rat and bear


Hello friends. Here are some pictures of rats cuddling with teddy bears if you’re having a bad day. Photography credit goes to Jessica Florence and Ellen van Deelen.


Here’s some silly Muppet doodles that I just realized I never put up on Tumblr! I was rewatching the first three Muppet movies and From Space with @kmorrisoncartoons last December and I still like how some of these came out, so here you go!

“Mice and bunnies are more often heroes in kids’ books… I think that’s because mice and bunnies are small and defenseless and need looking out for. In other words, they’re a lot like children. Rats, I think, are more like teenagers. They’re bold and unafraid. They like to explore. They’re eager to try new things. They’re curious. They’re physically tough. Sometimes they make mistakes and get themselves into trouble, but they’re rarely malicious. They have big, strong hearts.”
-Misunderstood: Why The Humble Rat May Be Your Best Pet Ever, Rachel Toor

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A few months back, I got a text from a number I didn’t recognize saying “Hey, my phone broke, can you still take Norman?” I had no idea who this person was, I assumed that maybe I had contacted them about a Craig’s List ad or someone had given them my number about an animal (this happens). I said yes & then excitedly spent the rest of the day guessing what sort of animal Norman could be.

She pulls up to our meeting spot with a duct taped cardboard shoebox, say “Here’s Norman! My son brought him home & he keeps eating out of this box I tried to put him in!” I opened up the box to find this adorable little agouti hooded dumbo, which many of you may know is my major weak spot as far as rats are concerned. I picked him up to find nipples & no balls. I almost changed the name to Norma but I thought Norman was funny so she is still Norman.