rat bowl

Jay Adams, circa 1988-89, smacking a tap slap front slash in the Egg bowl’s deep end.  The grind was done over a tag that read “55 ^notsalbaland” then “ Salba, we were here, you weren’t-Soy Zipperhead, Jay Adams, Venice surf and skate rats”  . Later on this photo was used in a Thrasher cover, Jan 89′, with the quote mentioned. This is a classic photo that depicts the attitude of jay, focused and angry action face and pure aggressive style.

Rip jay

-Photographed by: Luke Hudson 

the beatles

bunch of rats with bowl haircuts. Bunch of intolerable hollering fucks squawking about peace and love. Bunch of crotchrot mothetfuckers.

The AUDACITY of being hippies piggybacking off of black music and also being a band headed by a violent homophobic antisemitic asshole who beat his and abused his wives and sings like a cow stuck down a storm drain…..tell you what, old man john lemons better watch his back in hell cause I won’t hesitate bitch!! I will explain to satan himself why I dropped him and the devil will be like “good call”.

also hey jude is the aural equivalent of violent sharts so jot that down.

Don’t think about Michael lying in Cell 25, trying not to throw up as Nichelle and Tara put him though misery.

Don’t think about Michael thinking about his mom, about how scared he is that it’s too late to save her; about Taylor, the girl of his dreams, the one he couldn’t protect; about Ostin, about Jack, about Wade, who he dragged into this, he forced them to do this.

Don’t think about Michael about to fall in the rat bowl, thinking this is it- this is the end of the Electroclan, of him, this is it and the Elgen are finally going to win.

Don’t think about Michael sitting numbly, sitting there thinking this is his fault, it’s his fault Wade is dead, he dragged Jack and Wade into this. He paid Jack and Wade to come with them, and now Wade is gone and Jack is probably going to kill himself soon.

Don’t think about Jack holding onto Wade’s body, regretting he never got to tell Wade how much he loved him. How much he cared about him, how proud he was of Wade for fighting against his grandmother and never giving up.

Don’t think about Michael holding onto Taylor like she’s going to leave again as they hear the news that the Ranch was destroyed and there are no survivors.

Don’t think about Ostin realizing he never gets to see his parents again, they’re gone and he told them he’d come back to them. Don’t think about Ostin staying up all night putting together equations just trying to distract himself, rejecting Abigail’s numbness because he needs to feel it, he needs to be reminded why he’s fighting the Elgen in the first place.

Don’t think about Michael sobbing as he hugs his mom, because she’s here, she’s not gone, everyone was okay, and regretting the fact that Taylor might never get to see her parents again.

Don’t think about Taylor, who had to leave her parents thinking they’d given up on her. Don’t think about Taylor sobbing as Michael attempts to save her dad from the gunshot.

Don’t think about Michael hanging on top of the tower, holding on for dear life as he struggles to stop himself from sobbing as he thinks about everyone he’s let down- he’s killed his best friends, he’s killed Wade and Tanner and Gervaso- and there’s a madman out to get him just for being born.

Don’t think about Michael’s last thoughts before conducting the electricity that will once and for all stop the Elgen, or so he hopes, and then all he sees is black.

Please don’t think about this- let’s just be excited for the next book together.

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summer playlist?

santeria - sublime 

how to fly - sticky fingers 

the zephyr song - red hot chilli peppers 

see the sun - the kooks 

baby you’re out - mac demarco

when did your heart go missing - rooney

dreamland - sticky fingers 

beverly hills - weezer 

candy wrappers - summer salt 

she’s electric - oasis 

steal my sunshine - len 

heart - dune rats 

weekend - smith westerns 

bowl of oranges - bright eyes 

junk of the heart - the kooks

mardy bum - arctic monkeys 

island in the sun - weezer 

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Hi :) I'm pretty new to rats I kept one when I was a child poor rat, my main questions are what bedding and food people use for their rats I'm really concerned about bedding because of their respiratory issues. What fun activities you can do with them and whether to get 2 or 3 and make or female for a beginner. I have a local breeder who desexes, vet checks and everything before they go, and what size cage I currently have a 2 story but will upgrade as they grow but not sure to what :)

@notalltreellamas I want to preface this entire reply by saying that The Rat Gugu on Youtube is one of my favorite resources for rat care! TheRatGuru has a playlist called “Rattiepedia | The Ultimate Guide to Pet Rats” and it covers all of the questions you asked PLUS a ton more stuff! :) I highly recommend checking out the channel!! Also, Ratblr exists so I’m sure there are a ton of blogs that you could peruse or send asks to if you have any other questions or want to know about specific setups or ideas they’ve posted on their blogs :D

There’s also an INSANE amount of DIY enrichment, hammocks, and other cage decor on pinterest. Rattie toys don’t have to be expensive, either, since there’s a ton of “Dollar Store DIY” toys and enrichment ideas out there! Google is your best friend when doing research so don’t be afraid to ask questions or dig a little deeper to find an answer!

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“Beside him stood a smallish man resplendently decked out in the plush livery of the Fittes Agency. Unfortunately the body within that uniform belonged to Quill Kipps, so he overall effect was like watching a plague rat lick out a bowl of caviar. Yes, the classy element was there, but it wasn’t what you focused on.”



- As @skleero would say, “This counts as a date. Sorry. I don’t make the rules.”
Other characters from Marco’s school are enjoying the texmex goodness: Hope, an unnamed character, and Blake (the guy with impressive beard growing skills) and Unnamed Girl Who Was Sitting In Star’s Seat Before Being Kicked Out From The Class To Make Space For The Princess are having a date. I’m sorry, Jackie x Blake shippers.

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#212 Riser

(Lol what I wrote really has nothing to do with the song I just really liked this idea ok)

“Lay your pretty head down on my shoulder, you don’t have to worry anymore. This old world is cold and getting colder, and I know how to lock and bolt the door.”
“Ok, I’m back. I got some soup from that place down the street, but they would only let me get one. So here.” Dan walked into the alley where you currently laid against the wall.

“Dan, you need some too.” You choked out.

The harsh winter air, as if it knew you were already freezing, blew a harsh breath right down the alley where you lived.

“No, it’s fine. You’re younger than me, you need it more. Drink up, sis.” He half heartedly smiled at you and held out the small styrofoam bowl.

You took it into your pale hands and sipped it lightly. The warmth spread in your chest- it was amazing, considering the only thing you had to warm it was a thin t-shirt. A little while later, your eyes began to droop. You always tried to stay up with Dan but it never worked.

“It’s fine. Get some sleep,” he wrapped his arm around you and pulled you to him.
“I’m strong enough to hold you through the winter, mean enough to stare your demons down. The hard times put the shine into the diamond, I won’t let that keep us in the ground.”
Winter in England seemed to last forever. Since you were really too frail to stand up and walk around, dan was always going and getting you soup. He was actually only three years older, but he had to grow up fast when times got hard.

One day, he nearly attacked some teenage girl. You were sitting with one of the styrofoam bowls, asking for a little money to maybe buy a cheap hoodie or some food. A girl walked past and scoffed at you, kicking over your bowl.

“Stupid rat,” she laughed. She’s lucky she got away before Dan got up.
“I’m a riser. I’m a get off of the ground, don’t run and hider. Pushin’ comes to shove, hey I’m a fighter.
When darkness comes to town, I’m a lighter. A get out aliver, of the fire
“Dan, my stomach hurts. It hurts so much.” You moaned one night. Your stomach always kind of hurt from hunger, but today it was so much worse.

He sat up from his box pillow. “I’m sorry, sis. We’ll get medicine soon, okay? Just try to go back to sleep.”

“You promise? It hurts real bad.” A few tears prickled your eyes and ran down your dirty face.

“Pinky promise.” He smiled at you.
“If we ain’t got no money I can make it. And I ain’t afraid of working to the bone, when I don’t know what I’m doin’ I can fake it. I’ll pray ‘til Jesus rolls away the stone.”
“Look! A nice man gave us five pounds,” he walked into the alley. “Only a few more and we can buy your medicine.”

“No, use that to buy food. Get some bread or something.” You looked up from your curled up position.

“You’re annoying, you know? Being all selfless like that.” He joked.

A few days later, he came back with almost twenty pounds. “Isn’t this amazing? There’s a piano two blocks away and I played it and people gave me money!” He cheered with some coughing in between.
I’m a riser, I’m a get off of the ground, don’t run and hider. When pushin’ comes to shove, hey I’m a fighter.
When darkness comes to town, I’m a lighter. A get out aliver, of the fire survivor.
Dan tried to hide the fact that he was getting sick from you. You could tell, but never said anything.

“We have almost forty pounds. I’ll go get your medicine,” he declared one day, trying to push up from the wall.

“No, I’ll go get it. I think I can get up.” You waved your hand and shakily got up.

“Sis, that’s the first time you’ve gotten-” he began to have a coughing fit. You pretended you didn’t see the blood.
I’m a trier. I’m a get down low so I can lift you higher. An army couldn’t keep down my desire.
You didn’t know what medicine to get for Dan. Whatever was making him so sick was in his chest, so you went with something that had to deal with that.

30 minutes later, you came back to the alley to find Dan laying on his stomach.

Assuming he was resting, you continued. “Hey, I got medicine and some bread. Wake up, you need it.” You shook his shoulder.

No response.

“—i mean, it’s a great idea! don’t you agree? and simple, too! all you do is take a bowl with rats, yeah? and you place it upside on someone’s stomach and then you heat the bowl so the rats have to chew through flesh to escape the heat. i don’t know why gaia won’t allow it. interrogations would be so quick and easy!”