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IWI US Tavor with RPM Tool hand guard, BCM accessories, Fab Defense Podium, Magpul Core D60, and EOTECH

H&K VP9 Tactical with spare mags in KYTEX Shooting Gear mag carriers

Warrior Culture Gear jacket and hat

RATS tourniquet, Leatherman Raptor & OHT

Streamlight Ultra Stinger

SOG Fasthawk

Hazard 4 California Plan B Sling Pack

Israeli Gas Mask

{UKUS} A Wish Upon A Star

((Note: This is the only the first chapter ;u; so I will only be sending this in unless Tea-senpai wants another chapter when it’s done))

Alfred kept his head low as he walked into the intensely decorated classroom. The students were only five years old, being in the first grade, but it was filled with all sorts of technology. The desks had touch screens, and styluses to go with them. Speakers in the corners played quiet music, which Alfred of course enjoyed. But he wasn’t meant to enjoy it. Not really. The other students made that clear. Everyone here was an heir or heiress of a big time company, meaning they had lots of cash. Something that Alfred wasn’t familiar with. He stared quietly at all the children with their neatly pressed clothes, pretty hairstyles, and brand new backpacks.

Brand new. That was a foreign concept to Alfred. Nothing he ever got was brand new. Everything he had ever received had been a hand-me-down of some sort. He was the odd one out in this strange place, an old baby doll lost amidst a sea of shiny, new dress-up dolls. He trudged quietly back to his seat, the desk in the very back in the room. He set his old, ratted My Little Pony backpack down on the floor next to his seat, quietly climbing up into it. 

He could feel the disgusted stares of the other students around him, their lips pulled back into sneers and hateful grins. Oh, how Alfred wished he could disappear, to make these children’s wishes come true. But he couldn’t. His mother and father were depending on him to get a good education, and go to college. They hadn’t been able to, and Alfred was the reason. Alfred rested his elbows on his desk, to which one of the little girls let out a shriek. “Ew! The peasant is touching the desk! Nobody gave him his flea bath, they’re gonna get everywhere now!” Alfred looked down, slowly withdrawing his elbows from the desk.

The class erupted into snickers, and his face burned with shame. He lowered his head and sniffled, scrubbing at his eyes with his hands. It wasn’t his fault that his family was poor. Well, that wasn’t true. It was his fault. Alfred’s mother had gotten pregnant with him while she was in high school, forcing her to drop out. His father had dropped out with her to help care for Alfred. They were too busy to go back to school so they could go to college, and it was his fault. He knew it.

“Mr. Jones?” Alfred’s head shot up as the teacher called his name. She was standing at the front of the room, smiling slightly. “Could you come up here, please? There’s someone I’d like you to meet.” Alfred gulped and nodded, sliding from his chair and trudging up to the front of the room. As he walked, he finally noticed the boy standing by the teacher’s side. He had shaggy blonde hair, bright green eyes, and the thickest eyebrows he had ever seen. It was odd. He thought everything about rich kids was supposed to be kept perfect. 

“Mr. Jones, I’d like you to meet Arthur Kirkland. He shall be your guide, and your special buddy for the duration of your stay. You will have contact with him for your entire school career, up until the point when you graduate. And, maybe even beyond that, if you so choose.” The boy, Arthur, smiled and stuck out his hand.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Alfred,” he said in a kind voice. Alfred gulped, shoving his hand in his pocket.

“Y-You shouldn’t touch me…” he whispered. “Y-You’ll get dirty…" 

Arthur blinked, looking up at the teacher. She gave a gentle smile. “The other students pick on him a lot, due to his parents working as janitors here, instead of being major CEOs like everyone else’s. He may be a bit shy at first, but he’ll warm up to you, I’m sure.” Alfred shifted quietly on the floor, his gaze locked on the floor before he turned, heading back to his desk. Arthur picked up his things and followed, taking the seat next to him.

“What sort of things do you like, Alfred?” Arthur asked curiously, since it was obvious that most of his things were old hand-me-downs. He looked at the backpack, smiling as he recognized Twilight Sparkle on the pouch. “Do you like My Little Pony?”

Alfred nodded, hugging the bag close. He looked as if he were ashamed of it. Arthur smiled brightly. “I like it too! Who’s your favorite pony?” Alfred’s eyes lit up slightly, and he wiped at his runny nose. 

“Rainbow Dash…” he whispered.

Arthur nodded eagerly. “She’s great, but I also like Twilight Sparkle!” Alfred slowly began to smile, slowly creeping out of his shell.

“She looks so pretty as an alicorn…” he whispered shyly, and Arthur nodded again. 

“She does!” His eyes sparkled, and he shuffled closer so they were sharing the large desk. Alfred’s eyes widened, he seemed to be surprised by the fact that a rich kid actually wanted to be near him. Alfred could even hear the snickers of the other children, laughing at how his only friend was his school-issued one, from the buddy system the school had implemented. Arthur seemed to notice, and frowned deeply. “Don’t mind them. They’re just a bunch of tossers who don’t know what real friendship is.”

Alfred smiled slightly, his eyes shining. He felt so happy to be with Arthur, to actually have a friend. “Thank you, Artie! I-I mean, Arthur…” He bit his lip, not sure if Arthur wanted a nickname. Arthur just smiled.

“I prefer Arthur,” he murmured softly, his eyes shining gently. “I’ve never had a nickname, so I would prefer Arthur until I’m used to the idea.” Alfred nodded, understanding completely. He didn’t like some of the nicknames the other children were giving him, but he was essentially powerless to stop it. At least he had one person on his side.

The teacher rapped her knuckles on the whiteboard, her signal to the children that class was about to start. Everyone scrambled to their seats, giving Arthur and Alfred a wide berth. They eyed the two of them with such a fierce look of disgust, like they had just become a nasty stain on the lush, white carpeting. Neither of them cared, though.


Lunch time rolled around. On the contrary to many other children, Alfred hated lunch time. Even the kids who brought lunches from home had much fancier meals than he brought. He couldn’t even afford the school lunches, so it was nothing but a measly peanut butter and jelly sandwich for him, every single day.

However, this lunch time was different. Alfred had someone to sit with today. He sat at his usual spot, underneath the tree at the edge of the schoolyard, waiting happily for Arthur to appear. He was so excited, his little feet kicking up little clouds in the dirt, his eyes eagerly scanning the yard. Eventually, he spotted the familiar blocky eyebrows and emerald eyes across the yard. He raised a hand, waving enthusiastically.

Arthur gave a bright smile, heading over to join him. He sat down in the grass, tilting his head back to look up at the cherry tree. “It’s very pretty… I wonder why no one else sits here?”

Alfred frowned slightly. “Because I sit here…” he whispered. “No one wants to sit with me.” Arthur tilted his head, frowning.

“I’m here, aren’t I?” Alfred paused, his eyes going wide.

“I-I… You’re right…” Alfred smiled happily. “You actually want to be here with me…” Arthur nodded, his own happiness shining in his eyes. Arthur reached his hand out, his eyes sparkling as he waited for Alfred to take his.

Alfred reached out with happy smile, gently lacing their fingers together. “I’m so glad to have a friend like you!” he said happily. “I followed what Tiana said, and I wished upon a star!”


…. Q___Q wow, i think about this submission a lot uwahhhhh

this is super nice and sweet, i dont usually get exposed to much UKUS stuff since im in my little USUK bubble, but this is really nice and refreshing..!!

im going to be honest; im not the biggest fan of “school bullying” premises. it honestly kinda triggers me, as ive stated in my FAQ. but this was still a nice read, it makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy <3

i love it so much, thank you for sharing!!

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*she softly gets out of the bed once Rowena leaves the room and grabs an old ratted backpack, she puts her sketch book and and pencils, her beanie and her book in it and grabs her flannel and puts in on then silently climbs out the window and starts to walk across the yard and into the night. She doesn't wanna bother them anymore and leaves knowing they won't look for her or even notice she's gone* -Stevie

*I get back a few hours later, and immediately go up to my room only to find Stevie gone* Stevie?? *I run back down stairs* Stevie?!?!?! *I walk up to Si* Siren have you seen stevie?? She’s not upstairs. *I swivel around* Hey Coco! I know you don’t shift into a dog but Panthers have really good scent, too, right? Could you try to find her? I’m getting worried now… she’s only a kid… *I quickly run through into the kitchen, only to find it empty* STEVIEEEEE!!! *I yell, feeling like I’ve been punched in the gut* where did she go…?

( @sirenthewitch @hell-ofa-coco-bean @sugarpopin)

Episode 63? Pretty sure it is. Or we could just call it: The one with the Fuck boy tree.

Time for the review you didn’t ask for but got when you decided to follow me.

Ok so I missed the opening lootcrate shit for the reason of my computer having a temper tantrum.

I’m so glad they avoided Garmili’s Ex. I was fearing they’d get trapped there forever or something. Bad juju coming off that place.

Walking through a Bog, then parkour-ing through the trees. The twins being super cute on a broom (fan art may happen) and Scanlan just getting the same treatment that the Smidgen does in Rat Queens. Backpacking it.

They do their recon, then FINALLY use the mansion. God I just relax so visibly when they finally enter the safe confines of that place. We get a very frustrated Grog smashing stuff, then a Scanlan and Grog fight. I gotta draw them having a go at each other.

Sibling talks are always the best thing. I was so happy Vax acknowledged the titling and basically tried to make Vex know that she was great before the title and nothing has changed because of it. Vex’ subtle hints of being a bit more broken than she lets on broke me down. That foreshadowing (or in this case, giving the DM content to use later) kills me inside. Uggg.

Then THE PERCY AND VEX STUFF. HOW DO YOU KNOW HE IS GRUMPY IN THE MORNING?!?? Don’t get me wrong, I ship them, but you ain’t gonna see me forcing the matter. Just let the thing happen organically. Their little teasing comments are adorable. Then the thank yous and affirmations that the title doesn’t change anything from Percy. It’s just something that you can throw around the get what you want from uneducated people.

Chicken bacon and Coffee. I swear if Percy and Vex don’t sit together sometimes and complain or make comments about the coffee in the morning I’ll riot.


I honestly thought they’d have more obstacles, but I guess Matt felt the urge to get them through the Feywild fast.

Then….ok Lemmie just start off by restating the title. What a fuckboy. Such a major overreaction from this dick who preyed upon Vex’s insecurities. Like what, “My intent is not to hurt, but to understand?” Give me a fucking break you just thirsty after being alone for so long.
You wanted to understand her? Or were you just trying to draw connections between two totally different people in order to get her to stay. God that Dick. “I understand you. Do you understand me?”
I wanna tear his stupid face off. God damn he was just a desperate pike of shit.
And I get it though. I’d stand there and feel the same way Vex did. His words would get to me too. You tried to understand her but instead you hurt her. You called out her flaws and expect anything else? Not how you win a girl hon.
But something worked because Vex considered it. She considered going with him because she does feel broken inside, and the guilt gnaws at
Her all the time.
But oh god Vex, sweetie, who did you kill? What are you running from? I hope you find some closure on that. You need to stop running and face that shit or else it will come back to haunt you again.

But Vex, supported by her friends, makes the decision to get the bow, to take what she came for. She fell back onto her friends, hoping that they wouldn’t let her slip away, and they all held fast. They caught her and dragged her back up to her feet. Grog and Vax shielded her. Scanlan brought her back from the brink. Keyleth and Percy confirmed that the guy was manipulating her and told her that she made the right choice. They were gonna look out for her. Vex is always supporting them. In the hour that she needed them most, they stood at her sides, unwavering and completely with her. Vex didn’t use Trinket. She didn’t use her broom. It was just her, her bow, and her friends. Feet firmly planted and defiant.

The fight itself had me thinking that Vex might die. And if she had, would the dude have taken her unconscious form and pulled her into the tree? I don’t know I was just speculating on if he was gonna carry her off like a trophy or something. Felt like something he would do.

Then…Grog killed the guy after uttering that no one cares. That was just…so fucking amazing. I think that Lightening also did double damage to Plant based entities. That was a great use of the javelin.

Hahaha he was an Arch Fey. This demigod got thrown across rivers, had to stand behind a very gassy Goliath, got man handled on several occasions, got felt up by an attractive Half-elf, got (maybe intentionally) tricked by a human, had to endure cuddles from a bear, got the high elf’s hat just for the fun of it, and was just in general man-handled. Also he was hung upside down by a rope strung between party members.

This guy must have been really bored. He certainly didn’t know what he was getting himself into with Vox Machina. It was the best.

Oh god I’m so happy. Now they can relax, unless Matt throws shit at them.