rat heads

If only there had been one little line added to the scene…

“This isn’t torture this is vivisection. We’re experiencing science from the perspective of lab rats.”

*Sherlock leans his head against the back of the room and closes his eyes*

“You know something John? I meant it. When I told her I loved her the second time. I felt it. But look what I did to her. Look how hurt she was.” Pause. His voice quavers as he says “It was all my fault.”

*silence and Sherlock takes a breath*



could you imagine kara, being the little shit she is, changing alex’s ringtone to the kim possible ringtone. y’know the one im talkin about. and alex picks up and unbeknownst says “what’s the sitch?” and then kara just fucking loses it

“we need to g- what’s so funny?”

and kara at this point is wheezing, “i can’t believe you did the thing!”

“kara, now is not the time, there are aliens terrorizing the city!”



This has been stuck in my head for literally the past three days and I’m so mad that it and the other street songs aren’t on the official soundtrack

(video isn’t mine)

this house is falling down on our fucking heads
the rats are chowing down on our fucking beds
our bosses and our parents think we’re fucking reds
the commies think that we’re a bunch of fucking feds

i get knocked down, but i get up again
can’t keep me down
i get knocked down, but i get up again

the crime scene is covered in our dna
our lawyer sucks, who else could we afford to pay?
our friends aren’t coming, no matter what they say
our friends aren’t coming, no matter what they fucking say

i get knocked down, but i get up again
can’t keep me down
i get knocked down, but i get up again

there’s a feeling in the night, i wake up sweaty
words like “home” are disconnected from their meaning
no, i’ve never really believed in safety
there are things i’ve never known but will always be mourning

All of the Marauders in a car, absolutely wankered because ‘oh sure people are not supposed to drive drunk - it said nothing about WIZARDS driving drunk!’
Of course they’re pulled over and when the officer reaches the car there’s a huge fucking stag at the wheel, a wolf-dog in the back with a rat sat on its head and a furious Remus Lupin in the passenger seat.
“I can’t - *sigh* - I really can’t explain this”

Monsta X reaction to their partner having uncontrollably frizzy hair

Request - A reaction to their gf having like uncontrollably frizzy hair

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