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We Finally Know How Naked Mole Rats Survive Without Oxygen, and It's Really Freaking Weird
Naked mole rats ( Heterocephalus glaber ) have never been the most conventional mammal - the scrotum-looking creatures are resistant to cancer , can survive almost 20 minutes without oxygen, and can barely feel pain .
By Carly Cassella

Instead of sticking to a glucose-based system, which is dependent on oxygen, when a naked mole rat is deprived of oxygen, it switches its metabolism so that its brain cells start burning fructose for energy instead of glucose.  

Fructose can be turned into energy anaerobically - which means it doesn’t require the presence of oxygen to be broken down into cellular energy.

Until now, this anaerobic pathway was thought only to be used by plants.  

Animals, especially mammals, need oxygen to keep their bodies and brains humming along.

But leave it to the African naked mole-rat to buck that trend. The rodents are bizarre in just about every way. They’re hairless, ground-dwelling and cold-blooded despite being mammals. Now, scientists report in the journal Science that the animals are capable of surviving oxygen deprivation.

“They have evolved under such a different environment that it’s like studying an animal from another planet,” says Thomas Park, a neuroscientist at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Researchers Find Yet Another Reason Why Naked Mole-Rats Are Just Weird

Photo: Roland Gockel/Max Delbruck Center for Molecular Medicine

Some of the very little things I love about fallout new vegas

People really seemed to like the list of little things I loved in fallout 4, so I thought I’d do one for my favourite game in the series:
Little things I love about FNV - go!

- Raul will eat candy and sweet things you put in his inventory!
- Veronica’s reaction when you give her a nice dress
- flight of the valkyries playing as Jason bright takes his flock into space
- no-bark noonan
- the fact your dialogue changes depending on your intelligence level
- your aim slowly becoming steadier as your gun skill improves - it gives a real feeling of improving.
- the fact Arcade will accompany you easily if your intelligence is low enough - because you’re so stupid letting you travel alone is tantamount to murder.
- the graffiti that says “toss my salad Caesar!”
- the fact the legion pronounce “ave, true to Caesar” correctly
- the fact you can “try out” FISTO
- cliff briscoes apartment being FULL of dinky the t-Rex’s
- how fucking cool the NCR rangers look
- the Riot gear you can get in lonesome road
- mr New Vegas’s voice
- “n-heh, there’s the high roller!”
- the pet mole rat in Sloan
- the ending slides showing what happened after the battle of Hoover dam . It was really nice to see how my actions affected the mojave.
- Tabitha and Rhonda’s adventures being made into children’s books
- the freaking entirety of old world blues
- being able to seduce and kill Benny
- being able to kill Benny with his own gun
- what in the god damn
- the fact you can disguise yourself as a faction member, but a guard or higher officer will recognise you if you get too close
- Raul making fun of everything you select on his companion wheel
-there is more and I will add them :)


This is quite random. Our weird Wizard Liam adopted two loud disgusting evil mole-rat babies…Our DM didn’t expect that. 

They are lovingly called Mel and Ford. Don’t ask me which is which….

Liam gets in serious protective dad-mode when in battle (ง’̀-‘́)ง. So far so good. (He even sacrificed his new cape to make a baby sling).  

Not sure if this illustration is finished yet, but I have other stuff to do. We’ll see. It was supposed to be practice anyway, but again, as usual, it got out of hand. Just like Liam’s caring nature :/.  

A definitive ranking of extant subterranean mammals

Astounding: golden moles. Absolutely pure, shiny and friendly. Look at this polite fellow.

Wonderful: pink fairy armadillo. Deserves to be fairy-type. Adorably small and innocent.

Marvelous: zokors. Too obscure to hate. Soft and good.

External image

Excellent: all other armadillos. Just want to mind their own business. There are no bad traits.

Superb: honey badger. Does not care.

Great: European badger. Excellent color contrast. Good to put on your currency or coat of arms.

Good: prairie dogs. Highly social, lives in complex burrows. Round. Their bark is less annoying than my dog’s.

External image

Alright: naked mole rat. Eusocial, immune to pain and cancer. Also looks like this.

Okay: gophers. Bitey. Dogs hate them.

Average: American badger. Shady and rude businessmen.

Mediocre: other mole rats. They’re like naked mole rats but not cool.

Bad: marsupial mole. Basically a fuzzy worm with half a face. What.

Atrocious: moles. Awful beings, should exist only in small doses.

here’s what’s happening

‘They Starve You. They Shock You’: Inside the Anti-Gay Pogrom in Chechnya
White House could provoke spending showdown over funding border wall
Trump condos worth $250 million pose potential conflict
▪ Actual WTF: Trump lawyer: ‘No right’ to protest at rallies
Obama making first public appearance of post-presidency in Chicago
The Essential Prince Reading List 💜
New McDonald’s Uniforms Promise to Usher in the Logan’s Run Dystopia We’ve All Been Waiting For

here’s the breaking naked mole-rat news

Naked Mole-Rats Use Glucose-Fructose Switch to Survive Suffocating Conditions

here’s exactly how significant you are

NASA: Earth Between the Rings of Saturn

here’s you on your journey through this plane of existence

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here is a cockatiel receiving important head scratches

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here’s a reminder that tomorrow is Earth Day

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here’s what day it is

Be excellent to each other.

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Important things to remember about Deacon pt2

°has eye bags
°has cheek bones that can destroy an egg
°is whiney af When fighting musqitos
°has a bad relationship with P.A.M
°has caught a spy when a robot with boobs couldn’t
°is the best agent in the RR
°has a crush on the Sole Suvivor
°thinks bloat flies are cute
° wants a pet mole rat and deathclaw
°wishes he could have shown Barbara cool places
°he makes me cry
°has made a “grave” for barbs that can only be seen in the game files
°he makes me cry a lot
°is best spy boi 2015-∞

jenndragonarts  asked:

Fun fact: I'm doing a class thing where we have to have to have a group of baddies and good guys and in mine the baddies are naked mole rats ruled by a sphinx cat and the good guys are a random assortment of other rodents

Replace the whole gang with Flinstones characters and make the show a reverse Captain Caveman

Fic Rec Time!!

Since it’s the start of Fandom Fic Rec Days…here are a few fabulous stories that deserve a share!
These are in no particular order~

Those Flooded Fields by Euphorion @flightlesscrowkids
Rated:  T (Violence)
Fandom:  Haikyuu!!
Pairing(s):  KageHina, AsaNoya, KiyoYachi, DaiSuga, TsukiYama, KuroKen, BokuAka, IwaOi
Status:  WIP
Summary:   Post-apocalyptic but not particularly dystopian (yet) Artificial Intelligence AU where Kageyama is a voice in Hinata’s head and they’re still not very good at communicating. Title from Neko Case’s Fox Confessor Brings the Flood.
A word from Jubesy:  Oh my goodness.  This world is so interesting and the angst is legit.  What a cool concept!  It’s written well and it’s interesting no matter the character’s POV.

the Sun and the Mole Rat by TCon @secretly-devious
Rated:  M
Fandom:  Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing(s):  AkaFuri, KagaKuro (mentioned)
Status:  Complete
Summary:  Akashi Seijuurou was like the sun; beautiful, radiant and infinitely unreachable. It was an impossibly stupid thing that someone like him could ever be compared to someone like Furihata Kouki, who was so ordinary in everything, nobody would look at him twice should he walk down the crowded streets.  So when Akashi came onto him for a fuck, he didn’t exactly say no. AkaFuri Future-Fic
A word from Jubesy:  I love this.  It was one of the first AkaFuri fics that I ever read.  It’s hot and angsty and (spoiler) has a happy ending!  Definitely worth the read!

The Iunctio-Stones Series by Luxie @flyingassassin
Rated:  E
Fandom:  Free!
Pairing(s):  SouRin, MakoHaru
Status:  Complete
Summary:   “I’ll do it.” Sousuke says, looking the doctor straight in the eyes. “I just have to ask. What’s the down side?”
The doctor smiles again, wider and with a glint in his eyes. “The down side, Yamazaki-san, is that you get to be a Superhero.”
A word from Jubesy:  Sexual tension at its finest.  Danger?  Action?  Adventure?  It’s all there!  Really cool premise and it includes a lot of side characters from Free!, which is always nice.

Designation: Miracle Series by umisabaku @umisabaku
Rated:  M
Fandom:  Kuroko no Basuke (includes Haikyuu!! and Big Windup!, as well)
Pairing(s):  KagaKuro, KiKasa, MidoTaka, MuraHimu, AoMomo, KageHina, KuroKen, AkaFuri, AbeMiha, HanaTaji
Status:  WIP
Summary:   It’s been three years since seven human experiments, called “Miracles,” escaped Teiko Industries, alerting the world to the presence of super-powered children. Now they’re finally integrating into society– going to normal high schools, playing basketball, falling in love– and trying to find out if it’s possible to truly escape their past.
A word from Jubesy:  An amazing concept!  Really cool!!  Full of angst and super powers.  The “minor characters” take the lead in this AU and I love that.  Kasamatsu, Kagami, Takao, and Himuro are a really big part.  Every couple is great and interesting.  Check it out!

I Will Follow You Into the Dark by shions_heart @shions-heart
(for  knightswatch)

Rated:  M (Major Character Death)
Fandom:  Haikyuu!!
Pairing(s):  KuroKen, IwaOi, BokuAka, TsukiYama, KageHina, DaiSuga, YakuLev, AsaNoya, KyouHaba
Status:  WIP
Summary:  With terrifying creatures mysteriously appearing in downtown Sendai, consuming every living thing in their sights, the country’s leading scientists hatch a plan to create super soldiers to fight and destroy these monsters.  Kuroo Tetsurou is one of those soldiers.
A word from Jubesy:  This fic is just so good I can’t.  Even with the major character death (which I never, ever read, mind you) it’s so captivating and interesting and well-written that I can cry and keep going.  The concept is really great (think Pacific Rim meets Attack on Titan)  The characters are fabulous, the angst is choice, and the world is so interesting!  I can’t wait to see how it ends (but I also don’t want it to end)

A Warrior’s Heart by donguris @donguris
Rated:  T
Fandom:  Free!
Pairing(s):  SouRin, MakoHaru, SeiGou
Status:  WIP
Summary:   The story of a lost boy and the heir of an empire. And lots of dragons.
A word from Jubesy:  I love this AU!  Dragons, magic, mystery, and more!  All of the characters play a part in this amazing fantasy fic.  It’s so, so good.  It even includes SeiGou, which I love!  SouRin is the main focus, but the MakoHaru parts are beautiful, as well.  An excellent read!

I’m sure I missed some amazing fics that I’ve read, but I didn’t want to bombard everyone with a giant list of every story I’ve ever enjoyed.

Please give these a read if you haven’t already! ♥