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How to make a Disney Channel show (aka, Disney is obsessed with using the same set of characters over and over again)

Many people feel the need to have a really smart character. It’s important that the girls look flawless, but the guys should look like as much of a geek as possible.

To make the above character look smarter, you can add a dumb character. Make sure to give them a very confused facial expression as often as possible, and let them ask questions that should be obvious for someone their age.

You’ll always need a guy who’s character relies for about 50 % on their looks. Why else would anyone watch the show?

To match the  hot guys, you’ll need a girl who is so flawless, you begin to feel like they can’t possibly be real.

The audience needs someone to laugh at, right? This is where you add either a character who is incapable of understanding the word “no” or a character who is just considered a “loser” by most people. And try not to give them too much character development.

But to keep the smart person from seeming boring, we need the rebel friends who doesn’t care about grades, and who always get’s their friend in trouble. But don’t worry, you can always fix it up with a sappy apologizing scene at the end.

There has to be some kind of official antagonist. My suggestion, is you go with Matteus Ward, or at least someone who looks like him. Or you can go with a stereotypical blonde girl.

Every show needs grownups. Keep them there for, comic relief, embaressing the kids, being protective, giving deep motivational speeches and cry upon realizing that their kid’s are growing up.

He’s actually the butler

Not a parents. He’s their sensei.

Not a parent. He’s an uncle.

Add a couple of cute kids and animals

Or if everything fails, just throw in a bunch of boyfriends and girlfriends that we’re all gonna forget anyway.

Or, you know, do something original instead

Here’s trailers to all the shows I’ve been using. 

Good Luck Charlie

Pair of Kings (not a good version)

Shake it up


A.N.T Farm

Lab Rats 

Austin and Ally 

Dog with a blog 

Liv and Maddie 

Kickin It 

I didn’t do it

Girl meets world

Mighty Med 

Please do not keep your rats alone. Please especially do not keep your female rats alone. I am seeing this so often on tumblr and it’s so, so concerning. Your rats are social, intelligent animals that thrive on companionship. Unless your rat has medical or behavioral issues that keep it from being comfortable or safe around other rats, there is no excuse for only having one rat. You cannot fill the void in your rat’s life, you cannot take the place of another rat, no matter how much time you spend with and invest in your rat. You cannot sleep cuddled up with your rat when it is in the cage, you cannot groom your rat, you cannot provide your rat with the security that being around its own kind provides. You are not a rat, so you cannot fill the role of another rat in your rat’s life. Please keep your rats in same-sex pairs at least!


here’s a very terrible and uninformative way to draw my rats~!

A very important step i can’t draw is to follow lots of rat blogs and absorb visual information and desires to own *from* them. :-)

hope it’s in the very least semi-helpful hoho

a VERYvery  important step is to draw with the shakiest hand possible to emphasize your love for rats.



Our sweet angel Pip turned one a few days ago! She got a quirky, mismatched, but cute hammock, representing her mismarked white dot and quirky personality :3 she also got a pinata to share with her siblings, and a pigs ear as a special treat!

Pippin is currently our resident rat. Shes the glue of the family, facilitating important introductions. She loves to snuggle with mom in the people bed at night, and always has time to check on her people. Shes got such a unique personality, its hard to articulate. Shes just a wise, compassionate, but off-beat, character.

Happy birthday my angel :3

Just for curiosity...

I wanna see how many people on Tumblr that are 18 or above watch Disney Channel nowadays

tag your fav shows that are still airing (or ended recentely)