he could do with the rest of us all clustered around the skeleton trying to murder it (again). However, after several rounds of nothing, he got bored and cast detect magic on it, trying to figure out what was going on with the fire in its chest. The DM let something slip that suggested to me (a longtime player by this point) that the skeleton would likely explode if we managed to damage it sufficiently.

The Sorcerer warned us. We had a quickly yelled conference while continuing to attempt (unsuccessfully) to stab the skeleton. Then my fighter, Sasha, suggested we throw it in the fountain.

The suggestion was met with enthusiasm from all sides. The DM was too busy laughing to try to stop us. The Ranger immediately tackled the thing and tied it up with a rope, and we heaved it bodily into the fountain. The glowing fire fizzled out, and our DM reported that we’d made an excellent choice, all things considered, since when it died it was supposed to have done 6d6 damage to anyone standing within range of it, and we were all still level one at this point.

Something ended up coming out of the fountain and trying to eat us all, but it was still easier to deal with than that one motherfucking skeleton.